By Tanuj Kalia

Note: This post was published on May 15, 2015. We thought it will be useful for the current CLAT aspirants and hence the republication.

1. How to mark the colleges for the CLAT preference list?

Click here to read the full post on the topic.

2. How are the placements at some of the low ranked NLUs?


In 2014, only 17 out of 63 CNLU students got jobs. 5 of these were in an LPO called Quislex. See here.

RGNUL Patiala could place only 6 out of 70 students. See here.

AIL Mohali on the other hand placed 35 out of 80 students. See here. (Just because a college has a ‘national’ tag doesn’t mean that you should be for it eyes closed).

RMLNLU Lucknow placed 45 out of 150 students. If you think this is OK, please note that 12 of these jobs were at LPOs. See here.

Three very important things:

1. These stats are via Legally India which is an authentic source of information. However still, do not BLINDLY go for these stats. For example, in all probability RGNUL would have placed more than 6 students (maybe at a later stage).

What these stats (when read as a whole) indicate is that things are not good with some of the lower ranked NLUs. You might be better-off in going for the more established non national law schools.

2. These are ‘new’ NLUs and their condition will improve slowly. At the same time I’ve been hearing this for the last 5 years and the ‘condition’ hasn’t improved by much.

3. Before going for a particular college, do your research well. 

a. Check (this website), and for law college news and placement stats.

b. Check India Today and Outlook magazine’s rankings carefully but do not ‘blindly’ go with them. These magazines know very little about the legal domain!

Just because IndiaToday says that college X is rank 10 and college Y is rank 14 doesn’t mean anything. But if BOTH India Today and Outlook place a college say in top 15-20 it probably means that the college is a safe bet.

Through these rankings, you can get an idea of colleges which might be worth going for.

c. Check the college’s website.

d. Talk to students studying in the colleges you want to go to. But beware! They might want to ‘sell’ their college to you! 🙂

See more campus recruitment stats HERE.

3. I’ve got a rank of XXX. Which college will I make it to?

You’ll make it to a college that your rank deserves.

The best you can do is fill in your preferences carefully (without worrying too much about whether a college is Rank 10 or 11).

Here’s a suggested preference list (with NLUD and Symbiosis Pune included).




4. NLIU Bhopal/NLU Delhi/NLU Jodhpur

5. GNLU/Symbiosis Pune


4. GNLU vs. HNLU or NUJS v. NLUD or NLUa v. NLUb?

Most of such questions are about making a comparison between closely ranked colleges.

And well, it really doesn’t matter if you make it to NLUa or NLUb (closely ranked colleges).

What will matter more is what you do with your 5 years.

Most recruiters will prefer a GNLU Rank 5 (class rank, at the end of 5 years) over an NLSIU Rank 80 (other things beings similar).

5. How’s the exposure like at X? What are the placement prospects like Y?

Again, there’s no college where you are embalmed with a secret mixture and told “Here’s the magic you’ve been waiting for. Now go, rule the world/get a job at  a big law firm“.

You decide what you’ll explore in these 5 years. You decide what your exposure will be like.

Things become easier with a good college but not all is lost if you make it to a low ranked college.

6. What to do if I have to get a job at X?

Maintain top grades.

Develop excellent spoken and written English skills.

Work hard at a useful co-curricular activity (moots or publications).

Intern, whenever you can.

Generally, be sincere and have fun.

7. I have got HNLU. I want NLSIU. Should I take a drop?

Do NOT take a drop just to prepare for CLAT.

You can easily prepare for CLAT while in college.

So take the admission and carve out 10-15 hours of study for CLAT every week. CLAT unlike IITJEE doesn’t require intensive 10-15 hours a day preparation for 2 long years.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. And here, you are actually wanting to kill a fatter duck when you already have made a decent killing!

Also, think: On May 10 next year (lets assume that’s the day for CLAT) you fall severely ill (germs forbid!). What then?

8. I’ve got rank 2222. Will I make it to any NLU?

Why are you so keen on joining an NLU?

An NLU is not an ISI mark.

If you don’t make it to NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLIU, NLUJ, NLUD, GNLU, HNLU or RMLNLU, Symbiosis Pune, ILS Pune and GLC Mumbai will be better bets.

9. BONUS: Here are some links that will help you navigate through the first few months of the law college life.

I came. I saw. I changed. 17 things that hit you in an NLU. How to prepare for them?



CV tips

Book: Law as a Career

10. BONUS II: What to do if you don’t make it to any good law college?

If you haven’t made it into any good law school, click here to know what all you can still do.

