By Debadatta Bose

Seeing the recent post about NLUJA Assam, I decided to write something about DSNLU as well. I’ll put you through both sides of the argument – why you should come here, and why you should not. It all depends on what you need.

Why should you even read this and waste your time? If you, ever, after your CLAT results, are in a fix to decide between the lower NLUs, this will probably confuse you more; and then help you make the right decision.

Why you should join DSNLU Vishakhapatnam/ NLU Vizag

1. We have a whole army of some of the best professors and with due respect to all, some of the not-so-good types also. But hey, trust me, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the good ones who’re the majority here.

2. Quality of the teaching is not in any way below any of the higher NLUs.

We’re the only NLU to have MoUs with other NLUs, and trust me when people go to WBNUJS, NLSIU, RGNUL and the like via the exchange program, quality is not a noticeable difference.

3. The syllabus is a mix of the best syllabi from all the other older NLUs, and that is one perk that DSNLU is having for being a newer NLU. The syllabus fits well within the ‘National Law University’ framework and is worthwhile studying.

4. The culture is different from the other NLU cultures here. Since we have not yet made a significant mark, we’re on the process of making our name for ourselves.

5. The atmosphere is so chilled out here, and there is literally NO ragging at all. And then comes the city, Visakhapatnam has seven beaches and a mountain range. You wouldn’t ever be bored, trust me.

And well, now let us look at the dark side of this place. Everything has a dark side, doesn’t it?

5 Reasons Not to Join DSNLU Vishakahapatnam/ NLU Vizag

1. The campus is a building. Yes, that’s it. Just a building, and nothing else. But we do have everything in it – a library, AC classrooms, a computer lab, a moot court hall and stuff. And yeah, Wi-Fi. A 1Gbps Wi-Fi! Oh sweet mother of god!

2. The hostels are absolutely unbearable. You just cannot survive as a human being in the hostels and their food. Period. It is better to look for your own personal accommodation, and the university does not have a problem with that.

3. The administration is a bit of a trouble, but you tell them your problems and they listen. Well, certainly though things could be a lot better.

For example, students are not at all free to participate in activities outside – and the college makes a big fuss out of it if you go without their approval, which, well, basically discourages everyone to go anywhere.

4. The upcoming campus is promised to be ready by late 2014. If you crave a Hi-Tech campus, that’s not possible till 2015, and you should not join if a campus is your first priority.

5. If you come for the brand name, this is certainly not your place as it is you who has to make things live up to the ‘National Law University’ tag – the teachers can only provide you quality education, and nothing else.

So, that’s pretty much all about it. Now it’s your take – does it suit you or not?

This is a reader’s blog, written by a student of DSNLU, and published on an ‘as is’ basis. Lawctopus does not subscribe to the viewpoints mentioned in a reader’s blog.


  1. Ive been here for last 5 years and following are the points that will enlighten the world about this place.

    1. The write of the blog post is a biased fellow. If you are a student here you would know that the writer has only attempted to get score some brownie points from the administration.

    2. The administration sucks to the core. They are all enjoying this new found power they have to make a mess out of life of the students. They are unprofessional and rude to students and are least flexible to the needs of students. Again the fee here is too high and the return is zero. I am not talking about placements. Even otherwise the University is not value for money and placements are not everything according to me.

    3. The faculty here are pathetic. The reason for this being that all most all the faculty recruitments have happened during the dark ages when all the dynasties were ruling the University. Google it to know more about how almost all the faculty are directly or indirectly related to each other by blood or by being students of erstwhile or present VC.

    4. There are more than 4 faculties who have nothing to do with law and were either in army, electricity board or some other department. The University now happily is a retirement home to these pseudo intellectuals. Kindly note we are talking abt an NLU here.

    5. The young teachers are equally bad. Its like when you sit in class and you see them struggle with basic english you feel sorry for yourself. They all are having a gala time at the expense of the students.

    5. Yes, if you want your work to be done, you know which person to approach because the faculty differences are visible.

    6. Students are pathetic and instead of focussing of academic endevours are busy in holi, face painting, rangoli, etc.

    All in all this is not a good time for joining DSNLU. Maybe 50 years down the line, I might recommend it. But right now its a NO.

