Corporate Law Alliance’s 1st National Corporate Conference on Consumer Issues in India [April 16, Lucknow]: Registration Open

Corporate Law Alliance’s 1st National Corporate Conference on Consumer Issues in India: Problems & Perspectives


16th April, 2016


250, Hari Nagar, Post Office – Narayan Nagar, Faizabad Road, Lucknow

About 1st National Corporate Conference on Consumer Issues

The firm honestly feels that the time has come to shift from traditional approach of holding such events and also that real objectives behind such gathering of intellectuals should be accomplished in a proper sense.

With the changing pace of time, there has been a need to shift from the active formats of organizing conferences as they have been left less interesting, challenging and interactive.

Corporate Law Alliance team has thoroughly identified the limitations of such events and there has formulated an improved format of holding conferences to overcome limitations and challenges being faced by most of organizers in India.

The firm has created this format of conference to increase involvement of the participants, cut down the requirements of extensive resource based research and to promote innovation with critical thought in the young community of students/advisors and professionals.

The format is also designed to put the participants to a greater opportunity to interact, immense exposure to corporate practices and to pull intellectual thought to societal problems.


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Registration Fee

Rs 1200/-

Registration Procedure

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The research and analysis team at Corporate Law Alliance will demonstrate the critical issues in consumer protection which are by and large related to the theme: Consumer Issues in India: Problems & Perspectives with the help of pamphlets/ documentaries/ presentations/ case studies and will highlight the corporate policies & strategies that correspond to the problems thus highlighted.


The participants will be provided an opportunity, in pursuance thereof, to present their opinions/ ideas/ thoughts and observations on the issues highlighted according to the procedure followed by research and analysis team.

The participants making presentation of their ideas will be adjudged by a panel of moderators presiding over the event and the best of the opinions may be provided an opportunity to publish their understanding as a concept paper/ working paper/ research article with Corporate Law Alliance.


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