Feedback for Lawctopus Law School’s Legal Research and Writing Course [March-April 2021]


Pragati Gupta, Final Year, University of Delhi

“The combination of modules, live lectures and the Q&A was the best part of the course. It really made things very clear.

The stages in which the assignments were given really gave an insight on how a paper should be written. It was a theoretical and practical experience at the same time which makes it a complete experience.

Nadeem Siddiqui, Third Year, Government Law College

“The way the course is structured is the best part about the course. The breakdown of a paper into assignments helps to focus on one thing at a time.

This makes the entire process less daunting and keeps one motivated. This is also a major takeaway for me, personally.

Also, Vershika ma’am has been a constant support throughout the course. Her discussions during the live class were invaluable.”

Kritika Oberoi, First Year, Army Institute of Law, Mohali

“Being a first year, I was somewhat reluctant to join this course as I had no prior knowledge of legal research and writing, rather I don’t even know what exactly these meant.

But this course is designed in such a way that there was not a single point during my 2 month journey where I regretted taking this course.

It provided me with a fair idea of legal research and writing, I even got to know minor details of it which are usually not paid heed to. In short, this course was totally worth the money I spent.”

Naman Kothari, First Year, Government Law College Mumbai

“Given the fact that I’m a first-year law student and this legal world is new to me, I got to know the actual importance of writing, researching, and even the opportunity available in them. Besides that the interaction by the teaching faculty was off the charts I really loved it!!

I even got to learn many things that I didn’t even pay for and I’m really grateful to Lawctopus for providing such a wonderful course queries were cleared at their best even in these harsh times.

I had Vershika ma’am as my teaching faculty she shared her personal stories during the lecture to clarify the doubts that the students had and I want to specially mention one of the things she talked about during the ending weeks of the course which really affected and it made me do what I never thought that I could do; Which is to teach at an orphanage near my house.

So, I thank Lawctopus and Vershika ma’am for such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and enriching course!!!”

Shraddha Mishra, Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research Indore

“One thing that I loved the most about this course is that the videos and reading material were neither too large nor too short.

They were just appropriate in length so without any boredom we enjoyed learning.”

Pragati Singh, Fourth Year, Lucknow University

“During this course I learned a lot of formulas of writing a legal research paper and chose a particular approach.

I learned to put my questions in an appropriate manner and raising my voice without speaking a single word. Legal Research and Writing gave me everything a student need in any writing journey.”

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