The 3rd edition of FYLC Ranka National Moot Court Competetion is scheduled to be held on 28-30th September 2013.

Date and Venue

28th Sept. to 30 th Sept. 2013 at University Five Year Law College, University Campus, Jaipur.

Team composition and eligibility criteria

(i) Each team shall comprise of three (3) members ONLY out of which two (2) will be  speakers and one (1) researcher.

(ii) Arguments shall be in English only.

(iii) The competition is open for bonafide students pursuing five year and three years  LL.B course.

(iv) Each Law College/ University shall be eligible to send one team. Team should not  disclose the identity of their institution in course of proceedings in the court rooms; such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification.

(v) Each team shall be provided with the team code by draw of lots followed by exchange  of memorials.


(i) The Registration form completed with all Team Details must be submitted online  and also sent to the College on or before 05th September 2013.

(ii) A registration fee of Rs.2000/- is to be sent by way of Demand Draft drawn in  favour of Director, FYLC, U.O.R., Jaipur payable at Jaipur along with the registration  form.

(iii) No change in the names of the participants shall be permitted after the receipt of  the Registration Form, except at the sole discretion of the Organizers.

(iv) Teams should clearly mention the participants’ name, contact no. including  year/semester of study.

The Official Schedule, Moot Problem, Online Registration Form and Official Rules of the competition can be found HERE.

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  1. It was a nice experience in this competition… it helped me to explore hundred of new things in law subjects… host and the management were great…
    Totally satisfied with the entire system of fylc ranka moot court competition…

  2. Hundred mouth Hundred opinion, i believe these moots are a great learning platform, I won’t get into winning or loosing part. But i see it as an opportunity to interact with teams coming from different parts of India and learn from their perspectives.
    The competition is not a measure of your skills and i don’t see any harm in applauding someone else’s efforts and looking this forum in competitive and healthy spirits without any prejudice and notions in our head.
    I will be glad to catch any of you over a coffee for some nice conversation, you may call me on 07737757778 during the course of the competition.
    looking forward for an interactive forum and hear your stories.

  3. Agree. No transparency. You will be disappointed to quite an extent. But given the fact that it was the first year they hosted this competition, it was well organised. Also a great way to socialize since the organisers are really helpful and amicable. A pretty good panel of judges giving good feedback after every round. So the overall experience aint as bad.

  4. I also believe that the rounds are fixed. The transparency level is 0% as because last time around we were not shown the score sheet in spite of the fact that we asked for it numerous times. Even I was beginner then, and the argument that it is the best moot for a beginner is fallacious. A sincere suggestion, go for some other moot unless one plans to explore the city and enjoy the accommodation provided by the university.

  5. Total disagreement with Abhinav and Pulshrit. My team was against a team from kerela in this moot. They performed extremely well.(Ofcos I never made it through prelims) But I know that they definitely deserved to qualify for finals. The students from the host university were not even 10% as good as them. Ranka moot has been a disappointment. And by the way I was a beginner back then. 😉

  6. According to my personel experince this moot is good, as it stated in the comments that this moot is very very good for the begineers , And University Of Rajasthan Is well Known university in India. So Actually we cannot Blame FYLC for the Fixing of the Competition , I suggest u guys to attend this moot, All d Best !!

    • Pulshrit and Abhinav I am sorry but I think Preeti and Anurag are right. This moot is organized “by the host university and for the host university”. Beginners are not going to find any luck either. I have been to 7 moots. I have a pretty fair idea what transparency looks like. Jindal university was adjudged winner just to save the reputation of the institute last time. Even students of the host university confessed that there was something wrong with marking. Please do not misguide students on lawctopus. This is the only site where students expect truth.

  7. M totally disagree with the previous comments .. This is a fantabulous moot… u should go in it. it is very good for the beginners 🙂

  8. Not worth visiting. Winners are pre-decided. No matter how good you are you will lose. However if you explore the local forts and city please do visit.

    • I am a student of FYLC, Rajasthan University. There has been a protest by the students of the college regarding this and the level of transparency will be maintained this time

  9. My team also participated in this moot court. I truly believe that matches were fixed. 0% transparency. It is ironical that they teach equality and justice whereas they do not intent to practice it.

  10. This moot court was a horrible experience. All the matches were fixed last time. The best part was how the incompetent team from host university made it to the finals. They did not even deserve to qualify the preliminary. Apart from that Mr. []’s rude behavior towards the participating institutions was also pathetic. My Sincere suggestion to all the students – Please go for some other moot. This one is not worth wasting your time.

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