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Tanuj Kalia: Till you haven’t called up the law firm; you haven’t applied for an internship. Seriously

pushkar025:but i have seen the associates who is incharge of recruiting the interns.. will be bitching about the people who cal them up for internships.. i have seen it in two firms (dunt want to mention the names).. in that case what should we do??

Surpreet Kaur:I guess its more like a gamble..I mean if you call them they get pissed off and if you dont then you dont get a reply back to your application. So I think the best one is to be sort of shameless Wink and keep on calling them till you get a reply!!!!

hitesh050991: when these people do no even understand us, do not listen us over the phone…then what is the need of calling them..

i guess the reason is…”v want to intern” only..

My experience is also bad with these firms…i called up a firm from last two months for interning in May or June..they said call us in feb end week..i called up.. n they replied…v have no wat to say them under such circumstances..

same thing happened with another firm…where i was constantly trying to get through…i called up even 10-12 times in last four weeks…n today only…HR replied v have no vacancy…

these people do not take interns seriously…n biasness towards non-nlu student is always there….wat to do now…???

palak1501: i see a lot of agony on student’s behalf on No internship replies….. make this forum more famous. its bound to reach the ear’s of lawyers, firms, NGO’s etc.. our prime motive! heehahaha

Neeati: So recently, I got over my utter indifference (and apprehension) over calling the law firms after going through a really bad experience half a year back.

I thought, what the hell man, what loss over the phone. So I picked up that phone and dialled that number.

Guys, two internships were confirmed to me.

Just because I decided to not give a damn anymore. Just because I gulped any unnecessary ego and diverted the efforts onto the number pad.

And you know what?
Just remember, whatever happens, believe that “This too, shall pass”

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  1. yup it is difficult especially when the so called HR of a reputed firm yells at you on the phone just because you want to about your request and to your utter horror you don’t know the HR’s Name as you had sent the request on the id given on their website and it is the first time you have called!

    “you don’t even know my name…. why should I tell you my name or about your request?……. are you taking my interview….. i know how to do my job ”

    And it is even true when you happen to be from a reputed place though not an NLU!

  2. If you are not in NALSAR;NLS;NUJS or other CLAT affiliated schools[ILS is good] you don’t deserve to apply to tier 1 law firms. Try for Lok Adalats, may be you get through or may be not 😛

  3. This is true fact .
    Getting an internship is way 2 difficult when u r not from some high reputed law institues. They always ignore ur request mails , gets irritated when u call abt ur request . I m really happy to know that i m nt the only person going through this . Your article has given me again a RAY OF HOPE . thanxxxx yaaar…

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