Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) invites registration for Oct-Nov 2013 session of Online Certificate Course on Competition Law & Intellectual Property Rights (IPComp).

The objective of the Course is to make students and professionals learn about complex international legal environment in which multinational corporations and businesses operate.

If and when you register, please do mention that you got to know about this course via Lawctopus.

Registration Start Date: 1st September 2013

Registration Closing Date: 25th September 2013 September 30

Conduct of the Course: Oct – Nov 2013

Course Duration: 2 Months

Through several case studies, the course introduces some practical legal concepts, pitfalls and compliances that are needed by today’s businesses to comply with Competition Law, IPRs and their legal linkages.

This advance course provides dual benefits of learning Competition Law & IPRs challenges faced by Corporations when they expand in an organic or non-organic manner into new territories, markets and products.

This is first of its kind of course introduced with specific focus on the interlinking between the competition law and IPR.

The Course is of 2 months duration and consists of Six (6) modules i.e.

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Legal Framework of Competition in India
  • Abusive/Anti-Competitive Practices which attract Competition Law
  • Competition Law: International Perspective
  • Synchronization of Patent Law and Competition Law with Specific Reference to Pharmaceutical Industry
  • National and International Case Studies

The Course may be pursued by any student from law stream, lawyers, industry professionals and students pursuing Company Secretary Course.

Features like Online FORUM for query resolution and Weekly updates on IPR to registrants make the course interactive.

For further details, please visit the website: www.icciclipr.ficciipcourse.in or e-mail at ipcourse@ficci.com.

If and when you register, please do mention that you got to know about this course via Lawctopus.

See image below:

ficci ip and competition law course

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  1. Hi. I also enrolled myself for the course on Intellectual Property Rights and did score 83 marks in it and completed the test with an ‘A’. Not only the course was thorough and exhaustive covering all the essential elements of IP, the course also provided me with weekly IPR updates covering both national and international developments on IP sent by the team FICCI. The comment above criticizing the course and the administration is devoid of any merit whatsoever :
    1) The forum provided was helpful in clarifying any doubt relating to the course or study material by the experts and also to interact with other students enrolled in the course hence are beneficial for the students. So, disparaging it would be utter senseless thing to do.
    2) Also, the administration is not only helpful whenever needed but also considerate to students and patient to their queries. Also in the end if you do well you get an opportunity to intern with FICCI where you are treated in a friendly pleasant manner and are made to learn a lot. For any further reference and on can contact Ms. Kaartika working there under whom I worked.
    3) Also, as a law students I know the worth of learning relevant “Sections and Articles” in an act as one not knowing about Art. 21 of the constitution and still reading it will only look stupid and ignorant. Though the questions in the test are both analytical and static.
    4) Lastly, not only the certificate is of much worth but also the internship provied by FICCI. So better study hard.
    I also thank team lawoctopus for the effort put in and the updates provided to students. Great work guys 🙂

  2. sunil, I think, Excelling in Law requires two things: 1. Analytical ability and 2. Knowledge about the existing laws both de facto and de jure. Without having the knowledge of the existing law, no one can create good practical solutions to solve the real problem critical to the industry.
    No one teach anyone how to use brain but one can deliver credible and critical facts (that do require rote learning) from authentic and credible sources (that is difficult to be find out in the wikipedia), so these can be effectively used by good brain.
    Perhaps, the prerequisite of the course is having a good analytical brain while the objective of the course is to spread awareness about the Intellectual property, to equip the participants with the tools (i.e., knowledge of the existing laws from credible and authentic sources) so that they can ponder upon it using their analytical brain to find solutions of the real business problems. Without having the thorough awareness of the existing laws, no one will be able to leverage it.

  3. I have taken this course as well trust me it isn’t so bad . The whole idea of doing a “Certificate Course” is to learn the course material and give the exam and eventually get the certificate. The course material is concise and easy and that is precisely what one needs while doing a certificate course.

  4. I participated in the same course end of 2013. Keep these in mind:

    1> You are unlikely to get any response to mails or posts on the forum
    2> No one is available to pick up your call – the numbers are either unreachable or will get you no response
    3> Many questions, during the exam, require rote learning – which section says this or that – and with an open book exam this is hardly of any use
    4> If you are interested in learning – this is not for you. If you are interested in the certificate (which will take two months to reach you) then go ahead

    • I believe that every student success is depends upon the student’s dedication towards work, consistent performance, punctuality. Apart from this Ficci have qualities like:

      1- Instant response from IPR department via telephonic , mail etc.
      2-Query are solved easily.
      3-Great work environment
      4-So if u r really interest to know more about Intellectual property Right ,contact to FICCI.COM

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