Internship Experience @ Diva Sprik Attorneys and Solicitors, Delhi: Opportunity to learn the ground level of the litigation process

Submitted by: Rohan Sharma.

College: Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Year: Final Year.

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team strength:

DIVAH SPRIK, Attorneys and Solicitors, New Delhi. It is a litigation based firm which takes up matters in the District Courts of Delhi, the Delhi High Court, the Supreme Court of India and  various Tribunals.

The firm, presently, is being run by a team of 5 Lawyers namely Roma Bhagat (the Senior Arguing Counsel of the firm), Pranam Priya, Pramanshi, Vikas Kataria and Shikha Mehra.

Application process:

Apply via email to Adv Pranam Priya at [email protected]

Duration of Internship and timings:

2nd July 2018 – 2nd October 2018 (3 Months). The office opens at 10 in the morning till 7 in the evening. Depending upon the workload, one might be asked to stay late at times.

However the office timings are quite flexible provided the work is done on time.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure:

On the first day, I was asked to report at the Dwarka District Court for an anticipatory bail matter where I met Roma ma’am and Pranam Sir. After the hearing I accompanied them to the office which is situated in Block D, East of Kailash.

The office has decent space- a reception area, a separate Conference Room cum Library and workstations/cubicles for the Associates and Interns.

Upon reaching the office I was allotted a workstation and thereafter took place a formal introduction with Roma ma’am and others. I was enquired about my past internship experiences and future plans in the profession.

Thereafter I was asked to find case laws for the anticipatory bail matter which I had witnessed. Roma ma’am, very patiently explained the proposition and what exactly I was required to look for.


The office is situated at a distance of about 650 metres from the Kailash Colony metro station. A number of PGs/flats are available in the nearby areas of Sant Nagar and Amar Colony.

Main tasks:

The firm has a fairly elaborate Internship Program which is divided into different phases.

1. In the first phase which went on for about 15 days, I was made to understand the basics of the various official websites of Courts and Tribunals, thereby focusing upon the things such as calculation of the number of  supplementary matters in a cause list, tracking the daily orders and case history etc.

I was explained the basic elements of a case file, procedure of filing a Vakalatnama and its relevance, procedure and filling up of  forms for obtaining certified copies of the Court record, RTI applications and related procedure, online lodging of FIR, relevance of exemption applications, procedure for inspection of court files, case filing procedures in various courts etc.

Each intern was required to maintain his own office diary.

2. For the next fifteen days, I was made to practise what I had absorbed so far.

I was asked to file an RTI in my name on any matter of my choice, lodge an online FIR for a case, apply for certified copies of certain court records, draft an exemption application for a case, inspect a court file (along with an associate) in the Tis Hazari District Court and independently file matters in various Courts.

3. In the next phase I was asked to sit in client meetings along with Roma ma’am and take notes. Thereafter Roma ma’am very patiently explained to me the details of the case at hand and strategy that should be adopted and then I was asked to come up with a first draft for the case.

Alongside each intern was given a checklist of places which he/she was required to see while visiting a Court. Pranam sir would make sure that each and every intern is well versed with the layout of all the Courts.

4. In the next phase I was given a number of applications, petitions etc to draft and chief/cross examinations to prepare.

I was expected to be well versed with the case file, strategise with one of the associates, come up with the first draft independently and thereafter brief and further discuss it with Roma ma’am.

At the time of completion of the internship, each intern was required to submit an article on any contemporary legal issue.

Work Environment and people:

All the people in the Firm are approachable and very helpful with regard to any case related query or even otherwise. The working environment is quite light and encouraging, however the deadlines have to be met.

Good things:

1. One gets an opportunity to understand the intricacies of the litigation procedure as the firm’s internship program focuses on the foundational aspects of the profession.

2. The firm treats the interns at par with the associates and one gets an opportunity to work independently on certain aspects of a case. It is mandatory for each intern to sit in the client meetings so as to get the first hand picture of the case in hand and thereafter is asked to think upon it, research and come up with a strategy and ultimately a first draft.

3. The light hearted atmosphere of the firm coupled with the ease with which everyone can be approached enabled the interns to bring out the best in them.

Bad things:

There was no standing clerk in the firm at the time I interned. So at times one was required to somehow manage court related work and strategising/drafting the cases simultaneously which on certain occasions would get tedious.


None. The expenses incurred while going for office work were duly reimbursed.

Biggest lessons:

While working on certain cases I realized the scale of planning and effort which has to be put while coming up with the first draft in case and that is put in while revising the draft again and again till the document speaks for itself.

I got an opportunity to learn the ground level nitty gritty of the litigation process and realized how important it is to have these things on one’s fingertips.


Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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