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About EBC Learning

Established in 1942, the EBC Group is the intellectual giant in legal publishing, with offices in several Indian cities and abroad. It was in the 1940s when two brothers, the Late Shri C.L. Malik and his younger brother, the Late Shri P.L. Malik, decided to settle in Lucknow and embark upon a career in law bookselling and publishing. EBC Learning is part of EBC’s educational initiative. EBC Learning is an online platform that brings you courses on legal and ancillary subjects. EBC Learning is a source for anyone seeking primary and continuing legal education.

In this competitive world, it is the skill sets possessed by you that will give you the desired edge. As a busy legal professional or student, it is difficult to acquire new skills, given the time demands of your professional or student life. However, learning new skills can give you an edge in your professional life especially in today’s demanding marketplace.

Online learning platforms can help you overcome this skill gap, and acquire professional skills with a verifiable certificate that can help you get ahead in your career. Online learning costs today only a small fraction of the cost of enrolling in a
professional university, it is the simplest way for a professional or student to get ahead, without spending time away from your student or professional life.

Brought to you from the publishers of Supreme Court Cases, EBC Learning is an online platform, that helps you learn new skills and grow your career to become a certified professional.

At EBC Learning you learn from the best, some of our top instructors include Dr. Hemant Batra, Professor Madhava Menon, Mallika Tally, Ram Jethmalani, Tarun Jain, Tarun Mathur and many more. It has an ever-growing library of Courses on Law, Social Sciences, Banking; Talks, Monthly series and more, giving you access to new career possibilities by learning a new skill online anywhere, anytime and on any device.

EBC Learning spells advantage from its very inception, as its course structure, as well as topics, are designed and updated vis-a-vis latest Industry requirements.

With EBC Learning, you get

  1. Online Courses: On Law, Banking, Social Sciences and More – for all levels, Beginner Level; Intermediate Level & Advanced Levels.
  2. Verified Certificates: Get Industry Acclaimed Certificates to share on your social profile or print them physically.
  3. Talks: Learn from top legal luminaries, professional lawyers and others on new and evolving subjects
  4. Course Supplements: Judgments, case-notes, Check-Lists, forms, Agreements and Flowcharts

Some of the top courses on the EBC learning platform include

Arbitration Step-by-Step, Essential Skills for the Legal Professional, Criminology Essentials, Due Diligence Essentials, Mergers and Acquisitions, GST, Mediation, Contract Drafting Essentials and many more.

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Note: This is a sponsored post.

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