Freedom Team India’s All India Policy Writing Competition; Submit by Feb 28; 1st Prize 1 L, Twenty 20k Prizes

Freedom Team India’s All India Policy Writing Competition

Full details are here.

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The Freedom Team of India (FTI), established in July 2009, is a not-for-profit Trust which  prepares leaders to contest elections under the banner of liberty. When its members are ready, they will offer India world-class governance that defends citizens’ liberty, eliminates corruption and fosters unprecedented prosperity.

Nations once much poorer than India have achieved rapid economic growth by adopting  ideals and policies of liberty. FTI plans to relieve India of its chronic poor leadership and bad policies, thus bringing India world-best governance.

Cash Prizes

Individuals or teams can participate. While only Indian citizens (20 years or older) are  eligible for prizes, anyone else can submit policies for FTI’s general consideration. Rs. 1 lakh will be awarded to the best overall policy and `20,000 (each) to best policies in 20 other policy topics. There is no limit on prizes a person can win.


The 21 policy topics for the competition

General governance

1. General economic policy (including investment, licensing, trade, labour market flexibility, etc.)

2. Property rights and land administration (including land acquisition, tribal land management, national parks, eminent domain, mining rights, etc.)

3. Local government (including urban and rural self-government)

4. Urban planning (including linkages with local government governance and structures)

First order functions of government

5. Defence (including defence R&D, defence industry and technologies)

6. Police (including prisons and internal security)

7. Justice (including all tiers of justice system, and principles of harm and justice)

8. Sound money (e.g. money, monetary policy, finance and banking)

Second order functions of government

9. General infrastructure (including key principles and frameworks such as funding options)

10. Poverty removal and social minimum (social insurance)

11. School education (including early childhood education)

12. Health (including preventative, primary, and hospitals)

13. Vocational education (including skills, apprentices and guilds)

14. Higher (including professional) education

15. Agriculture (including irrigation)

16. Energy (including energy generation, distribution and use)

17. Water (including rivers policy and potable water supplies)

18. Transport (including public transport, etc.)

Possible third order functions

19. Environment (including wildlife and nature tourism)

20. Archaeological artefacts and heritage (including heritage tourism)

21. Industry (including industrial estates, SEZs, innovation and general R&D)

Submit all your policies, together, by email to by 28 February 2013.  The subject of your email should read: “Policy Competition Submission”. Note that FTI may notifiy additional or alternative email addresses in February 2013 on the Policy Competition Google group.

Full details are here.


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