By Nipun Saxena

How to register for the Delhi Bar Council? The Delhi Bar Council Registration is slightly tricky, and help is at hand!

This write up comes at this crucial time when those of you have graduated, or have procured provisional certificates or degrees (depending upon the choice of nomenclature that your college wishes to keep) are now ready to take up the robes and practice law in a court, or are merely complying with the necessary formalities, because the law firms want you to get enrolled in the bar.

So how do we start from here? (The official Bar Council of Delhi link is HERE)

I have divided this piece into different segments to enable you to register quickly so that you are able to take the All India Bar Examinations scheduled to be held on the 27th of July 2014.

Before I do so, one has to take a call on where one wishes to register as a member of the Bar.

Depending upon the requirements, and the documents that are required to be furnished, Delhi State Bar Council tops the chart.

There is no uniformity within different Bar Councils with respect to the procedure of enrolment, the necessary formalities that are required or any other procedures.

For instance those intending to register with the Tamil Nadu Bar Council, have to undergo necessary police verifications, which is not the case in Delhi or Maharashtra Bar Council.

In other Bar Councils, an oath is administered by a Judge, before the person is finally enrolled as an advocate. This post is therefore specifically for the purposes of registration with the Delhi Bar Council.

delhi bar council registration documents

1. Prerequisites and documents required for the Delhi Bar Council Registration:

Please have the following documents ready and attested by self and by any Government Officer who is a Class II (or higher) gazette servant of the Government who will sign with the date and write “ATTESTED” bearing the seal of the Government department.

If you do not know a person in the Govt. Department then get it notarized by a public notary, before you go to the Office of the Bar Council of Delhi, situated at 2/6 Siri Fort Institutional Area.

Also, the nearest metro station is Green Park.


1. In case you are a pass – out and have already received your degree, but haven’t enrolled as an advocate, please bring your degree. In such a case you may also be required to furnish an additional affidavit stating your reasons for the gap between the date on which degree was awarded and the date on which you are enrolling.

2. In case you are not a pass – out and do not have your degree, then you need to get a provisional certificate/provisional degree which states that you have cleared all the examinations and are now fit to take the examinations and a copy of the Marksheet which is given by the University/ College proving that you have cleared the subjects.

The Provisional Degree in its original will be retained by the office whilst processing your application. So it is advisable to get all these documents scanned before you submit them for your Delhi Bar Council registration process.

3. In either case, whether you are a pass out or not, please do procure a certificate of declaration from your college/ university stating that you have met the minimum attendance requirement of 66% mandated by the Bar Council in every semester/ year (depending on whether it is a 3 year or a 5 year programme) bearing the sign and the seal of the Principal/Registrar on the University/ College Letter Head.

4. Proof of Residence. Now for those students who are not residents of Delhi, but staying in colleges which are in Delhi, are supposed to carry a bona fide certificate of residence signed by the Administrative Head (Registrar/ HOD/ Principal) along with the student college ID Card.

In some cases, candidates are advised to furnish an affidavit stating his present residential address. In either case, please be ready with what documents you are required to furnish.

5. Marksheets of Class 10th as well as Class 12th which have to be filed in duplicate. Now it doesn’t matter whether you have the pass certificate or not, or a transfer certificate. What matters is your mark sheet and as long as you have it, everything is going to be a cake walk.

6. A minimum of 6 Photographs which are standard passport sized photographs and are to be taken in a black coat, white shirt, black tie (standard lawyer attire). Three of these photographs will later be required to be attested by a lawyer.

7. There is a previous year form (w.r.t Delhi Bar Council Registration) already available on the internet. It contains the format of an affidavit which you will be required to fill, and attach along with the form which you can copy and paste.  It is better to get this affidavit prepared before you get the form as it will save you a lot of time.

You now need an affidavit which is to be notarized, giving declaration about your “intended place of practice” which has to be in Delhi.

The contents of the affidavit and proforma are mentioned on the penultimate page of the form that you get from the BCD.

Also this affidavit has to be made on Rs 10 Non Judicial Stamp Paper.

delhi bar council registration form

2. Procuring and filling the Form

Armed with all these documents, you can now go to the office of the Bar Council of Delhi (mentioned above) and get a bank challan (or receipt) which you are required to fill out, and pay an amount of Rs. 1000 for buying the form.

