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Conficiendis Legislativa: 2nd National Legislative Drafting Competition, 2013

Registration form is here.

Rules are here.

SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai, is pleased to organize‘ Conficiendis Legislativa’, Second National Legislative Drafting Competition, 2013.

Participants are expected to draft a bill on the given topic. The format of the bill shall be the same as that of an existing piece of draft legislation in India.

This competition aims to achieve the following objects:

1)      Enable law students to learn how a bill is drafted.

2)      To force the students to think what social, economic and political challenges have to be fought with.

The Second edition of this competition addresses the issue of the mobile phone towers crowding the city’s skyline which make the surroundings potentially hazardous. Participants are expected to draft a bill to REGULATE MOBILE TOWERS.


The deadlines for the competition are as follows:

  •             Registration: 31st January, 2013
  •             Soft Copy: 25th February, 2013
  •             Hard Copy: 2nd March, 2013
  •             Results: 5th April, 2013

Prize money

  • Best Entry- Rs.10, 000
  • Second Best Entry- Rs.7, 000
  • Third Best Entry- Rs.5, 000
  • All participants shall be entitled to a participation certificate.

For further information please visit www.mcspgcl.blogspot.com

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