Internship @ Competition Commission of India, New Delhi: Get a Master Class in Competition Law; Get Paid Rs. 10,000

Your Name, College, Year of Study

Ramesh Kumar Maali, RMLNLU, Lucknow (5th year)

Name of Organisation, Location (city). Team Strength

The Competition Commission of India, New Delhi

Application Process 

Interested students may apply in the prescribed format. Application must contain recommendation of competent authority from the academic institution.

Applicants to the Competition Commission of India internship are required to submit a synopsis on competition issues for study during the internship in 1000 words along with their applications.

Synopsis should broadly cover a brief introduction of the topic, objectives of the study, methodology to be employed and Bibliography.

Application should be made 3 months in advance, clearly mentioning the month for which the internship is to be considered.

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Duration of internship and timings

December 2013, 10AM – 5PM.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day Joint Director of Capacity Building division gave an orientation on Competition Act and on working of CCI in brief. He would then asked about interns subject of research project; like why did I choose the topic inter alia.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, JD was the first person with whom we interacted, he was expert of the law and asked us certain questions and then told us the nitty-gritties.

He needs crisp, concrete and direct answer to a question. When he asked me questions on my topic ‘Oligopolistic Markets in Indian and Abuse of Collective Dominance’ was not able to satisfy him even on a single question. He would give you complex on understanding of law. Though, he was impressed by my synopsis which I had submitted with my application.

Remember, in the CCI you would face best brains of India on Competition Law. Don’t even try to bluff them on anything related to Competition Law.

On the first day of the CCI internship we are introduced with our mentor supervisor. My supervisor was Dr. KD Singh, Deputy Director (Law) at Anti-Trust Division of the Commission. He is again expert on Anti-trust law and economics of the Competition Law, a dynamic and friendly mentor. I discussed my topic with him.

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Main tasks

The main task during the Competition Commission of India internship is to work on your research topic. You need to understand that this internship is for capacity building and contributing in development of Competition Law in India. They will remind you this again and again.

In the first week, we are required to visit every division for introduction on functioning of the Commission. Every division head discuss any ongoing matter and significance of the division to decide the matter. Some of them taught us some topics of law, implication and lacunae of CCI and Competition Act.

One of the division head was not in mood to give lecture. He was an IAS officer from Sports Ministry. He told us about how he arranged trips of Japan for swimming team of India. He then ordered ‘chole bhature’ for us.

We need to keep discussing on our research project with our mentors. They give input and feedback on your work. The CCI has every good and comprehensive library. Books are issued for you research. We have to submit our project and ppt presentation on the 21st day of the Internship.

On the last I gave presentation to the officers and Chairperson of the CCI. It was a very good experience as they grilled me a lot.

Work environment and people

There is no work you have to do. All you have research on your topic in library or at the research station allotted to you. We were allotted seats with research experts of CCI. They were very helpful and friendly.

People at the Competition Commission of India are awesome. They are friendly, intelligent, very good teachers and mentors. My mentor taught me Competition Law in the manner a teacher in classroom would not teach you. Teaching theory and co-relating it with ongoing case is fun learning.

Best things

The best thing of the Competition Commission of India internship was again its expert professionals.

Bad things

You feel bored if you are not doing anything else along with working on your project. They don’t give ongoing case study. May be due to confidentiality concerns.


Ten Thousand rupees only! 😛

Biggest Lessons

If you want to learn Competition Law, go intern there!! I believe no one can teach you in the better manner than CCI personals. This internship made me crazy about Competition Law. You will know how a law can change a course of business in a country.

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