Now this duly filled Challan has to be submitted at the IDBI Bank Branch which is in the building adjacent to the Bar Council’s Office.

There is one counter specifically dedicated to candidates wishing to register at the Bar, and so there won’t be a queue. Now take the receipt and submit it to the office, who will then give you the form.

The best time to do is in the early hours at around 10:00 – 11:00 when the office is relatively free as you will have the entire day to complete other necessary formalities.

Importantly, some of you who would have searched on the internet must have found a copy of the form for the previous year. DO NOT fill that form and bring to the bar council office. It has to be bought. Period. I have seen many applications getting summarily rejected because of this.

Now the form will ask you to fill in all the necessary particulars. From point Number 14 to 22, there are a series of declarations that are to be made by the candidate.

Some of these are whether any criminal proceedings have been initiated against you, or whether you are an insolvent. Most of these answers are NO.

However, you are required to sign on the right side of the page, against every such point from 14 to 22. Write NO, or N.A. (Not Applicable) against any condition that you do not meet. Or provide necessary particulars in case you do meet the conditions.

Now if you are a graduate, you need to mention the particulars of the degree. For those who only have provisional degree, please fill all the necessary details under the heading: Non Graduate Students giving complete description of the degree, and the medium of instruction.

You will also find an empty photograph slot on the second page as well as certain declarations that are to be made by an Advocate on the 6th and 7th page of your form. This is the most crucial part as many candidates going for the Delhi Bar Council registration often make mistakes here.You need to get these declaration formats filled by 2 advocates who are enrolled with the Delhi Bar Council and have practiced for minimum 10 years.

Sometimes I have seen applicants being asked to get these declarations signed all over again because an advocate who signed the document was not an advocate enrolled in the Delhi State Bar Council.

What is important for you is to get two things: The Enrolment Number of the Advocate and the Date on which the Advocate enrolled in the Bar. One of these advocates will also then sign on your photograph which is to be affixed on the second page.

The signature has to be partially on the photograph and partially on the paper. Also ask the advocate to sign on the back side of the other three photographs.

Please do carry a fevi stick with you for affixing your photos. After filling the forms, you will have to arrange your documents in the order which is specified on the last page of the form.

The order is:

1. Your Provisional Degree/ Copy of your degree

2. Your Mark Sheet in the College (For those candidates who do not have their degrees yet)

3. Statement of Marks in your Class Xth and XIIth (2 Copies each)

4. Proof of Residence

5. Affidavit depicting Intended Place of Practice

6. Photographs to be kept in an envelope 

delhi bar council registration payment

3. Making Payment for the Delhi Bar Council Registration:

Although the Forms may prescribe making a Demand Draft but the easiest way to do is to make payment in cash at the IDBI Bank Branch itself. This is speedier and much more effective, given the time constraints that most of you will be operating under.

Now there are two schemes for the Delhi Bar Council registration. The Normal Scheme under which the Committee will sit once in 15 days (or even more depending upon their availability) and then screen your application, conduct an interview and then award you the certificate.

Or the Tatkal Scheme (also called scheme under circulation) under which you will be given the file, and will be asked to run around (often accompanied by a clerk from the DBC) in which case, you are required to individually get all the signatures done from the Members of the Enrollment Committee.

The cumulative payment comes out to around Rupees 12, 800 for the entire process for which you will get a separate challan for paying the registration amount of the form for enrolment which you have to deposit in the bank.

 The cumulative cost is 700+ 250 + 8000 + 3000 = 11,950 (exclusive of the cost of form). You will get separate bank challans in triplicates and are required to make payment at the IDBI after duly filling them.

Once you get the receipt, you are then required to submit it at the counter, where all your documents will be verified. At this stage it is very important for you to carry all the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS of the copies which you are annexing.

Once every document has been reviewed, and found to be in complete order, you will be asked to run to the next step, and your file will be handed over to you.

delhi bar council registration running around

4. Running Around and Getting your Intimation Letter:

This is perhaps the most crucial phase. You will be asked to get authorization signatures on your file by the members of the Enrolment Committee.

I am not sure whether their names and addresses are to be divulged on public forum, but you will get all the necessary information at the Bar Council Office.

The best bet is to start off early in the morning where you submit all your forms and then run over to the court complex or chambers of these members who would then endorse your application.

You have to come back to the office before it closes at 5:30 PM so that your intimation letter could be prepared by the next day.

