Entering Law School? Read 50 of the Best of Lawctopus’ Career Advice Posts


By Tanuj Kalia

Hi, as you begin your law school journey, here is some advice for you.

Some of the articles might be a bit too old, but will still be of some use.

Also, none of this advice is to be taken as ‘the’ final word on the subject. The articles are meant to you a perspective, show you things from a different vantage point.

Hope you enjoy reading these. You can leave your questions as comments on the article(s).


Choosing a Law School

Top Law Colleges in India For a 5 Year Law Course (The 2019 List)


CLAT Advice: Do Not Join Any Lower Ranked National Law University (NLU) and What to Do Instead [UPDATED WITH FAQs ANSWERED]


FAQs Answered for Worried CLAT Aspirants Who’ve Just Got Their Results


CLAT is Not the End of the Road. Here’s a Live Example


In-Law School


4 Must Read Books for Your Career That Will Solve 95% of Your Doubts (Our New Year’s Gift For You)


The Reality of Salary Packages: An excerpt from Tanuj Kalia’s book

A Corporate Lawyer Writes a Letter to His 1st Year Law Student Self


The Reality of Salary Packages: An excerpt from Tanuj Kalia’s book

A Letter to a Young Law Student by Sachin Malhan

Things Beyond the Law Firm Job: By Shamnad Basheer


Samvaad speaks to Sachin Malhan, Co-Founder at LST: Of Making Rain & Other Things

I Came, I Saw, I Changed: 17 Things That Hit You in an NLU and How To Prepare


For CLAT Aspirants: A Brief Note on Ragging and How To Deal With It


Puppy Training for CLAT Aspirants: Adjusting to the Law College Life

13 Useful Websites for Law Students in India


Basic Advice for CLAT Aspirants: NLUs vs. Non NLUs: How Can You Bridge the Gap?




Get an Internship [Always]: A Fail-Proof 6 Step Method

Legal Internships: 3 Timeless Lessons and 8 ‘Must Do’ Things


Dear Law Students, Here’s the Number 1 Reason Why Your CV Gets Rejected All The Time


How to Structure Your Internships in Law School


Advanced Topics


Litigation as a Career Option: All That You Need to Know


Working in Law Firms as a Career Option: All That You Need To Know


Career Questions Answered: Part-Time Jobs; Making Contacts to Get Internships; Non-NLU Students into Foreign Law Firms


Struggles Faced In The Initial Years Of Corporate Life And How To Overcome Them


Law Student’s Guide to Using Linkedin

You are not alone in your confusion. Confusion is a part of the journey


This Law Student is Clueless About Her Career, Are You Too?


4 Law Students Share Their Biggest Career Fears


By LawLoser: 12 Tips When the Stud Intern Gets Work and You Don’t


Mooting Tips

The 10 Commandments of Mooting by a Pro International Mooter


15 Tips for Speakers in a Mooting


Moot Court Tips: Dealing With A Moot Proposition


Mooting Basics: Drafting a Moot Court Memorial

LISTEN: Audio Recording of Raag Yadava’s (Best Speaker from NLSIU’s Jessup Team) Rebuttals


Fancy topics

12 Ways in Which Law Students Can Make Money (A 4000-Word Gold Mine With 15+ Resources)


NALSAR’s Mini ‘Khan Academy’: 22 Video Lectures | Yogendra Yadav, Arun Shourie, Arvind Datar, Upendra Baxi and Others


A Cheat Sheet for Model United Nations (MUNs)


Via Seth Godin’s Blog: (1) References available upon request (and other things to leave off your resume) and (2) Why Bother Having a Resume?


Law beyond the law


Meet Rajdip Ray, the Law Student Film-Maker from Symbiosis, Pune

Meet RMLNLU’s 8-Pack Spartan Mohammad Adil : a Power Lifter, Martial Artist and Bodybuilder

Judiciary/UPSC Interviews


The Lives of Legal UPSC Rankers: How do you stack up?


The Abdaal Akhtar Interview [NALSAR Graduate; UPSC Civil Services Rank 35]: This exam is tailor made for lawyers


INTERVIEW: Rajasthan Judiciary Exam Topper Siddhant Saxena [Rank 5 in 2018] Shares His Journey


INTERVIEW of Vinod Joshi: Lessons from a Delhi (Rank 29) and Uttar Pradesh (Rank 2) Judiciary Exam Topper


RJS Topper Interview: Monika Choudhary (Rank 3) Tells Us All About the Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination


An Interview with an MP Judiciary Topper, Sonal Gupta (Rank 1, MP Judicial Services Examination 2017)


INTERVIEW: MP Judiciary Topper (AIR 3) Arjit Dubey on How to Clear Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services Examination



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