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  1. Does Hard copy need to be sent too? If yes then at what address? The terms & condition page on JammuKashmirNow fb page does not display the same under the term&conditions heading. Pls reply ASAP.

  2. The rules for formatting of submission state that the medium of the essay is English and Hindi, so I have to write an essay incorporating both languages?

  3. there are 4 topics given above, we have to write on one topic or all those topics are just part of a single essay?

    • there are four topics above, we have to write on one topic or all those topics..??? and if i select for this competition so i will have to present ?

  4. This link stated that this essay competion is open to all Law students. I am the student of B.Tech. Can i Participate in this competition? If yes, then how to register on it?

  5. Ya I have the same question will it be a joint essay or a single person can write it ? plus if selected do we have to go the to present it ?

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