Internship Experience @ Deloitte US India, Hyderabad: Stipend of Rs. 10,000


Akshaya Shanker, School of Excellence in Law, The Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, 4th year BA BL (Hons)


25th May 2015 to 26 June 2015


The decision to intern under a company was to learn about the working of a company under the field of law. I was advised by a friend of mine, who works under Deloitte to avail an internship during my fourth or fifth year of law.

To recount my experience, the initial requisites  of having to intern in DELOITTE  are as follows:

Firstly there was  HR Call, Followed by an telephonic  interview with the legal head who posted certain questions as a way of assessment but to mention interview was not tiring.

Shortly thereafter, I fortunately received an intimation about being selected for interning in Deloitte! This was by CREATION OF PROFILE and lastly, an ON BOARDING PROCESS.

The first day experience was pleasantly overwhelming. Being a prospective student, I learned about the crucial formalities to be complied for various agreements of an employee with the company.

Even though I was an intern for only a month, I was opportune enough to SIGN certain documents. I cannot do without an excited mention of the nostalgic moment I had felt when being entrusted with the company Laptop.

Starting with the telephonic interview and joining Deloitte as an intern was tiring with so many mails, calls.

But being a student I was overexcited with each and every formalities even though I had my semesters. DELOITTE usually employ people on the first and third Monday, of every month.

But mine was conveniently on the fourth Monday which I managed to get through requisitions. An employee can only leave Deloitte only on a Friday.

Since I was employed on a Fourth Monday I was given an ON -BOARDING and a  Welcome by Deloitte – International Convention  Centre  on the  IMMEDIATE  Monday, with an informative note elaborating the policies, structures and rules of  Deloitte by the head.

One who wishes to apply can apply through the main website of Deloitte. The legal team works from 10 am to 8 pm.


I am from Chennai so I managed to find a Abhishrey Ladies hostel in Hi-tech city it takes around 5 mins of walk to my place of work. The area is surrounded by many PGs.


Stepping into an actual corporate world for the rest of my dearly in the internship journey never ceased to amaze me. Deloitte consisted of one legal head team which carries out all issues of law so I was not given a particular job but mixtures of all .

WHAT A STUDENT CAN DO AND NOT TOO was judged properly by the team without stressing the intern a lot. I was not given an opportunity to frame agreements even though I asked because I was there only for a month.

My advice to the buddies TAKE MNCs FOR SPAN OF TWO MONTHS if you wish to intern.

The work and real time exposure helped me dearly in the path of personality development. I could relate and foresee an identity in such an environment. I was trusted with four sets of project by my legal head.

Every Friday at Deloitte they have an information session. I was told to tell them something informative on all Fridays.

Although, I was a victim of stage fear, my colleagues were my supporting pillar, reinstating my belief and encouraging me all the way.

The second project was to start a Creche in the women sector to make their work environment flexible and embracing their needs in their work. I was expected to give information in the aspect of legal background and extend the scope beyond it.

My Third project was on framing clauses on various agreements related to different cases under which courts have agreed certain clauses from different companies which could be implemented by Deloitte in their agreements.

I was given a document to prepare for it and constantly be backed by my colleagues to approach them if I had doubts. I was given various agreements by them which gave me an overview to learn about different clauses.

The fourth project was based on the Black Money Bill 2015 to give them a brief talk on it, explain the whole act, to prepare a document explaining each section of the act and finally, we had a small debate among 8 members of the legal team.

Since this act plays a huge role in the sector of BLACK MONEY.

So I was given a task to work with the on boarding team to get the Number of employees who land India to work with them like exparties, other citizens who work for six month, 3 months and etc to make the deloittes to understand and give them the percentage of people who would be taxed according to the black money act if they have violated the rules or who have not paid the taxes in their county.

DELOITTE taught me a lesson I Should be thankful to my legal team they were very helpful and caring about me and the best colleagues.

The most amazing part of MNC endless food stalls in each and every block and Deloitte had 5 blocks and all had something special to have for the day and more less the area was lined up with many restaurants to end up after work.

Also, birthdays and some special occasions were celebrated with cakes and snacks. There was no difference between an employee and an intern.


Super cool farewell by my colleagues at LEMON TREE for Lunch. Later on my decision for an evening SNACK to STARBUCKS that was amazing but not as amazing what my colleagues gave me.

On the last day I had huge formality to be done ID card surrender LAPTOP surrender etc. I received a stipend of Rs. 10,000 which was transferred to my bank account within two days after my internship.


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