Faculty Development Program on Various Aspects of E-Business, Zakir Husain Delhi College [July 12-18, Delhi]: Registration Open

About the Faculty Development Program

Introduction of CBCS of UGC in recent has been one of the radical reforms to bring justness, effectiveness and vividness in the Higher Education System of country. Providing a ‘cafeteria’ type approach, the system empowers the students to take courses of their choice, undertake additional courses and attain more than the required credits while adopting an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

With the offerings of existing as well as new subjects in form of core, elective or minor or soft skill courses, it has become imperative to equip teaching faculty with the ability to handle the papers. At the same time, it is equally essential to follow the common guidelines for such papers so as to ensure uniformity within the University. This FDP seeks to serve this dual purpose.


Objectives of the FDP Covering various aspects of E-Business, this FDP aims to cover diversified themes on emarketing, e-filing along with financial reporting and analysis and cyber crimes and laws.

As part of ability enhancement courses, the focus of this program will be to provide knowledge on these concepts, tools and techniques of e-marketing, conceptual and practical knowledge about efiling of returns, appreciate and analyze the basic framework of financial reporting and to understand the applicability of cyber laws in general.

With the emergence of internet and further technological up-gradation, radical changes are visible in both, the way businesses are done and the manner in which they are managed across the globe. Owners of e-businesses and their customers find benefits and convenience in transacting via internet as opposed to brick-and-mortar operations.

However with the changing business environment, there has been rise in the rate of crime, secrecy, internet safety and hacking issues to mention a few. Within this business environment, it is next to impracticable to manage and run the business with the previous knowledge patterns, related to brick-and-mortar business.

In order to overcome this ambiguity, the University of Delhi has taken initiatives to introduce papers related to e-business such as, e-marketing, e-filing of return of income, ecommerce, cyber crime and laws etc.

As a step ahead to sustain this much needed initiative and change, we intend to equip our teachers with the familiarity, knowledge and skills to teach some of these papers.

We aim to synchronize the differences that exist between theory and practice. In an attempt to achieve these objectives, we aspire to comprise personnel from academics and industry both. For the same, provision of requisite information will be also made available through lectures, case studies with the incorporation of information technology and other sources.

Further, in order to avoid any scope of any ambiguity, after all the sessions of a particular paper are completed; entire work discussed for that paper will be summed up.

Some of the broad areas covered under the concerned papers are:

1. Cyber Crime and Laws: Concept of cyber crimes, introduction to Information Technology Act, regulatory framework, case laws, computer related offences etc.

2. E-filling of Returns: Basics of Income Tax Act and practical workshop on e-filling of ITR’s etc.

3. Financial Reporting and Analysis: Elements of financial statements, basics of financial reporting, accounting standards in India & IFRS etc.

4. E-Marketing: Different aspects of internet marketing, direct marketing, case studies, issues and challenges of e-marketing etc.

Learning Outcomes

 Practical exposure to the teacher to efficiently handle various courses related to ebusiness.

 Improvement in teacher’s classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer.

 Enhancement of pedagogical and research skills of the participant.

 Equipping teachers with essential skills and knowledge. Resource Persons In order to address the aforesaid objectives and to achieve the desired outcomes, the resource persons would comprise of eminent subject experts from the requisite fields as well as industry experts in the desired area.


The program tends to serve faculty members from different colleges who will be teaching the related subjects in near future as well as research scholars who will be dynamically pursuing research in the said field.

Date and Venue

The FDP will be held from July 12th to July 18th, 2016 at Zakir Husain Delhi College, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, New Delhi-110002. Nearest metro station: New Delhi Railway Station (Yellow Line).

Registration Fees

The FDP is being conducted on non-residential basis. The fee for research scholars/faculty belonging to University of Delhi is Rs. 4,000/- per participant which includes course kit, lunch, tea and snacks. All participants are supposed to make their own travel arrangements including local transportation.

Mode of Payment

Participation fee could be paid by a Cheque/DD/PO drawn in favor of “Principal, Zakir Husain Delhi College” payable at Delhi. It can also be paid in cash.


Registration will be done on first come, first serve basis.

Limited seats are available.

The participants are requested to send in duly filled registration form to Mr. Mukesh Kr. Jain, FDP Convener at [email protected] with subject titled: Registration for FDP.

All the participants will be required to carry their own laptop and power cords during this program.


Mr. Mukesh Kr Jain FDP Convener Associate Professor Department of Commerce Zakir Husain Delhi College Mobile: +91-9810923545

Dr. Swati Aggarwal FDP Co- Convener Assistant Professor Department of Commerce Zakir Husain Delhi College Mobile: +91-9811240003

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