Internship Experience @ DME Delhi – Trade and Taxes, VAT Tribunal, New Delhi: Learnt how to argue in courts and legal basics {S}

Internship Experience @ DME Delhi - Trade and Taxes, VAT Tribunal, New Delhi

Anand Awasthi

Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) , GGSIPU

1st year BA LLB

Exact Duration of the Internship

December 16, 2015- January 8, 2016)

What should I say. Yes I am in 1st year completed my 1st semester of BA LLB and eagerly looking forward for my law. I was so excited  and wanted to do internship.

It was not my job, no one was there to pay me for my work as I was starting all this from a big zero, still was so keen to go there, enthusiastic like anything want to show them my skills which I had developed in me after mooting.

It was like butterflies jumping in my stomach.

The time came when I went there I started my Internship at trade and taxes dpt., vat tribunal under Government Counsel. Yes I was in tribunal it was my 1st day was so excited and my 1st job to find the how many cases are to be presented in court.

No one came there for half an hour I was alone looking to benches actually it was the 1st time when I entered in court so it was like jackpot for me.

‘I wanted to learn everything in one day only’ this was the statement made by my ‘GURU’ under whom I worked.

I was so excited had anxiety that I asked him every stupid question but he never scolded me he felt happy after meeting me, he praised me for all my queries I prepared my own question bank and also answered myself for regarding law only and shown that to my GURU .

So this was my first days and every day was quiet similar to it.

I think my Internship is not that fruitful for me but yes at some point it was I learnt many things how to argue in court, what kind of attitude should be there for a lawyer.

These were somethings which comes at your basic level and how to deal with others, how you have to convince others.

I may not learnt about that law as I didn’t studied that but yes I really felt this was the one thing that will help me in my life to move forward.

Things were dicey for me neither too good nor too bad, but if am satisfied than yes there must be something and I really think everyone should go for such internships because definitely you will learn something.

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