11. Should I choose a college based on its course structure?


Course structures in colleges are changed like undergarments. Teachers get changed more frequently.

Also, if a college is offering 6 subjects/semester and some other college is offering 4 subjects, it doesn’t make the 2nd college inferior.

Actually, as you’ll realise soon hopefully, less is more.

Feel free to ask questions in comments below.

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  1. Sir i m a student of 2 nd year can i give Clat .. Nd after giving Clat should I have to start from beginning… Or from 3 rd year

  2. I am studing in amity university ba llb due to some reason I want to change my college can I give clat again in 2018 to get admission through lateral entry

  3. hi i stay in pune. preparing for mnlu. what is the minimum score required for mnlu and can i take addmission directly for the second year. please rely asap.

    • Hi. No you can’t take admission directly in the second year. Prepare for CLAT 2018, work hard and secure a good rank and you shall have the option to choose your college. You can contact me for further details.

  4. Sir what should I choose if I got clat rank 1394 gen.. I m getting nlu ranchi.. ND in bhu iIgot rank 51..wich one should I go for?? As heard there is no chance for corporate sector in bhu.. Plzz help me

  5. i m getting NLU patna or NLU cuttack in CLAT 2017 according to previous cut offs & also getting ILS pune & BHU (Varanasi). For Which clg should i go. Please help me

  6. Urgent !! Should i go for ils pune.?? Rn i am in pravin gandhi mumbai??will it be a better decision to switchover.please reply asap.

  7. I dropped 2 damn years for neet. I couldn’t make it. I have completely lost interest in mbbs. Came to know about clat. looked into prev years paper. I find them interesting. Also I gave SET. Made it through cut off, with 5 days preparation. Should I give this year for clat preparation? is it okay? I am already 20 🙁
    please do reply.

  8. I have been accepted into jindal global law school and NLIU Bhopal .. where to go ? I have no idea whether I should give up the infrastructure and liberal seeming teaching of jindal to join a NLU whith more or less similar ranking .

  9. Sir.. I did not get any nlu. After 12th, this is my 2nd attemt. Am extremely confused, what should I do… Should I drop one more year…??

  10. I have qualified sls pune and got shortlisted with 38 and 28 in bba llb and ba llb in first list what are the chances of mine for sls pune.

  11. I am 60 waiting list in Symbiosis BA-LLB what are the chances of getting selected can somebody please guide me .

  12. sir this year i did not get any nlu..after 12 dis is my 2nd attempt..this made made me completely i am thinking of giving calcutta university’s exam.if i get hazaras then whether i should get admission there or not.plz help me i dont want to regret about my decision later or after 5 years.

  13. sir i have got air clat -3087 rank and air obc rank-211. and i am also ebc candidate of bihar.. what should i choose cnlu patna or jamia ballb.

  14. Sir i am studying in ba 2nd year.this year i gave clat exam and i got AIR 1978 rank gen category.i know that my chances are bleak for getting any nlu.i have filled the form of MH law if i get selected for glc mumbai or ILS pune then whether i should go for these colleges or just simply continue my ba.plz sir do reply me and help me in taking a correct decision because in my past i have taken a lot of wrong decisions.i need your guidance .i would be extremely thankful to you if you would help me out..
    Thank you.

  15. clat rank is 227.any chances that i could get into NUJS?
    also,my AILET rank is there any chance i could get NLU-D?

  16. Hello,
    I recently got my CLAT 2016 score.
    And now am torn between NUALS and SLS, Pune.
    There are pros and cons on both sides. Please advice.


  18. Good evening sir ..!
    Sir I decided to appear for clat just 15 days before examination date ….. I messed up with my gk and English section ….. And scored just 83 marks …..!
    I have a domicile of chattishgarh ….
    What according to u should be my next step …… What should I do ?
    M planing for bhartiya vidya peeth , pune ….
    M extremely confused ….. Plz guide me ..!

  19. Can you please explain the course that we will study in NLU’s…. Do they also have B.A LLB, B. COM LLB?

  20. Young Law Students before joining in any Law College or University are suggested to study the syllabus first. There is a demand for specialized courses but you have to prefer a job because of lack of sufficient courts across the country. Civil and Criminal courts are available at the Subordinate Court level or dist. level but specialized Courts or Tribunals are not available. For example : Direct and Indirect Taxes, Central Excise and Customs; Insurance and Bank or Labour Tribunals etc. Good opportunities are available in Delhi, Metros and State Capitals but not in each and every district.

