Internship Experience @ Eastern Book Company, Lucknow: Research Based, Access to Library

“All I’m armed with is research.”

-Mike Wallace

Name, College, Year

Kriti Srivastava, IIIrd Year, Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

Name of the Organization and Address

Eastern Book Company Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow, 28-B, Singar Nagar

Alambagh, Lucknow

Duration for the Internship

20th May, 2015 to 21st June, 2015

Application Procedure

I had sent my CV to [email protected] and followed up through calls to Mrs. Guneet Kohli, HR Head.

Being a research based internship, lots of applicant in their first and second year wish to intern here and hence following up is important.

Also, applying two to three months earlier helps. But, the acceptance mail is usually sent a month before your actual internship period.

About the Office Building

The office is a big two storey house convert office. The ground floor has a dining hall for lunch and a very well stocked library. The first and second Floor has offices of the Directors of EBC.

The SCC Online office is on the second floor, which is fully air-conditioned. All the interns got their own desk, systems and they also shared an inter-office phone.


The office timings were from 10 am to 6 pm. The second and fourth Saturdays were holidays.

The HR is very particular about the in and out timings of the interns and for that there’s a diary maintained wherein the interns have to record their coming and leaving timings.

Basic Details
  1. Accommodation

Since I had my relatives in Lucknow, I stayed with them. However, there are PG’s near the office and if an intern wishes to stay there, they can talk to the HR head and she will help you in getting you an accommodation. Many employees live in PG’s too, so it’s safe for someone who’s new to the city.

  1. Transport

If you are living in a PG nearby, transport would not pose a lot of problem. Public transport in Lucknow is reasonably good and autos and buses are easily available.

  1. Food

Lunch is only half an hour and there’s a dining hall on the ground floor for the employees and interns to have their food.

Lunchboxes were obviously allowed and for those who live in PG’s – two options for lunch are available – one – they can ask the in-house cook to cook them food which consisted of a ‘Thali’ with more like a buffet system for a reasonable price.

Also, he is a good cook!] or one can order lunch boxes from a tiffin service. Lots of employees order lunch boxes for which the intern can ask the HR to guide him/her.

First Day

Since I live in a neighboring city of Lucknow, we had come via our own vehicle to the office. However, Google Maps made us lose the direction of the office. And considering the office is a bungalow conversion, not a lot of people were aware of it.

Finally, I had called the HR to help with the directions which she did. The directions aren’t really hard enough to configure once you have seen the way. I had to memorize the direction and repeat it every morning before leaving the house, considering I am a little bad with directions.

This is how the recitation worked for at least the first week:

“In Alambagh, it’s in the lane next to the Union Bank of India Branch. Once you enter the lane, keep going straight till you find Time’s coaching on your left and a hospital on your right. The building is right adjacent to the hospital”.

Once I reached the building, I was told by the security guard that I had to deposit my bag and other stuff as no person entering the premise was allowed to carry it inside, which strictly included electronic devices.

Also, to keep your belongings you could ask for a locker. You also had to make an entry for depositing your phone at the reception itself.

I was thankfully told at that moment, that if I wish to check my phone during my day, I could come down and do so, however if you tried that too many times, the guard is going to point that out and that just gets awkward.

The peon accompanied to the second floor where I was supposed to work and I met the HR.

Miss Monika [HR] welcomed and told me some basic details about the internship which included giving several tests including that for grammar, legal knowledge, mathematics, deductive reasoning and vocabulary check.

I was given two hours to finish all the test papers and once submitted, I was guided to my desk with a computer installed on it.

The IT Sir provided me with my own computer account and also, your own SCC Online ID and password.

Once accustomed with the technology handling part, the Internship Coordinator gives you your work and a project to work on – which one works on, throughout the internship.

Along with the project that you have to keep it confidential, you are provided side tasks which include Extensive Research work using SCC Online, writing Case Briefs which are put up on the SCC Blog and other tasks which completely depend on what is available at that time.

Once the introduction and orientation is completed, you can fire away your computer and start working on the tasks you have been given.

For the first few days, you are provided with case briefs, which once completed have to be sent to the Ma’am that handles the blog. After scrutinizing your brief, she might advise you on your writing skills etc.

Interns are supposed to work till 6 pm and once you are done with the work of the day, you are supposed to fill a detailed sheet where you write about all the work you did on that particular day and it has to be signed by the Internship Coordinator.

While leaving the office on the first day, some of the employees offered me help to reach my house.

I lived at least 15 kms away from the office.

The employees are very helpful and in case an intern wishes to ask for help/directions they can do so easily without any hesitation to anybody. Also, one could ask the HR and she can guide him/her accordingly too.

Good things and Bad Things about the Internship

Own Desk with a computer and a password protected computer account.

In the dreadful summers of Lucknow, air conditioned room is like an oasis in a desert !

Access to the Library – which is a pretty good place if you want to take a break from the work.

In case you did not wish to go the ground floor to grab a book, you could give a note to the Peon or could call the in-house library number and ask them to get you the desired book.

The Lunch hour, though small but all the employees and interns sit together, this lets you interact with other friendly employees.

The coffee shop near the office provides very good cold coffee, which was extremely refreshing.

Learnt exactly how to use a legal database, the intricacies of SCC Online and the right way to research.

Even though the place has a very professional environment, interns are treated with a bit of leniency. I was allowed early off for a couple of days when asked.

Employees at the office are extremely friendly and no one treats you like a low-life-intern.

Interns were also taken out for dinner on the last day of our internship.

Strict about its in/out timings: It can be a good or a bad thing, clearly depends.

No electronic devices allowed. It was undoubtedly hard to leave your phone feeling lonely but eventually it was okay-ish especially because it was extremely hot and wasn’t worth the risk of stepping in the sun.


We did not receive any stipend for the same.

However, being a famous publishing house the interns do receive books.

I received 4 books including a SCC Legal Dictionary. The number of books depends, more on quality of the work done than on the quantity. It’s not a goodie bag with no work done at all.

Internship Certificate

You did not have to remind the HR or your Internship Coordinator about the Internship Certificate.

The books and the certificate were kept ready before the last day of the Internship. And the senior most person in the office gives you the Internship Certificate.

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