Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad’s National Meet for Social Justice Lawyers [9-11 Dec, New Delhi]: REGISTRATIONS CLOSED


9th – 11th December, 2016


Vishva Yuva Kendra, New Delhi


Law is instrumental to social change. However, it is social justice lawyers who push for any envisioned change to become a reality. Building their capacity needs more than a bland sharing of case law, judgments and other legal resources.

It requires regular perspective-building exercises and a space where lawyers from across the country can share their experiences. This is why Centre for Social Justice is organising a national level meet to bring together young lawyers who fight to protect rights of the vulnerable and marginalised, on the ground, everyday.

With this event, we aim to create and provide a platform to young lawyers to engage with practitioners from the field and learn from their experiences, to achieve the following:

• Locating the work at the grassroots on access to justice within the larger human rights discourse.

• Creating a sense of solidarity amongst lawyers working at the grassroots

• Providing cross learning opportunities over thematic areas like: debate on the Death Penalty & Uniform Civil Code; Intellectual Property Rights; Rights of Religious & Sexual Minorities; Rights of various other Vulnerable Groups.

• Interaction with role models & learning from their experiences.

• Celebrating the struggles & victories of social justice lawyers in our country.

Participants will also engage in a parallel process to understand pastoral communities.

Live Lightly: Journeys with Pastoralists, a curated exhibition of the life and livelihood of pastoralists in India has been conceived and designed and will take place at the IGNCA simultaneously.

We have integrated inputs from a range of stakeholders so that participants can enable a meaningful discussion & understanding of the relevance of these communities today.

Registrations are now closed.
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