Internship Experience @ Fox Mandal & Co, Noida: Know How Corporate Law Firm Works




Fox Mandal & Co., Noida

Application Process

I had no contacts.

So, I just sent in my CV to the HR personnel of the firm.

I got the email ID from the official website of the firm.

And luckily I got an internship there.

You can send in your CV to the following email ID: [email protected]


October 16, 2014 to November 13, 2014

First Day

I was awed by the office and the infrastructure of the firm. The office was huge as you would expect.

They have an entire building as their office which has three floors.

The first floor is occupied by the secretarial people.

The second floor is occupied by the litigation team and the third floor is occupied by the corporate team.

The library is in the basement where the interns are also supposed to sit and work.

Main tasks

The main tasks given to interns here were mainly research based.

In fact only research work was allotted to the interns.

No drafting work was given.

Sometimes we were also given clerical work when no associate was ready to give work to the interns.


The work environment was very official.

I felt only some associates and partners were friendly and approachable.

I was actually scared to approach people.

The support staff was very friendly though and they helped us in getting our work done on time, each time.

Best things

The best thing here was that we were given free lunch. Yes you heard it right FREE LUNCH. And also free tea in the evening.

They have a very good cafeteria and we could also get snacks in the evening for which we had to pay but overall the food was good.

Another thing which I feel was really good was the library. They have one of the best libraries in my opinion.

They have an awesome collection of books. So even when you had no work, you had no scope of getting bored.

You could just read books there and pass your time.

Bad things

I feel everything was chilled out.

Only thing that wasn’t good was that few people were too dominating, and that scared me actually.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

I feel I had a good learning experience here. I actually got to know how a corporate law firm works since this was my first corporate internship.

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