Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is developing a curriculum framework for introducing/designing ‘Law, Poverty & Development Courses’ in law schools across the country.

In this regard, the Centre invites papers on the topic “Designing a Law, Poverty & Development Course” from those having practical knowledge and experience of such courses. The papers may address the following questions and more:

  • What is the purpose and objective of a Law, Poverty & Development Course?
  • What is the ideal framework for the curriculum of a Law, Poverty & Development Course? (relevance and application, theoretical and practical course content, appropriate time for teaching the course, literature, etc.)
  • What pedagogical methods and techniques must be employed so that the course can meet its objectives effectively and evolve?
  • What are the learnings, criticisms and best practices of existing courses?

The submissions should be of 1500 words maximum. The best entries will be invited to participate in designing the curriculum.

Please send in your entries at lpd.csj@gmail.com latest by 25th August 2013 (11:00 p.m.).

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