    First study the syllabus, opportunities for the Young Law Students or career prospects etc. You must be realistic. Once you joined the Law course to update your knowledge subscribe for NEWSLETTERS relating to various branches of Law, create a seperate folder and add all these newsletters. Search in Law websites, blogs for job offers for Law Graduates. Collect maximum info. Analyze on your own. Check you mentality and select the suitable branch of law.

    Read all the articles written by Law Research Students to make yourself as the best globally competent talented Lawyer. Read the articles being printed in reputed Law Journals. Collect the information relating to Guidelines prepared by Supreme Court ( delivered in different cases ) as well as Landmark judgments delivered by Supreme Court. ( Judgewise, Actwise, Sectionwise )

    Read the two volumes of Advocates Practice .. written by Sri Padala Rama Reddi, ( Asia Law House publication, Hyd.) Two volumes. These two books will give clues on what is legal profession, how you have to mould your life in advance. Once joined in the college learn to spend more and more time in the Library. If you have any Advocate as a friend collect the proformas relating to various cases i.e. filing procedure ( read pleadings and practice like Civil and Criminal )

    Your future is depending more on the clarity about the Legal profession, legal services and the opportunities available to all Advocates from the grassroots. Remember, at dist. level there is no guarantee of guaranteed monthly income to all Advocates. Without guaranteed monthly income how you can survive? you have to plan in advance. Majority of the students of National Law Schools don’t practice at Trial Courts. They may not know procedural aspects. Better to commence your journey from Magistrate or Junior Civil Judge Courts. Don’t go straightaway to High Court or Supreme Court. Know the various steps in Trial and trial system before various courts.

    Ultimately you have to know money making skills also. Improve your lateral thinking but not linear thinking. Read “Mediation Training Manual of India” released by Supreme Court. You know what skills you have to develop.

    Wish you all the best.

  21. Hey what if I clear NLS Bangalore cutoff but I have kept it as second preference after Mumbai mnlu ….this happened due to a technical breach while filling the form…I have no idea of what will happen..please suggest what should I do

  22. I have score terrible in clat this year.
    might get into symbiosis noida.
    should i go for it or repeat clat next year?

  23. I gave my CLAT with my 12th standard exams for the first time and got a 10,000 something rank. Then I took a sabbatical of a year,prepared harder and gave it again. I couldn’t make it in CLAT with a 2000 something rank and failed at getting a decent score in the SET as well. But I scored the AIR in NLUD but couldn’t go ahead due to personal reasons. Now I’m at a local,private law college which is not where I wanted to be and deeply worried about my life. Please help me. I don’t know what to do anymore!

  24. i am in trouble……. I am to choose between SLS PUNE and USLLS…….
    My aim is Judiciary BUT i need to have a backup option too and i don’t want to do Litigation..!!!
    Plz help me regarding this……

    • If u want to go to judiciary then undoubtedly go for USLLS. Its not worth spending so much of money on a private law school which is significantly loosing its charm.
      Good things about USLLS:
      1. Its in Delhi and is ranked 2nd b3st la2 school in Delhi, so u get the benefits of being closer to all the legal work and making contacts at the same time.
      2. U have ur breathing space, u have a plenthora of opportunities to choose from.
      3. Many of USLLS alumni are in the Judiciary and litigation.
      4. College is growing and is competiting with many of the so called NLUs who just show off for their name and dont have some new thing in them.

      Bad things:
      1. Not NLU. it doesn’t have a tag with itself but that doesn’t make it a less deserving college…its just the conventional mindset that only NLUs are good and stuff…but it doesnt matter from which college u are in a professional degree… i have seensome pass outs from our college doing amazing jobs.
      2. Decent faculty
      The college has a decent faculty. But they are supportive and easily approachable if u want any help from them.
      3. Decent Library.
      we have a decently good collection of books in the library but i accept they are not enough. But the access to a number of online database from the university campus compensates it.

      All the best. Dont just go for a law school based on its ranking…look out for its location, exposure, faculty and students. At the end of it doesnt matter in which college u went rather what matters is what u did in ur 5 years law course!

  25. commit your Rs50000/ for counselling fees and see the reaction of the NLUs–and be ready for your parents hard earned money going to the drains guys don’t waste your family resources–get the BA/LLb degree from established central university that have Bar council affiliation -these NLUS are nothing more than a hype . just a catchment area of providing cheap manpower to the established Law firms .pls trust me –i am in this field for last twenty years and i have seen the fate of this NLU student–so please don’t leave your home and be the victim of some unscrupulous purpose—-you can be agood lawyer without going to NLU s—-and yes established Lawyers don’t send their children to NLUS.

