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Do you believe in the saying, “Time is Money?”

In today’s fast-paced world, time is the lawyer’s most valuable asset. Imagine a mobile-first vast library that is quickly searchable through single-search and provides high-quality law titles while occupying no space in your office or library. 

What if it can save hours of your time through searching within 1000+ volumes, on any or all of your mobile devices or desktops in a matter of seconds?

EBC Reader Platinum Edition, the most advanced legal eLibrary comprises of the most comprehensive set of law information titles including Bare Acts, Books, Commentaries, Magazines, Digests, overall to tune of 1000+ volumes. 

The EBC Reader Platinum Edition will excite and thrill you for its simple user-friendly feel, single-search across all books and quick referencing that will enable you to work smartly and efficiently.

It allows you to carry, organise and maintain your legal library with you always, across all your devices. Just browse through the many wonderful features listed below, and you are sure to be delighted! 

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Subscribe to EBC Reader Platinum Edition (Annual Subscription) and get 1000+ Volumes. Including:

350+ Commentaries & eBooks: Access to EBC’s renowned Commentaries across: a. Commercial b. Civil;  c. Criminal; d. Commercial; e. Constitutional; f. Family & Personal law, etc.

1000+ Bare Acts, Rules & Allied Acts – All EBC’s Central Acts and Rules with State Amendments, Notifications, Orders etc. Allied & related Acts/Rules etc. are also included with the main act, giving a complete picture of the law on the subject.

EBC’s Statutory Law Manuals – On Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Labour etc.

Legal Dictionaries & Referencers – Legal Words, Phrases, Maxims and Doctrines.

Practical Lawyer Magazine – India’s premium law magazine in digital format since 2016.


Key Features of the EBC Reader:


Single Search Across All eBooks

This amazing break-through technology has been exclusively developed by the EBC Reader team. It enables you to enter any word or phrase and search for it in all the books on your EBC Reader.

Thus, this opens up exciting possibilities in research and offer tremendous utility to the user. Further, you can search for an exact phrase do wildcard search or search through a multi-volume set.

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Dual Screen, Multiple Ideas:

EBC Reader now comes with Dual Screen feature to unlock new possibilities on a device. You can now work on two applications together in unique ways to enhance productivity on iOS, Android or Web devices.


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One-Click Section Search on EBC Reader:

One-Click Section Search aims at providing quick and specific access to any section of an Act.

This specially curated search enables you to find a section conveniently within a book. Thus, saving your time and effort while doing research.


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My Book Notes/My Annotations:

My Book-Notes option helps you access a list of all the highlighted and underlined text of the current book.

The ‘Powerclip feature’, allows a user to clip a specific notebook (User or Book note) for collecting all your research.

With our single-search feature, as you open different search results, you can collect your research, using copy-to-note into one clipped notebook.

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Auto Sync Across ALL Devices:

All your notes and highlights etc get auto synced across all your iOS, Android and web devices.

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EBC Reader Gives you Auto-Addition/Auto-Updation of New Titles:

About 50 to 75 new titles released by EBC during a year, will be automatically added to the EBC Reader, thus bringing up the number of titles available on the EBC Reader substantially.


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Low-cost alternative:

A huge law library at a fraction of the cost, on your device.


Subscribe Now, with our special introductory offer! Click here to start.  


Need help deciding if EBC Reader is right for you? Start your 14 days free trial.

Enterprise Edition and IP-Based Campus Edition of EBC Reader is also available.

 Also, if you have Questions? Call on 1800 1800 6666 (toll-free). E-mail @ [email protected] or WhatsApp on +1 (732) 945-5863.


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