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Delegate Invitation for 6th Government Law College International Law Summit [Jan 30-Feb 1]

By: The Admin | January 8, 2015

It gives us great pleasure to present the 6th Government Law College International Law Summit, organized by the Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Government Law College, Mumbai.

Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL) has endeavoured for the past six years to promote the nuanced but important discipline of International Law among the students and legal fraternity alike through its flagship event called the “International Law Summit”.

The Summit is a three day event which comprises of interactive sessions, seminars, discussions, a Judgment Deliberation Competition and Treaty Appreciation Competition.

This year, the Summit is being held with the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO) as its “Supporting Organisation”; ensuing interaction of attendees of the Summit with the representatives of the WTO via Web conference.

The Summit is scheduled to to be held from 30th January to 1st February, 2015 SPIL will be hosting the “6th Government Law College International Law Summit” on the topic of “International Economic Law and Policy”.

International Economic Law and Policy deals with achieving development goals through trade, investment and economic legal policies, and striking a balance between liberalization and capitalism on one hand, and sustainable development on the other.

Hence it becomes important to harmonize strategies between developed and developing countries, to combat issues like unemployment, inflation, environmental degradation etc. while ensuring that the world economy moves forward. SPIL Mumbai aims to engage in this discourse and deliberate on various topics under the ambit of the complex weave of International Economic Law.

The International Law Summit provides a great platform for students to widen their horizons and also provides an opportunity to interact and socialize with our esteemed guests and students from all over the country and the world as the Summit has enjoyed participation from law colleges spanning across India, SAARC countries and colleges from the West.

SPIL therefore would like your college to participate in the Summit and grace the occasion in capacity of Delegates.

Those who would like to participate in the 6th Government Law College International Law Summit, 2014 in capacity of Delegates, please intimate us by way of email at [email protected] 

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