Dear VCs/Deans/Professors/Marketing Heads/Registrars, Please Do Check Out Prospect.Us: Helping Law Colleges Highlight the Good

The problem:

Dear VC/Dean/Registrar/Marketing Head/Faculty,

As an educator/administrator, your college does many excellent things, and many a time, very little of it actually comes to public attention.

While the bad is highlighted thanks to social media (which is fantastic), the good remains a tiny pdf file embedded somewhere on your website (which terrible).

This results in your efforts not being recognized or even heard by those who matter (parents, law school aspirants, law firm partners, academia, etc.).

The bigger repercussion is that institutions don’t grow as fast as they can.

The solution

We are here to change this!

Last year 15 lakh people visited Lawctopus, generating 1.2 crore page-views.

We are honored to be the go-to site for law students, young lawyers and faculty members across the country. Even senior lawyers and law firm partners visit the site regularly (to check what an intern has written) or to see what’s new in the law school community.

Lawctopus’ reach can help you!

Critics will call this media management or content marketing, but our proposition is far valuable than these gimmicks.

We call this Prospect.Us

Through Prospect.Us Lawctopus is trying to help law colleges highlight the good they do.

Imagine owning an online magazine which reaches out to 15 lakh people (not any Tom, Dick and Harry but people who matter to you).

That’s Prospect.Us!

Here’s what you get:

1. Access to publish blog posts (text, images, video) on the Lawctopus platform which reaches to 2 lakh readers/month and has 30,000 people subscribed to its daily newsletter.

2. The Lawctopus dashboard with powerful SEO (search engine optimization) and tagging functionality to publish posts that are discovered easily by Google and the people who matter

3. Consultancy by our management team.

Here’s an example: Your college conducted a conference with excellent speakers. Instead of one ‘call for papers’ post on Lawctopus and 4-5 images on your college website, how about:

a. Publishing a report which summarises the key findings/inputs of the conference? (Hint: A law firm might want to engage your college on a related topic).

b. Interviewing the prominent people who attended the conference (video/text based)? (Hint: Law aspirants and their parents might be attracted by the quality of the people and discussions).

c. Or even publishing all the research papers online (authors’ permission permitting)? (Hint: You’ll revolutionize legal research!)

This is just one such instance on how Lawctopus can help you.

We understand that you’d require more details.


Should you be interested and have a budget in the vicinity of a minimum of INR 50,000/month and in case you believe that reputations are built not by one major incident, but brick by brick, and are willing to spend the requisite time and effort for that, please email at


We publish opportunities and events conducted by law schools (like moots, conferences, courses, essay competitions, etc.) FREE OF COST.  Prospect.Us is not about this, but about highlighting the newsworthy stories of your college.

Prospect.Us works at an arm’s length relationship with the Lawctopus website which retains full editorial independence. Your college being a client of Prospect.Us doesn’t change how Lawctopus covers your college. 

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