Internship Experience @ Fox Mandal Advocates and Solicitors, Bangalore: Associates as well as the partners are easily approachable

Name of College, Year of Study, College

Jagruti Kumar, ILS Law College, 5th Year

Duration of internship

One month: 4 weeks: 2nd November- 28th November 2015

Name of the organization. City. Office address. How was the office. Team strength

Fox Mandal Advocates and Solicitors, Bangalore

6/12 FM House, Primrose Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangaluru, Karnataka- 560025.

The office is located in one of the prime areas of Bangalore; popular hangout and shopping areas- Brigade Road and M G Road are just a 10-15 walk from the office.

Even then Primrose road is an inconspicuous road without most people recognizing by its name. Garuda Mall, Hosmat Hospital or for that matter even Arbhor Brewing Company (ABC) pub serve as better landmarks to find the office!

The Fox Mandal office is of 3 buildings consisting of multiple floors! (So yes, pretty huge!) The interns are made to sit on a separate building alongwith the internship co-ordinator; whereas the other various teams are split into the other 2 buildings. Most of the partners as well as the reception is located in the main building.

Application Procedure

Credit should be given where credit is due! The Fox Mandal team gets full marks here!

I had applied to email id provided on their website, i.e.

Within 2 days I had a reply from them, asking me to fill a form with basic details along with an article on any current legal topic. Post sending this, you should expect a reply within 2 days.

A note-worthy point is that their team ensures a reply, so in the event of not securing an internship too you will receive a reply.

I have heard that to apply for an internship now, you have to upload your CV through their website and not mail them.

Fox Mandal strictly adheres to the Bar Council Rules and Regulations and that means you cannot pursue a full-time internship unless your college is closed for the internship period.

Though on rare occasions, they do grant an option of a part-time internship (you come in office post lunch), though they insist on applying for full-time only.

To my knowledge, Fox Mandal grants internship to students who are either in the 4th year/2nd year LLB or final year of law.

Disclaimer: My comments with respect to the application procedure are strictly based to the Bangalore office. I have heard that the Mumbai team is not as responsive.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

Its 5 day a week working office. The timings are from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Though you can walk in till 10 am and no one will bat an eye! You are allowed to leave by 5.30 pm, infact Ashok Sir (who is incharge of the interns) insists on leaving by then.

But, there have been days where I was required to stay in till 9-9.30 pm as well. Overall the timings are fairly flexible, and a lot depends on the work you have been given and the deadlines for the same.

First Impression and first day formalities:

After reporting to the internship co-ordinator, I was asked to submit my CV, a photograph and fill a form for their records.

I was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement and was handed a work-done sheet where I was to record all the assignments and submit the same on the last day of the internship.

Thereafter, I was informed that along with my work everyday, my daily tasks would include writing case comments on any 2 judgments and submitting 5 legal news updates.

So the first half of the day went in completion of the formalities and writing the 5 legal news updates (which is to be uploaded on their website and circulated among everyone).

Lunch: The office there provides for lunch (Yay!) and it is really good. The lunch is arranged at the terraces of one of the buildings which makes for a beautiful site to sit and enjoy your lunch.

Soon post lunch, I had received a call and was given an assignment!

So all in all, a fantastic first day. The only negative is that, there was no one to guide me to explain the layout of the office so I was a little lost. A tour of the office would have definitely been helpful.

Main tasks

I mainly worked with the Intellectual Property Law team throughout my internship. Though if that is not your area of interest, you have many other departments you can approach for work.

My main tasks included reading a number of case law to see how Indian courts look at intellectual property law, and also general research and analysis with regard to intellectual property.

Work environment and people

It says a lot about a work place where all the persons from the interns to the senior partners have a meal at the same place. The concept of the firm being one family is not just by values and thought but it is actually reflected.

Professionalism, decorum and ethics are definitely maintained but at the same time there is a level of warmness and a feel good factor to it.

All the associates as well as the partners are easily approachable; let it be for work/clarifications/ general discussions.

They make a part you are involved in the discussions, and I was even given an opportunity to be a part of a team discussion for a certain client assignment.

Like in all work places, a lot depends on your personal attitude as to how much work you wish to take up; there is no pressure as such.

The best and the bad things

Best things: Daily news updates though seems a boring task puts one into the habit of reading and following up the legal news. The work overall is interesting and since you are not assigned to one team specifically you have a variety of work around you.

Bad things: The only issue I faced was access to Manupatra, they have 2 IDs which do not have the option of multiple logins and hence you may be asked to logout if someone else needs to research.

This does not happen often, but I guess when there are more interns this may be a bigger problem.

Also, you are not provided a desk as such and will be sharing a table with 4/5 interns, which also means that it is mandatory to own and carry your personal laptop.


No stipend


Finding accommodation is fairly easy, there are ample numbers of paying guests accommodation around the city, though finding a place very near office is unlikely.

I stayed at a paying guest accommodation in Koramangala, which is 30 mins away from office. But, one should be able to find places within a distance of 15-20 mins.

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