    • @ Student

      Infact, even I feel the young teachers here compensate their poor teaching skills with extremely friendly behavior with students. At times it is difficult to make out a difference between senior students and young teachers. LOL!

      And all the points you mentioned are a standard feature of all the NLU’s.

      I love the campus and the students though.

    • I think most of the points are true. I was going through the profiles of the faculty members and one of the faculty was previously a cabin crew with Air India. LOL! so this guy woke up one morning and decided he wants to be a faculty and whoa he got into DSNLU. Hahah…. appalled at this NLU.

      The University has a bad reputation among the students itself in general. Just going through the facebook posts of students on other websites paints a grim picture.

      Anyways, CLAT is messed up and in all probability I will not be joining DSNLU this year. I shall join ILS or GLC this year. DSNLU is a bad investment.

  2. Worst college ever there is a min of 70% attendance and even if you get 69% forget abt the exams your writing it one year later and now the new campus is 35 km away from Visakhapatnam in a small village where you can find nothing

    • Hi Vdgcdrf, the attendance criteria is same in almost all the NLUs. The reasons you shared are not good enough to term the college as worst.

  3. The university is really really bad. But if you don’t believe me take admission and go through the harsh reality that I have gone through in 4 years.

  4. I got 17,934 rank in clat 2016. I belong to Andhra pradesh state unreserved category. Will I get seat in DSNLU??

  5. i got DSNLU and SYMBIOSIS, hyderabad (both BALLB & BBALLB). Will you please suggest which one is better to opt.

  6. Hi , a very good post ,thank you for making us aware about the pros and cons of dsnlu , well how about the placements?

    • hey!! the exchange programme is a link to send the student from on uni. to another. here the student goes to a different NLU to study for 1 or 2 semesters. this is basically an exposure for the third tier university students who can study for a definite period into a better nlu.

  7. helloo every one i am a student of DSNLU, faculty here are absolutely awesome and seniors here also good and the main campus at sabbavaram was almost completed people whoever wants to join can join without any doubts

  8. hi, in DSNLU the Administration office was very very bad it, others departments are good, Admin office contains very proud and ego peoples they don’t know how to talk with students its very bad

  9. Though the writer has covered almost every single point and is entitled to a bravado for that, the beauty of being there at DSNLU is this; students are much tactically carving a peep for the Indian Legal Fraternity into one big fallacy of the whole system of granting NLU status, the whole concept of the term National Law University, and also the menace of autocracy in the CLAT. Be rest assured that a major overhaul of all this fiasco is eminent, and being at DSNLU gives one a brilliant chance of being at the forefront of this change in whole outlook of the Legal Education System of the Country, as and when it happens. 🙂

  10. Nice post.Good thing about this college is-Student Effort.Students are keep trying to prove them among top nlu’s students.There are problems like-hostel,management ,food but these problems are not that big u can’t handle .This college is working hard to make his name famous around India.

  11. strongly recommended to join. Collage is doing well, better than other law schools in the region, shall defiantly shine in future. Crowd is very good and ambitious. All the Best !!!

  12. I do not understand – DSNLU was formed before Telengana – so we cant say that they looked into the future :p And if not which one is the NLU in AP – NALSAR or DSNLU ? 😛

    • That’s the beauty of legislative acts, isn’t it? Looking into the future. The Indian Contract Act was made in 1872 and still runs fine without much amendments. That is called a good legislation. 😉

    • Come June 2, 2014 (which is the actual date of the State of Telangana coming into existence), DSNLU will be the sole National Law University in the State of Andhra Pradesh. And the ‘CEO’ of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Naidu being back in power, one can expect huge strides in the overall stature of the University. 🙂

  13. Only NLU to have MOUs with other NLUs? How is that even possible? Someone hasn’t read Newton’s 3rd Law, it seems! 😛 Also, not a single student from DSNLU has ever been to NUJS on an exchange programme till date. Perhaps the writer got slightly carried away while making claims.

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