College Managers from NLSIU, AIL Mohali, RGNUL and DSNLU Share Their New Year Wishes

New Year is synonymous to new resolutions, wishlists and promises to oneself (Got to work harder, got to get better results, got to make out time.. and the list goes on). Our talented Campus Managers from across the country share their inhibitions, dreams and wishes with the readers:

1. Annie Jain, NLSIU Bangalore

“I probably shouldn’t be making any new resolutions this year, mainly because I’m still working on the ones from last year.”

This new year I wish to make my life BIG!! I want to meet people, interact with them, get to know them. I wish to break the monotony of my life. I want to explore!!

This New Year I wish to travel the road less traveled.

I wish to study as sincerely I can; I have had my faults in the way I worked. I want to improve upon all of them. I want to be less concerned about the small things that concern me and be a positive-minded one from now on and just take life as it comes.

I wish to enjoy my college life maintain an equilibrium of fun and studies and extra-curriculars.  I wish to spend less time thinking about how my life will be and start working towards how I want my life to be.

In the end I will make sure, I devote much more time for my near and dear ones who have always been courteous enough to accept me the way I am. Finally, this new year I resolve to make better decisions.

2. Raviena Bedi, AIL Mohali

What I really wish for this year is to balance my academic and personal life so that neither of them gets ignored.

Also, I hope that the whole year becomes a little more hectic for me, in a good way, so that I get to learn new things and no time is wasted.

In between all of this, I wish I get opportunity to travel to new places as I love travelling.

3. Nilesh Bijlani, RGNUL Patiala

 I made my last New Year Wish when I was wee too little to even understand what it means, when my mother would tell me how wishes could come true and I would wish for Superman’s power, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Magic Pencil and what not.

Soon after I realised what a wish means, I never exactly ‘wished’ for the successive New Years.

I’ll give it a try this time, I wish that throughout 2k14, my hostel room stays clean and my laundry get washed on time(Never happened in the entire semester). Yeah, that’s about all I wish for, at present.

4. Narmdeshwar Singh, DSNLU Vishakhapatnam

This year I have lot of plans but little bit professional i.e. right from seminar, publication to moot courts. Now the time has come for me to start with big things such as International moot courts, internship at big places, getting published in best journals.

I am thankful to NLSIR Symposium from where I gained lot of inspiration in just two days. As a first year student I did many paper presentation but it was not sufficient so had to plan big things and execute these plans in proper way. Hope every thing goes in my favour.


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