Internship Experience @ Coca Cola, Bangaluru: Research on Competition Law, Environment Law & Labour Law


Name, College , Year of Study

Pallavi Patro, KIIT School of Law, 4th Year

Name of the organization. City

Coca Cola, Bangaluru

Duration of the internship

Four weeks. June 2017

How big was the office? Team strength?

The office is situated at, Kodigehali, Bellary Road on the 7th , 8th , 9th floor of the Building Brigade Magum and  is absolutely magnificent.

It is a huge building, one of the biggest corporate towers in Bengaluru city. The ambiance of the office is a beauty.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I applied from my college and they take hardly 1 or 2 intern in a month.

They have small legal team, I received my confirmation letter from college within 2 weeks .

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

Six days a week. Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. In my first day of internship I had to report according to my reporting time usually its a corporate office you can come at around 10:00, Saturdays are lighter and Sundays is a off.

They generally do not call interns on weekdays unless some due diligence exercise mandates it or it is extremely urgent.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at a service apartment, which was quite cheap, I was been provided breakfast and dinner. And it was in a distance of 15 mins from the office located Near elements mall.

I use to take a Ola share or uber pool which hardly cost me around 50 Rs to reach till office.

You can also contact the owner of the apartment its the ICICI Building Thanisandra in case you want to stay in service apartment. Girls should be careful at night as it’s not so safe to roam around late in here.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

I was absolutely amazed with the ambiance of Cococola office, it’s a grand mansion with awe corporate feeling. There are several office within the same building: ABB is one of them.

Everyone within the office are well dressed and very friendly. First day I was asked to make a pass in the 9th floor, I was welcome by one of the co-employee of Swati Mam since she was little late to the office.

Let me tell you she is a sweet lady with proper corporate attitude do complete your given task on time. She assigned me few case file updating data base in the first day itself and took me for a office tour.

The most of the issue you deal in Cocacola was the law relating to competition, environment, contracts, labour and other compliance depending upon the pending cases in court.

I suggest the intern to carry your own data card because I had to face the internet issues most of the time since you need to enroll for your user Id and password everyday and there had always been issue with the internet there, And most importantly please do carry your own laptops everyday .

I was provided with my own cubical, a phone extension attached to it in case you had to contact any of the co–employee. later on I was introduced with Prabhakaran Sir who was a senior to Swati mam. Since it was a company they were all the in-house counsel.

The legal team is small team in Cococola, Bangaluru as compare to the Gurgaon office. Most of their meetings takes place Via skype with the Gurgaon office team .

Main tasks

Initially in the first two weeks you will be asked to update the compliance like and other checklist.

I was asked to help and assist Swati ma’am. You will be asked to research on various propositions and due diligence.

You may be asked to write an article on various issues which in furtherance can be turned to a research paper also.

Office timings are pretty chilled since the rain pour a lot in evening you might be asked to leave early but similarly vis –a –via if there is some task and you are required to be present you might be asked to stay till 7:00 which is in rarest of cases.

You might need to ask for work at times since Swati ma’am and Prabhakaran sir might be busy but at the same time enjoy free beverages and please do spend your time chilling in the canteen of Coca cola when your free from work.

Work environment, people

Its obviously one of the best internship experience starting from the work life they maintain till the perks you receive while working with coke.

In case you are not comfortable with any thing or you have any issues do not hesitate speaking to Swati ma’am since she will care of everything.

I suggest do maintain a professional relationship with the employees. Learn to say no if something bother’s you.

Rest I can absolutely say it was a great experience working with coke, the employee’s are generous and friendly, you will be treated like other employee but not as an intern.

Best things

Everything about coke is good may it be the people you work with, the ambiance you work in and the food and free beverages you take home. Just enjoy your stay in Bengaluru, learn as much as you can.

Bad things

There is nothing as called bad when you work with coke, yes at times you need to go ask for some work and secondly the internet might be an issue because lot of the time your work space get reduced.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

As I told you earlier there is a canteen inside the office itself, which is really worth trying, and you can also work in the canteen, which gives you an amazing view. There are lot of resting area inside the office were you can sit and have free Gorgea brewed coffee.

Stipend/ month

No stipend for legal interns.

Biggest lessons

I was working alone since I had no co-interns, you will learn to travel alone in a city, learn new things apart from working. Meet new people not only from law field but also the marketing a finance department people.

They maintain a standard where everybody is looked as an employee no work is big or small no employee stands in higher position or lower in hierarchy.

I made friendship with people who were not of my age and had munchies with oldies and learned lot of things about life. Apart from what I inculcated from my work life.

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