Once you have done so, your job is complete and you can now ask them to give you an intimation letter which will bear your enrolment ID.

This enrolment ID and the Intimation Letter (which is awarded in lieu of your Certificate of Enrolment) is very important for the purposes of AIBE, which you are supposed to scan and upload during the AIBE Registration process.

Once you have your intimation letter, or if you are lucky, your certificates, then you are officially registered as an Advocate on the Records of the Bar Council of Delhi.

Before taking possession of your intimation letter, please see if the date of enrolment, your enrolment ID, your name and every single detail including the signatures of the Chairperson are in perfect order, or you will have to waste another day running around and getting it amended.

Important Pointers for the Delhi Bar Council Registration:

1. You can enroll at anytime, before or after the registration for the AIBE is completed on 25th June. However, it is advisable to go under the Tatkal Scheme as you will be in possession of your file, and considering there are high chances of the date of examination being shifted to a later date. (From past precedents).

2. If you are not enrolling this year, please DO NOT purchase the form this year. Get a new form the next time you decide to enroll yourself. However my advice would be to get enrolled as it still counts in terms of your seniority in Bar.

3. PLEASE DO NOT make Circulation Payment even before you get your form. Please go step by step. First pay to get the form, then pay for the normal fees, and then tell the people that you want your file to be processed by Circulation (for which you will be asked to pay an additional sum of Rs. 3000).

4. It always helps to keep additional photographs.

Hope this write-up helped you with your Delhi Bar Council registration process. All the very best of luck fellow advocates and hope to see you in robes soon.

In case you have any questions on this, please leave a comment below. We’ll request Nipun to answer them for you!

Nipun Saxena is a graduate of the National Law University, Delhi.

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. I have recently completed LLB from berhampur university and as a original resident of odisha and a non-resident of Delhi how can i produce residence proof if I will apply in the Delhi bar council?

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  4. Did my LLB from Delhi University in 1980. Got registered myself with The Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana in October 1980 and became member of District Bar Council at Hisar (Haryana) and dis practice tile Early 1982 and in April 1982 joined in a Multinational Company. Now retired in June 2018. Want to get myself enrolled with Delhi Bar Council to do practice in Delhi as residing in Delhi from the last 16 years. Please advise procedure. Mobile No 9810849559




  6. Hey..i have completed B.A.LL.B in june 2017.. I am doing MA right now..and preparing for judicial services as well.. Is it required to enroll myself at BCI.. Though I have no plans to go into litigation.. Kindly reply..thanks..

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  8. Nipun ji, I Par deep Kumar did llb 3yearcourse in 1985.and got bank job in 1983 now I got retired in August 2017. Now I want to become Delhi Bar Council member ,whether I can or not. Please guide me. I will be highly obliged.

  9. Hi Nipun,
    I am not from Delhi but intend to practice in Delhi so what will constitute my proof of residence?
    Kindly answer soon!
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Nipun,

    I had cleared my LLB in 2010 and gainfully employed up to 2011. 2011-2012 I was preparing for MBA and doing caching classes. Please advise what document/declaration to be given that I have stopped coaching from December 2016 as there is a gap of completion of LLB and enrolment i.e. LLB completed in 2010 and now in January 2017 I am going to register with Bar council of Delhi

  11. Dear Nipun,
    I passed LLB after 2010 so I must clear AIBE, but I’m presently employed in HR department of a private company in Delhi. I will quit my job only if I secure a permission to practice. Hence, am I eligible to enrol in the Bar while being employed presently?

  12. Hi,
    How much time does it take to get the enrollment number or identity card. I am asking this because i am appearing in IBPS Law officer law and the last date of applying online is 2nd december 2016. The one important criteria for applying is that i must be enrolled in Bar council of india. If i apply by 15th of this month, can i get my enrollment id before expiry of date of applying online for the examination i.e before 2nd december. Because i am not able to get it i will not be eligible to appear in the examination.

    Kindly reply. Its really important and urgent.

  13. Hi,
    I am retired from Delhi University as a Professor. I have done my LLB in 1976 and now would like to register myself with Delhi Bar Council.
    I have gone thru the Pre Requisites however can someone please advise me if 1.5 years work experience is required? Also, from where can i get the passport pics click in Advocate Attire since I don’t have black coat and tie///

  14. Sir my friend wants to get enrolled but have 43. 5 % in BA
    N 53% in LLB

    Is it possible for him to get enrolled in delhi bar council .?

