Internship Experience @ Ernst and Young, Noida: Compliance Work, Plush Office, Cold Work Environment



Getting In- Rat Race.

An evening before the end semester exams started, I received a phone call. It was from my senior in college who asked me if I can help with the accommodation of one of his friends in Delhi as I was a Dehi-ite.

Then comes the congratulations part where I realise that I’ve got the opportunity in intern at Ernst and young, one of the big four companies.

I rush to check my email and there it is. The letter of acceptance. People from my college were to mail their CV’s to one of our teachers who inturn was to select four people and out of those four shortlisted, two were to be selected by the company.

I being a first year student did not really expect any reply, but there it was.  I was to do my internship at ERNST AND YOUNG. I was on seventh heaven.


10th December- 31st January.

I interened there from 10th December  to 31st January. Taking holiday is a big NO-NO.

Office timings were from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and both Saturdays and Sundays were given off.


First internship at a place like Ernst and Young was like a dream come true. I hadn’t really thought much about my future plans and this was the perfect opportunity to explore corporate world and understand corporate ethics.

The main thing I wanted to learn from this experience was how exactly things work in an MNC. Ernst and young, being a Multinational Service Provider and majorly an Audit firm, could have exactly provided me with an accurate idea of the same. So my journey at EY began on 10th December.

The Day I could say I went to office for the first time.

First day, I took Delhi Metro’s blue line to reach Botanical Garden metro station from where I took an auto(they charge INR 30 per person) to reach IGL building (India Gasoline Limited)which is 20 minutes from the metro station. I was to go to the Noida office.

EY has another branch in Gurgaon, but for me Noida it was. In sector 126 Noida, 2 floors of the IGL building were allocated to EY.

Situated on the fourth and fifth floor of the handsome glass building, EY office was one which made my jaw-drop. Inside the office, my senior from college was already waiting for me and showed me the seat. He had joined a few days before I.

Interiors of the office were very soothing and professional. The aura would make anyone feel Businesslike. Not just the aura but small things like a phone booth inside the office made it seem more formal.

This was basically a glass room with sound proofing and anyone who wanted to make a call could go and only then talk. Everyone was dressed in formals and so was I. The environment was very calm and the office was very spacious.

First day for me was all about observing, as the team I was to work with had gone for a seminar. I was put in a team called Legal Compliances. I also got to know that there were only two interns in the team i.e. me and my senior.

Next day, while I still believed my team to comprise of only 8-10 members, I started getting work form the other half of the office as well.

That’s when I realised the strength of my team and the workload it had. Half of my day was spent in understanding the work, the other half, of course was spent  doing the work I had recently been taught.

We were to use our own laptops and were provided with dongles whenever we needed the internet. Initial 2-3 days was more of the basic work of making compliances and a little bit of research work. Whenever we faced any difficulties people present in the office were very helpful.

The Work- Actual learning

The environment being very professional, people would generally not indulge in other talks and would restrict to strictly professional dealings. After the initial 2-3 days, I was given different types of compliances to make.

I was required to prepare a checklist of things a specific company must do to establish an industry. For this different acts like Environmental Act, Hazardous Waste Management Act ,The Water (Prevention And Control of Pollution) Act and others were to be complied with.

The checklist was called Consent to Operate and the terms and conditions were already provided with. Microsoft Excel was a tool I had to majorly work on. I prepared Consent to Operate checklist for various top companies.

The major work revolved around the same. Besides, we were expected to research on certain things from time to time. Being in my first year, first semester, this is all the work they could give me(also, this was the only work which the team legal compliaences did).


Lunch timings were not really specified but we would generally go at 1 for lunch. There was a restaurant on the ground floor and we got coupons for a token amount and that’s where we had our lunch every day. It was a buffet system with home-like food.

After finishing our lunch, we would sit on a place inside the premises which was an open area with roundtables and comfortable seats.

The internship duration being in winters, we would spend 20 minutes there sitting in the sun and talking. There was no pressure from our team to return soon, after finishing lunch, all they wanted was that we completed the work on time, which we did.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells.

Finally it was Christmas time, and being an MNC we expected a holiday, but to our despair, we got none.

That day, the office was decorated beautifully with red and white balloons everywhere. Although with the green interiors, the combination did not go that well, but yet it did make us all stop and snap back to life and realise that it is festive season!

That day, after lunch, a very malnutrition-ed Santa Clause came and gave us all chocolates. For a minute, the office seemed normal, and people felt celebration in the air. The food too was lavish that day.


The good included the office interiors and the brand name of course. Getting EY as the first internship marked in your CV does look good. Who wouldn’t want that?

Also, for the first time I could feel that the work I did was somewhere being used in real life case. In school life and the first semester, whatever we do is basically learning and building CV, but for the first time, I felt that what I was doing was used in field work.

The badDiversity of work was lacking.

Everyone did the same work as us and it was so much more mechanical. Since it was all similar, after a point the innovation factor is lost.

For when we could understand the pattern, we would go ahead, copy paste things and change the language a little here and there.

Well not plagiarism, because we were to mention the acts we took it from and this was the thing they expected us to do as it would reduce a lot of work pressure. The so called Smart-Work.

The ugly– Well honestly, although people were very helping in nature, but we couldn’t really connect to them. It was more like a distance, a gap which no one could reduce.

In my experience the office somewhere lacked life. It was as if, people are not humans and rather machines.

Infact things were so weird that to my surprise, only our team leader knew that I was a first year first semester student; others came to know about this only the last day of my work. This shows how much communication gap was there.


No stipend was offered.

Internship Contact details

One can directly call up the EY Noida office and ask specifically for an internship with Legal Compliances team. As for me, I did not have to go through that procedure, I can’t really help with the whole procedure.

Besides this one could contact with Mr. Purushottam Anand (

Editor’s note: Please do NOT email your CVs to the above email ID en masse. First, check if you really want to intern with E & Y. Then apply with a customized CV ad cover letter.

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