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Call for Abstracts: Confero, Debate Competition on Elections @ Delhi University [April 9]: Submit by March 31

By: Aprajita Karki | March 22, 2019

The Debates and Discussions Society of Campus Law Centre aims at fostering enlightened minds through appreciation of timeless ideas and values, and open-minded dialogue on contemporary issues with the combined initiatives of the teachers and the students at the CLC.

In furtherance of its objective, the society organises an annual debating event “Confero” wherein students from across DELHI, NCR are invited to participate in order to present their views and engage in a brainstorming discussion.

The Debates and Discussion Society(DDS) of Campus Law Centre, DU is organising the Annual Debating event, the CONFERO, on the 9th of April 2019 on the topic “SIMULTANEOUS ELECTIONS –a boon for electoral process in India”.

This debate exemplifies the constant endeavour of the nearly century-old institution to provide a platform for diverse views on the contemporary reforms required in the electoral process, the legal issues lingering behind it, helping to unravel the boons and banes.

Call for Abstracts

Students are required to submit 300-500 words abstract.

They can decide to take a position either For the Motion or Against the Motion. The abstract should clearly indicate the side chosen by the participant and reflect a view consistent with it.

Submit your abstracts at this registration form.

Deadline: The date of submission of the abstract shall be from 18th March (5 pm) to 31st March 2019 (till 11:59 pm).

Payment: The selected teams need to deposit Rs 500 as registration fee through Paytm which will be handled by YASH VIKRAM SINGH (9643751619).

Date: 9th April 2019.

Venue: Seminar Hall, CLC, Delhi University, New Delhi.

Motion Statement: Simultaneous Elections: A Boon for Electoral Process in India.

Note: A maximum of two students can participate from one College/Institution.

Last date to Apply: 31st March 2019.

  • Dr.Rohit Moonka, Assistant Professor, Faculty Convenor,Debate and Discussions Society (+919723894853).
  • Maniratnam Bhati, Student Convenor, Debate and Discussions Society (+919460901658).
  • Vijay Pujari, Executive Member, Debate and Discussions Society (+917981778079).

E-mail: conferodds[at]gmail.com.

For guidelines for Confero, click here.

Delhi University Confero Debate

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