  15. I had been partner in few firms. Now either the firms are dissolved or I have surrendered my partnership privilege to continuing partners or I am a sleeping partner. Am I eligible for enrollment in Delhi bar Council

  16. i am llb pass out in 2009. can i enroll myself as advocate in delhi after this long time gap for enrollment.please suggest me.

  17. Hello sir
    Plzz confirm us as we got admission in Llb in 2012 at Agra university
    I HV 43% in graduation
    N now I completed my Llb frm der wid 55%
    Is any % fr d enrollment in Delhi in graduation

  18. Dear Mr. Nipun

    Is it enough with an affidavit swear the temprry address for residence proof? or do need any other to submit along with it in case of non residents?

    and I have completed my graduation past 5 months do I need to get affidavit for gap?

    and Do I need to fill the association membership form and id card application later or with the enrolment form itself?

    Please give me more detailed reply regards these and also if there any advocates or inperson assistance available for the purpose give the contact details too so that I can pay them.

  19. Dear Nipun,
    I have passed Llb from Andhra University in the year 1981 in evening regular college while I was working. Now that I have retired from service, I want to register myself in Delhi Bar Council.
    Now I want to know that what type of examination I have to write in All India Bar Examinations to get the eligibility for registration, what will be subjects for which examinations are conducted.


  20. I completed my llb 3 yr in 2015 I have all documents in original but I lost my 10th & 12th original mark sheets I have only these photo state

  21. Sir/madam,
    I completed my llb degree in September 2015. Now, I want to enroll in DBC. What is the minimum fees for registration. Means without circulation. Please tell me and also the procedure to enroll in Bar Council of India.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Deepak

      I have already mentioned the expenses that are to be incurred. The procedure to enroll for the BCI is simple. All you need is the attested copy of your enrollment Certificate/Letter in Lieu of the Certificate, attestation to be done by a Gazetted Class II Employee or above. Have them uploaded on the BCI Website

  22. Hi i have completed my llb in 2014 august and i have cleared all my subjects but dint done with enrollment in BCI. And also am interested to do MBA this year. So can i do enroll after mba or shall i do it now only. Plz suggest me for a good career. And regarding jobs too.

    • Yeah, they will check your credentials. Ask about you, interview you. Most of the times it is an empty formality. So you dont need to worry.

  23. can a person having been convicted in a case and whose appeal against such conviction is pending, enrol with the Bar council

    • This is something for which you would require a legal opinion. I suggest you show the papers to a competent advocate, and then take his opinion in the matter.

  24. Nipun,

    Are there any Delhi advocates who can assist candidates for enrollment into the Bar Council of Delhi? I believe under the rules and regulations of the Bar Council of India combined with the laws of India that I am duly qualified but there is some complexity involved. And I am not looking for free assistance. I am more than happy to pay for advocate services assuming there are advocates in Delhi who provide enrollment advice/representation.

    • Hey Ritika

      Yes you can register in Delhi, provided you have a temporary/permanent residence here in Delhi. A photo ID which could verify your location is a MUST. In absence thereof, you can always swear on a notarized affidavit, stating that you are a resident of such place in New Delhi.

  25. Hi,

    I am this year pass out and I got my mark sheet 3 days before. Now I have done my LLB from UP but as I am residing in Delhi, I want to enroll myself in Delhi Bar Council. Am I eligible?

    If I register myself in UP bar council, I am not able to mark my attendance daily there as I am living in Delhi. So what should I do? Do I have to apply my home state bar council or the place where I am residing now?

    Is attendance necessary after getting registered?

    • Dear Richa,

      So long as you are appearing in both States, the so called “attendance” is not really necessary. It is your choice at the end of the day, the State Bar Council that you wish to enroll in. Delhi, of course, has its obvious advvantages.

    • Dear Richa,

      So long as you are appearing in both States, the so called “attendance” is not really necessary. It is your choice at the end of the day, the State Bar Council that you wish to enroll in. Delhi, of course, has its obvious advantages.

  26. Dear Sir,
    I am a government servant. I have completed my LLB from Delhi university this year by taking permission from my Department. I want to get admitted as Advocate in Bar Council Delhi to become eligible for appearing for AIBE. Kindly advise my eligibility.

