Internship Experience @ Economic Laws Practice (ELP), Delhi: Top notch work and work environment, Rs. 10,000 Stipend



1.     Details of the Organisation/ How to reach/ Office space/ Team Strength

Economic Laws Practice, Delhi, aka ELP. It is rather surprising that even after being ranked 8th by RSG-India in its recent 2015 rankings, very few people have heard about it. I thus have developed a habit of slipping in its RSG rank while expanding its acronym!

The Office is located at 801A, 8th Floor, Konnectus Tower, Bhavbhuti Marg. For the uninitiated, it is located right opposite the Ajmeri Gate Railway Station, and right next to the New Delhi Metro Station.

The Airport Express Metro Line Station is in fact right under the building. The Office is just minutes away from Connaught Place which gives ample options for lunch.

Explaining the address to the delivery guy though is a task in itself. For those commuting via their personal vehicle, parking is not a problem since the first 5 floors of the building are reserved for parking. Mind you the parking charges are exorbitantly high at Rs. 80 for 8 hrs and Rs. 150 afterwards.

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A smart tip for those travelling through metro: To avoid pollution and stench, do not exit from New Delhi Metro Station, instead go towards the airport express metro line, you would though have to go through the stringent airport level security check and walk a little extra, the air conditioned and pollution free walk is worth the effort.

The Office space is huge and compliments the name of the Firm.

There are a total of 5 associate partner cabins, 2 partner cabins, 2 conference halls, a huge and swanky teleconferencing hall, a small library, a printing area (you will have to go and fetch printouts sometimes), a cafeteria (has a CCD coffee machine and unlimited supply of tasty cookies!), and some 50 odd cubicle workstations.

The Delhi Office has 4 main teams. The Litigation team, the Competition team, the Taxation team, and the Corporate Laws team.

In all there are around 40 associates and senior associates in the office along with 5 associate partners and some 10 odd clerical staff.

2.      Duration of Internship/ Days of Work/ Timings/ Leave

1st July, 2015 to 31st July, 2015.

The Office works on a 5 days a week routine. I don’t remember any of the interns going on Saturdays. The Office starts at 9:30 am and you can leave by 6:30 to 7:00 unless some urgent work has been given to you. Girls can leave by 6:00 pm.

One can take a leave without there being a deduction in the stipend and without there being a fuss about it. It is however advisable to inform the HR about it. Also, in case you have been allotted work, make sure that you do not take a leave or go roaming around without the permission of the person who so allotted it to you.

3.      Application Procedure

I got in through a contact. Though you can apply directly on their website here, or write an email to Ms. Sneha Athinkar at ‘’.

Editor’s note: Please do NOT send your CVs en masse to the above email ID. First see if you really want to intern at a top tier law firm. Then apply with a customized CV and cover letter.

4.     Interns

The office takes a maximum of 6 interns at a time. I had 4 other co-interns. The interns are made to sit right next to the litigation team in a separate cubicle. However you may sit with a particular team while working with them.

First day formalities

We were made to fill an intern form and given office stationery. There was no formal introduction with any of the associates or partners as such. Luckily however, some interns who were in the last week of their internship, helped us in getting to know the office better.

Since the office was newly shifted to, there were few systems for the interns and thus we had to get our own laptops. I however overheard a discussion between the computer guy and the associate manager that 6 new laptops are to be ordered for interns. I hope they have so been ordered by now.

The cafeteria hangouts and the evening snacks!

The Cafeteria is the best thing about this office! There is unlimited supply of coffee (freshly brewed from the CCD vending machine), tea and tasty cookies. You can go there as many times as you want and sit for as long as you want.

I had some great time here bonding with the other co-interns and associates. Not to forget the daily evening snacks that included everything from burgers from mcd’s and kfc to dahi bhallas, sandwiches and kachoris from Hira Sweets.

Another smart tip: Make sure you go to the cafeteria as soon as the snacks arrive as there might be a chance that you won’t get any since the associates binge on them like anything!

The Konnectus café

This café is located on the 6th Floor and sells really nice burgers, wraps, pastries and rolls at a reasonable price. It was our usual hangout place when the cafeteria was taken by associates.

The food is really nice and helps in satisfying the evening hunger prangs in case you do not wish to have the evening snacks of the office or there aren’t any left!

The firewall and the social network

The ELP Delhi Office was previously located at the World Trade Centre right next to the Lalit Hotel. Since the Konnectus Tower Office was new back then, there was still some designing and other work required to be done.

One such work was putting a firewall on the network. Since we were using our own laptops and there wasn’t any firewall and to add to that the extra fast downloading speed, sky was the limit!

However our happiness was short lived as a firewall was put in place within a week. All the facebooks, gmails and torrents came to an end leaving behind ‘linkedin’ as the only social network and the only source of time pass. Even Quora was blocked!

5.      Main Tasks at the ELP internship

The main tasks like any other top law firm of the country consisted mainly of legal research.

Sometimes interesting work such as working on a project report, drafting an entire written submission, and replying to client queries on Competition Act, etc. was also given. I also had an opportunity to visit the FEMA court once in a famous matter.

Clerical work ranging from getting printouts from the printing area to making index of documents to numbering a thousand pages was also sometimes required to be done. One task which I hated even more than clerical work was making the database of all Orders of the Competition Commission of India.

The late night Pizza!

One of the Associates had asked me to stay back to help him in preparing documents for his case the next day.

As a goodwill gesture he ordered two medium sized pizzas from dominos, one for each one of us, which we shared with the security guards as well.

He even wanted to book an ‘Uber’ cab for me, but as it was only 11 pm, I took a metro home.

6.      Work environment

The people here are extremely warm and friendly. The associates and even the associate partners are very approachable.

You can very easily discuss your career plans, legal issues and future internship opportunities with them. The atmosphere is congenial and disciplined at the same time.

The Competition Team especially was very friendly as it consisted mainly of fresh recruits. One does not have to ask for work as the associates come and give work to any intern available. There was always work available and as such I do not remember any occasion when someone had to go and ask for work.

The meeting with the Partner!

As the Office was new and so were some of the employees, one of the Founding Partners had come to meet and welcome everyone to the new office.

The meeting was arranged in the swanky and huge teleconferencing hall and gave an insight into the history and the vision of the organisation.

7.      Stipend

The stipend is one of the biggest plus points to intern here. Final year students are given a cheque of Rs. 12,500/- and others Rs. 10,000/-.

The cheque is posted to your home within a week of your internship getting over.

8.   Accommodation/ Places to Chill

I stay in Delhi and thus did not require an accommodation. The Office is centrally located which is just minutes away from Connaught Place and Mandi House and thus hostels and PG accommodations are easily available. Two nearby women’s hostel are located on the Bhagwan Das Road right next to the National School of Drama.

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