EARTH-SHATTERING ANNOUNCEMENT: Share Your Job Experience with Lawctopus (Anonymous Posts Allowed)

Since starting in 2010, Lawctopus has managed to create a new vocabulary for the law student in India: internship experience.

Some law firms and lawyers and organizations fear this phrase; it exposes them like no other. The good ones love it for the same reason: it’s an exposure for them like no other!

Law students love internship experiences. Many of them trust it; not wholly, or in complete measure, but very substantially!

In 2010, information about internships was hidden, unorganised, and could be best had only from a senior. This meant students from lesser known law colleges did not have enough information on where to go and where not to go.

We’ve managed to change that (to a large extent). Internship experiences published on Lawctopus are NOT the perfect solution (they are subjective, and like any review, are susceptible to manipulation) but we believe that we’ve made quite a dent.

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Actually, you dear reader, by sharing all those experiences, have made quite a dent. The number of internship experiences shared till today stand at an enormous 3326!

Many of our readers have graduated from college and have worked at and changed jobs.

We thought, therefore, to change the game of jobs and work in the Indian legal industry.

And hence, we invite you to share your job experiences with us (click on this link and fill up form please)!

Working at a job is a huge investment. You literally devote a large part of your life to the organisations. A lot of times it involves staying away from parents, partners, and friends, in an alien city, all in the pursuit of making a mark, or money, or whatever rows your boat!

So do take out 15-30 minutes of your time and help the legal people make informed choices about their careers! Go go go!

Click on the form here to share your job experience!

Suggestions on how to make this (and the form above) better are welcome. Please do leave your comments below.

This post was first published on: 16 Mar 2018

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