    • Mr. Birendra,
      If it is the legal sector of a firm, that you are wishing to get into. I think a declaration to that effect has to be filled in the form as well, What you can also do is to get yourself a Certificate or Declaration by the Department /Office certifying that it is under their instructions that you are pursuing the LLB and that they have No Objection should you wish to enroll as an advocate

  27. Dear Mr Nipun Saxena,

    • Hi Nipun, I have completed my LL.B. in 1973 from Law School , B H U . now am a self employed approved tourist guide based in Delhi. I have read the exhaustive information on how to register at Bar Council of Delhi India .

      Please 1 Does my long gap is any disadvante in my registration. 2 The exam of AIBE takes places how many times in a year & what is the process n pass marks for the exam.


      J K Sharma

    • hi
      i did law i 2010. i m working as teacher i govt. deptt. in delhi. can i get registered in bar coucil… or can do practice with our friend on part time …please suggest me ..whatever possible ways …

  28. I have my registration from delhi but currently I am practising in u.p. can I practice while mentioning my delhi enrollment no in vakalatnamas.

  29. Can ny 1 tell m …if i want to suspend my delhi state bar council licence …wt vl b d procedure to do that n in how many dats it takes . Thanking uh

  30. Can you suggest me the language of affidavit for gap in educational gap. and if the gap is in parts means 2 years gap and then again continued education for 3 years and then another gap of three years.

    Please suggest the language.

  31. Hi,

    I am final student of L LB. and I want to know about the process of Advocate registration procedure and also let me know I have to face any exam at the time of procedure if yes then please help me to find the exam material or provide me any reference of exam material.


  32. Hi,
    I am an outstation student and wanted to know as to what all documents can be used as proof of residence.
    I completed my law in June so my college Id is also cancelled now. Can the police verification be used as an address proof?
    Currently I am staying in a rented flat in Delhi. Tried calling the BCD office but they are not taking the call, as usual.
    Please Help

    • I think you ar dialling wrong number.A i called so many time and everytime my call has been attended.
      Please contact atulji as he is the right person to contact.
      You can get number from google.

  33. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the information. I want to get myself enrolled in the delhi bar council. But I am working in a company from past 1 year. I graduated in 2013. Now i am taking study leave to pursue LL.M. I wanted to know whether I can get myself enrolled in the bar council while working in company/ or pursuing LL.M. Is there a possibility I can apply for the same and as well as apply for suspension. Please help

  34. Hi,
    Thanks for such detailed information. It really (realllllllly) helps.
    I have a question though. On page 8 of this year’s form, under “instruction to applicants”, point 3, it says:

    “Original Degree in Law and other certificates will be returned after verification if true attested copies are furnished by the applicant. A Certificate of a University of having passed the LL.B. Exxamination shall be duly signed and sealed. Originals will be returned to the Advocate in person.”

    I have got my provisional degree and I know you said that they will retain it in original. Can I get a separate certificate from the College stating that I have passed my examinations and ask the officials to retain this certificate and not my provisional degree?

    • Hey Hiral

      Yes you can do that. There is no set format of a provisional degree. However, you can also ask your College to get 2 copies made, though I don’t see how your provisional degree will be required anywhere else.

  35. Outstanding crisp piece, thank you Nipun and Lawctopus! This is a huge help to so many of us who were clueless

  36. Hi,
    I got placed through college in a bank. The job is in Mumbai and my hometown is in Delhi. I have decided to take up the job. Can I still get enrolled with the Delhi Bar Council or is there a rule which prohibits a law graduate to enroll if he/she is working with a corporate? If I can get enrolled, can I also take the AIBE-7 even if I am not practicing?

    Please do let me know. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Siddharth. Unfortunately the Bar Council Delhi rules mandate you to give a declaration to the effect whether you are already employed or have previously worked with any enterprise which qualifies as an occupation, trade, business or profession. Ideally one is expected to furnish few declarations giving the job details and the description. If it is in any way conflicting with the Ethical Standards prescribed for advocates, then the screening committee will take a call on whether to permit you to get enrolled or not. But an honest and candid declaration is a must. You can take the AIBE even if you do not wish to practice. Most of the law firms require their associates to clear the Bar Examination irrespective of whether they would actually go and enter their appearances in a court. Hope this helps

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