Online Internship Experience at Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi, AOR: Constitutional, Criminal, Administrative, Company, Contract Laws Research and Drafting

Name, College, Year of study of the student intern


Name of the organization where you interned and its full address

Ayyubi Law Practices headed by Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi, AOR, Supreme Court of India

Address: C-69, LGF, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi

Duration of internship

June 1, 2020 to June 28, 2020

How did you apply?

I sent an email to Associate Attorney, Ibad Mushtaq at

You can also apply by sending an email to Ms. Aditi Gupta at

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

Since mine was an online internship, there weren’t any formalities. I was allotted decent work on the first day itself, which was good.

Main tasks

Legal research, case briefing, translation and typing of annexures, orders from lower courts, etc., preparing case notes, assisting associates in drafting petitions.

The area of work involves a diverse range of laws, including but not limited to Constitutional law, Criminal law, Administrative law, Company law, Law of Contract and so on.

Work environment

The work environment is very welcoming and inclusive. Even after being an online intern, I never felt out of loop or lost. I was always updated about the progress in any case that I had worked on.

I was allotted work every day by one of the associates. The associates were very helping and good-natured, and recognised your work.

Good things

The overall experience was itself very good. If one wants to have an honest, practical litigation experience, this is the place for it. You get to see how petitions are drafted, what is the extent of research required, how the judgments of various courts can be used to sway your case, what is the court procedure, and so on.

Since I was an online intern, I couldn’t have the physical experience of being in court, but despite that I got to learn a lot. I also got the opportunity of working on some very famous cases of 2020.

Something that I really liked was my certificate of internship. It was very detailed and included the works that I had done, which tells a lot about how your work is recognised and that the certificate is not some pre-formatted template but an actual record of your time there.

Bad things

There weren’t any bad things as such. But being an online intern I could not get the opportunity to interact with Fuzail sir himself, which I would’ve personally liked. However, it did not matter that much during the course of the internship as all my work was utilised and reported to him, and I got to learn a lot from the associates nonetheless.


No stipend.

Accommodation, commuting to office

I was an online intern, so it was work from home.

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