Final Year Blues: Musings of an NLU Passout

By Nitin Gaurav Srivastava, NLU Jodhpur

Get into top National Law University, they said. You’ll get a sure shot job, they said.

For those who are about to graduate, it is time to be called an ex-NLU-ite and most of us will have to be contented with just the NLU tag.

CGPA – which is mostly achieved by doing CGPA (Consistently Groping Professors’s Arse) is the most important and probably the only criteria to determine who will enjoy his fifth year the most with no guilt and regret.

I didn’t know that the digits in our grade card reflects the digits in our bank account in the immediate future.

Every NLU student who doesn’t get a job is doomed to face this one question from parents and relatives “Yehi karna tha to itna door jaane ki kya jaroorat thi ? Gorakhpur University kya buri thi Law ke liye?” Thereby giving your distant cousin in Jadavpur University an intellectual high.

It is however but natural to get jealous when your batch mates and immediate seniors have a job paying more than 90K p.m while you still have to call home every month, grinning shamelessly  “Haan Papa, abhi 5000 Dalwa do.., jee jee.., thik hai papa.. will call you back (When I need more).

At this phase of life ‘Civil Services’ comes to the rescue. This favorite time pass of all the Indian students serves as a temporary cover to delay the extinction of  already fading dignity. Ever since your childhood, this is the safest reply to your future plans, without hurting the sentiments of your parents and relatives.

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In India, you are not considered a proper Indian unless you have an ‘I’ attached to your profession. We couldn’t make it to IIT. IIM doesn’t look feasible. IAS seems to be the only way to prove your nationality and troll your relatives.

It serves as a perfect excuse as to why you did not “show much interest” in corporate job of a glorified clerk and prefer to serve political demigods instead. But then again you are answerable to your Banaras wale mausa ji “Agar yehi karna tha toh, NLU bhejne ki kya jaroorat thi? BHU bhi toh…

NLU-s, being elite professional universities, are not seen as educational institutes, but are seen more like an investment scheme that promises to multiply your deposit manifold. It is however subject to market risk and majority fails to comply with the terms and conditions, thereby suffering loss.

But life doesn’t end in college. It is long and hard, and this is just the beginning.

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