Colloquium on Uberisation of the World @ NAALAM 2019, NUALS, Kochi [Feb 16]: Registrations Open

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies , Kochi in association with South Asia Students for Liberty invites you for our Colloquium to be conducted as a part of our annual literary, cultural and sports fest – NAALAM 2019 on the 16th of February 2019.

How often have you watched a debate and felt, ‘both sides have some valid points if only they stopped trying to prove each other wrong and tried to listen’. The nature of a debate is competitive and oppositional with both sides trying to prove each other wrong.

The Colloquium is a collaborative, cooperative dialogue in which multiple sides work toward a shared understanding. Dialogue assumes that many people have pieces of answers and that cooperation can lead to a greater understanding. It creates an open-minded attitude; an openness to being wrong and an openness to change while respecting other participants.


Uber has been at the forefront of a revolution that is connecting willing parties to transact at far lower costs than the pre-Uber era. The quality of an Uber-ride, the size of Amazon’s marketplace and the consistently good hotel service by OYO deserves more than appreciation. It deserves a pause and a thought towards the revolution that is the Uber-economy.

In this South Asia Students for Liberty colloquium brought to you by NAALAM 2019 we shall explore the institutions that have allowed the Uberization of the World by exploring the thoughts of thinkers like Joseph Schumpeter, James Buchannan, Frederic Bastiat, and Israel Kirzner.

The colloquium on this topic will raise questions like: Who is an entrepreneur? What are the institutions that support entrepreneurship? What explains the widespread political backlash to Uber? What is the worth of the middlemen in a transaction? Is price gouging immoral? and more!

On a unique note, this colloquium will be held as a part of Just A Minute (JAM) competition.

No prior knowledge or preparation is required for participation. An impromptu round will be held following which the colloquium begins. Discussions and dialogue will be based on ‘readers’ circulated prior to the commencement of the event. Detailed instructions will be provided regarding rules of the competition subsequently.

There are exciting cash prizes worth 6K and other goodies awaiting the winners.

Kindly register for the event here after which you will receive the payment link.

The registration fee for JAM is 150 rupees.


Kindly reach out to us in case of any queries.

Naveen Kumar: 9742576738
Padmavathi Prasad: 7397 464 828

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