Internship Experience @ DUA Associates, Bangalore: Visit Courts and Learn Practical Aspects



Duration of Internship

19 October 2015 to 13 November 2015

Internship Experience at DUA Associates

DUA Associates, Bangalore is situated at #130/1, Ulsoor road, Bangalore- 560029.

The Bangalore office has both litigation department and corporate department. However, they maintain a strict distinction between both the departments. The firm is on the 26th position as per RSG Rankings.

Securing an internship at DUA is pretty easy and simple. An email can be sent to the HR at before a month or two for an internship opportunity. The mails are promptly replied within a week and internship is confirmed without much hassle and delay.

I secured this internship through an online internship portal. Click HERE.

Higherknowledge is an online portal which has tie-up with many law firms and advocates. The portal has real life questions uploaded by these firms which must be answered by the students and the student who has most number of approved number of questions can easily secure an internship in any of the firm which he/she chooses.

I answered 16 questions and the background work of contacting the firm and confirming my internship was done by Ms. Srivalli Velan, CEO of Higherknowledge.

I got a confirmation mail from HR of DUA Associates within 5 days without having to calling the firm a number of times.

First Day

On the first day, we were asked to submit documents such as resume, photograph, confirming mail, marks sheet etc. as specified in the confirming mail. After submission of documents to the receptionist, we were taken to the designated place for interns i.e. library.

The firm usually has 5- 6 interns during law school breaks. We were called by the manager for a quick induction session in which we were introduced to the work culture at the firm and we were made to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

The firm follows strict division of labour. Every department is headed by a partner and his team reports to him. However interns are not generally allotted any department. Associates walk into the library and assign the work to any intern who is free to do the work.

This method gives enough room for lazy interns to escape from getting heap load of work and yet manage not to get bored without any work. The dominating interns chose to do all the work themselves so as to gain more credit and popularity among the associates.

The interns must maintain a worksheet in the prescribed format which must be filed as and when work is allotted and signed by the associate when the work is submitted.

The assigned work can be submitted to the associate by creating a folder in the interns name which is accessible to all the associates or by sending them an email.

I worked for a week under the corporate department in which I was mainly assigned work related to Information Technology Act, Companies Act, Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Drugs and Cosmetics Act etc.

The work environment in the corporate department is a bit sedentary. There is less opportunity for interaction with the associates and the partners.

I shifted to the litigation department which is in the next building on the same road. The litigation department is handled by two senior partners and one manager who allots the work to other associates.

The litigation department has a relatively small library and small pantry.

The litigation department is livelier and closely connected. There is lot of room for interaction and learning. We also got an opportunity to visit courts and learn practical aspects such as filing the application and memo, listen to arguments of the senior counsel etc.

The intern was given an opportunity to attend the cases on which he had researched.

The litigation department dealt with a wide range of laws and gave the intern an opportunity to learn in fields such as contracts, transfer of property, negotiable instruments, SEBI, Arbitration, Labour Laws etc.

The work timings for an intern is generally 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., however, in the litigation side, the intern will have to stay up to 8 p.m. if the work assigned is urgent and important.

Good Things

Some of the best memories of the internship are the Diwali party hosted by the firm at Hotel Grand Magrath, birthday celebration of an associate at office, Dusshera and Diwali puja and celebrations.

The office has a pantry with unlimited supply of coffee and tea and interns can access it anytime. The interns were also provided with laptops and the library had wide range of books which one could pick up and read to kill boredom.

Bad Things

In the litigation side, the interns may not get any work during the day since the associates are busy preparing to go to court. We had to sometimes arrange for our own transportation if we wanted to watch the court proceedings.

The firm shares its building with other companies and it does not have ample parking space.

Other Things

The firm is located parallel to MG road, so there is no dearth of eateries and places to hangout.

Sometimes we also met interns form other firms and had lunch together. Since I am a resident of Bangalore, I did not have to find any place to stay, but there are a number of PGs in and around Ulsoor and Indiranagar.

Though the firm did not pay any stipend, it gave me an exposure to litigation and corporate sector and helped me make a career choice.

Overall, the internship experience at DUA Associates was a satisfying one.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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  1. I don’t know why you faced the problem. But they are usually very prompt with their replies. If you feel that there is something wrong with your grading, they help you in identifying the problem. Do write to them!!

  2. Higher Knowledge is a scam. The “mentors” have no idea what they’re doing, they give different feed back to people with identical answers, reject answers arbitrarily, and have no idea what they’re doing in general. And before anyone comments that I’m a disgruntled reject, I have a job with a big 7 law firm right now.

    1. You are right. its a scam. I told then the same thing. I did 13 questions which they didn’t check within the prescribed time duration. After that they approved them.

  3. Can you please send me an invitation code to Higher Knowledge. It seems that they are currently not accepting new users, so if you would take the pain to send me an invite it would be great.


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