  26. Hi, I got AIR 330 and I’m having a hard time over what to prefer between NLIU Bhopal and NLU Jodhpur. Please elaborate on the details for the answer,

  27. I am currently studying at USLLS and gave Clat this year and got a 650ish rank. What college am i expected to get and is it worth leaving Uslls for?

  28. My 12th Board results are way below par. My CLAT rank is terrible as well. In case I do not get into SLS Pune,would Noida be a safer bet in comparisn to lower ranked NLUs?
    More importantly how much will my board marks affect my law school years and subsequent job and academic opportunities?

    • Your board marks will not matter much subsequently (but yes, they’ll always be their on your CV).

      What are the NLUs you are getting?

      • I ranked 1697. So the best I could possibly get is Guwahati.This is what I THINK
        after having seen the past year cut-offs.

  29. I have got a rank of 1477. I could not clear AILET and I have not given any other exam. I stay in Mumbai but GLC is not an option as I have secured 83% in 12th. Also, this is my second attempt. Many people have advised me to go for whichever NLU i get except for DSNLU, NLUJAA, TNNLS. I have seen that you have advised many to go for some local college. Please suggest me what should I do in this Situation?
    Please help me as I do not want to regret later.

    • There are no right decisions, Anjali. You have to make your decisions right.

      You might well be in NLSIU and regretting!

      I’d advise AGAINST going for DSNLU, NLUJAA or TNNLS.

      Go for a good college in Mumbai. Intern while studying.

  30. how is sls pune ..i dropped my entire yearbut cudn’t make it to any nlu…kindly guide me about sls pune .

  31. All India Rank 1766 women rank 720.What should I expect.also i have been shortlisted for sls pune..but for some reasons i am thinking to go for sls noida…kindly suggest

  32. I have got AIR 856 in clat with state rank (MP) 128 . Do I have a chance of getting into NLIU Bhopal. I have also qualified for USLLS and symbi ? Which one do you think I should opt for in case I dont get into NLIU?

  33. Hi, i got an AIR rank of 265. Is there any chance of getting into NUJS…?

    Also I’m hearing a lot about rechecking marks and the likes. Is there any chance of that happening, and will that affect my rank?

  34. I have secured AIR 1491 and have got 126 in SET. I did a little research and found nlu Ranchi quite promising (its just 5yrs old)…what do you think 5years from now
    Which will be better a choice NLU Ranchi or SLS pune ?

    • Though Amity IP is better ranked, you will realise that the faculties over there change their colours after a few months, and also placements are not that good, unless you have some legal background.
      I would say USLLS is better.

      • Thanks a ton! I am not from a law background and gave my entrances this year, however, didn’t get through any NLU. Currently studying in GLC Mumbai, I plan to take lateral admission either in USLLS/Amity-IP or Amity University. Keeping in mind my current situation could you please advice as to what will be the best option for me right now ?

  35. I got AIR 133,I want tu m to join nujs, the prefrence list we must fill has come but the all India merit list hasn’t. You think I stand a chance? Plz reply.

      • Thanks! That was a typing mistake, as u can see that makes no sense at all (it doesnt fit in). Even I’m not a fan of…..dAt wAyy oF wrytinn 😀

          • Excuse me? Sorry but I think, you love to get things wrong. I said even I don’ like that particularly irritating way of writing. I think that was easy to grab. Alas!

  36. Hi.

    So I’m a student at GLC who took the CLAT again this year. I procured an All India Rank of 819. Which colleges can I reasonably expect to make it through? Also, would it worth dropping a year from GLC to pursue the study of Law from whichever college I make it through this time?

  37. What are your thoughts on USLLS vs Symbiosis Pune? I live in Delhi, and as far as I can figure, USLLS would be better, what with all the savings (time and material) and easier to access Internships. Plus, my social life would be more robust. Placements are important to me, but I’m sure I’m capable of being in the cream of any University I go to. Plus, I’ve been told that Symbiosis lacks infrastructure and the crowd isn’t that great.
    I just need another perspective on this. I will be giving CLAT next year again, but then again, is one year of my life worth the trade off i get if I get into a top 4 NLU?

      • What if I don’t give the CLAT, or do not manage a good score? Is USLLS a good choice then? Or would Symbiosis be a better place to start off from?

        • When you ‘start’ in college, you really don’t give a damn about infrastructure. While we were in NUJS (2008-2013) we didn’t have ACs in classrooms and we sweated like pigs in July and August. But, it didn’t matter. At all.

          Choose any from USLLS or Symbi.

  38. This is the lamest shit that I have ever read. You expect kids who want information to calm down after this?

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