Internship Experience @ Dhaval Vassounji and Associates, Mumbai: Do Lots of Research and Drafting Work, Stipend of Rs. 6000

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Dhaval Vassounji and Associates, Mumbai

Application Process with contact details

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You have to send them an email with your CV. If they like it then they call you for an interview with the partners.

Once you pass that round they send you a letter asking you to intern for them.

Duration of Internship and timings

October 4, 2016 – November 4, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Reporting time was 10 am. You have to wear formals as it is a law firm. They gave me a book and some stationary along with a laptop that was configured with their system to maintain confidentiality. I also got a desk.

They have long desks and everyone sits there. Only the three partners get their own rooms. The different teams generally sit together.

You get assigned to one associate and he/she gives you your assignments. However, since I was here for a month, I didn’t get assigned to anyone.

They also have a fingerprint system to access doors. So they added my fingerprint to the system by noon. Each person including an intern has their own telephone.

Main tasks

So the task obviously vary from the department you are in.

I mainly got assignments from the litigation team which involved a lot of research. I even got to draft sometimes but it was rare.

Work environment and people

The office is not too huge. But it has been built very well to make everyone feel warm and welcome. They have lawyer jokes on one full wall. You have to wear formals expcept on Saturday.

Everyone is between the age group of 23-32 year old. So everyone is super friendly. They are all hardworking and will make you wait till even 1-11 pm. You get paid for the good you order after 10 pm.

You also get travel allowance. Also, the office staff is also very friendly and will do small work like cut fruits for you or make coffee which I have not seen anywhere else.

Best things

It is as super friendly place. If you are willingly to work hard then there is a lot to learn here. Plus of course the part where they pay all their interns.

Bad things

I think the only bad was that the office timings were too long and sometimes it got very tiring and hectic.


Rs. 6000

Biggest Lessons

How to research. Honestly, the nitigritties of using websites like Manupatra and Westlaw, I learnt here.

Plus, they take great care that their interns are learning so you learnt drafting skills as well.


I had my own accommodation as I stay in the city.

Office Timings

Official office timings are 10 am to 8 pm. However, they aren’t adhered to strictly. You can come in even by 11 am but no one leaves sharp at 8 pm.

You can leave before only after seeking permission from your head. Also there is no official lunch breaks.

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