5 Pros and 5 Cons of Joining DSNLU Vishakhapatnam/ NLU Vizag

By Debadatta Bose

Seeing the recent post about NLUJA Assam, I decided to write something about DSNLU as well. I’ll put you through both sides of the argument – why you should come here, and why you should not. It all depends on what you need.

Why should you even read this and waste your time? If you, ever, after your CLAT results, are in a fix to decide between the lower NLUs, this will probably confuse you more; and then help you make the right decision.

Why you should join DSNLU Vishakhapatnam/ NLU Vizag

1. We have a whole army of some of the best professors and with due respect to all, some of the not-so-good types also. But hey, trust me, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the good ones who’re the majority here.

2. Quality of the teaching is not in any way below any of the higher NLUs.

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We’re the only NLU to have MoUs with other NLUs, and trust me when people go to WBNUJS, NLSIU, RGNUL and the like via the exchange program, quality is not a noticeable difference.

3. The syllabus is a mix of the best syllabi from all the other older NLUs, and that is one perk that DSNLU is having for being a newer NLU. The syllabus fits well within the ‘National Law University’ framework and is worthwhile studying.

4. The culture is different from the other NLU cultures here. Since we have not yet made a significant mark, we’re on the process of making our name for ourselves.

5. The atmosphere is so chilled out here, and there is literally NO ragging at all. And then comes the city, Visakhapatnam has seven beaches and a mountain range. You wouldn’t ever be bored, trust me.

And well, now let us look at the dark side of this place. Everything has a dark side, doesn’t it?

5 Reasons Not to Join DSNLU Vishakahapatnam/ NLU Vizag

1. The campus is a building. Yes, that’s it. Just a building, and nothing else. But we do have everything in it – a library, AC classrooms, a computer lab, a moot court hall and stuff. And yeah, Wi-Fi. A 1Gbps Wi-Fi! Oh sweet mother of god!

2. The hostels are absolutely unbearable. You just cannot survive as a human being in the hostels and their food. Period. It is better to look for your own personal accommodation, and the university does not have a problem with that.

3. The administration is a bit of a trouble, but you tell them your problems and they listen. Well, certainly though things could be a lot better.

For example, students are not at all free to participate in activities outside – and the college makes a big fuss out of it if you go without their approval, which, well, basically discourages everyone to go anywhere.

4. The upcoming campus is promised to be ready by late 2014. If you crave a Hi-Tech campus, that’s not possible till 2015, and you should not join if a campus is your first priority.

5. If you come for the brand name, this is certainly not your place as it is you who has to make things live up to the ‘National Law University’ tag – the teachers can only provide you quality education, and nothing else.

So, that’s pretty much all about it. Now it’s your take – does it suit you or not?

This is a reader’s blog, written by a student of DSNLU, and published on an ‘as is’ basis. Lawctopus does not subscribe to the viewpoints mentioned in a reader’s blog.

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