Internship Experience @ Clonect Solutions, Bangalore: Work on Compliance Related Matters, Stipend of Rs. 6000



Name of the Company

Clonect Solutions – #75, 3rd Cross, 17th Main, Near Kendriya Sadan 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka 560034 India

About the Company

Clonect, started in January 2014, by two former Infosys employees, Balaji Rao and Shailesh Agarwal stands for ‘Cloud Connect’, which describes the core focus of the company’s operations.

It is a dynamic IT solutions company focusing on niche products in the area of Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management (GRC) and software services.

The Company is creating a technology platform which can enable stakeholders like senior management, board, shareholders, regulators etc., unlike other ERPs which primarily focus on serving the customers, vendor and employees, to address non-compliance, governance and risk management areas.

The website information can be accessed HERE.

Application Procedure, Application Details

The application procedure is very swift and simple. You can either send a mail attaching your CV to Ms. Rekha who is in charge of HR at or you can send a mail to

Clonect is very prompt in their response to applications for internship and hence you may expect a reply within a week. I got reply on the same day.

Upon confirmation of internship and on joining the office, an internship offer letter containing the terms and conditions of the internship is given to the intern and is to be signed by him.

The internship period can be extended as per the requirement of the firm or as per the interest of the intern.

Office, Team Strength

The office is spread across 2 houses adjacent to each other. The team strength is almost 40 with 3 Directors.

The office is small but is neat and simple and is located on the ground floor. There is one library, a conference room and a pantry from where you can have tea or coffee.

It is a really efficient categorization of work they have in the office and they have the following departments: Pilots and Implementation, Legal Analyst Team, Business Analysts Team, Product Team, Human Resource, Administration, Sales and Marketing.

Interns usually get plenty of space to work from their own desk. Sometimes you might have to share a desk if there’s a space crunch but they usually have not more than 4-5 interns.

They have a well-stocked library which is equipped with good books and is regularly updated. Interns can access Manupatra from their desk making work a whole lot easier.

Directions: You can either take a shared auto which costs about 30 rupees, from Forum Mall to the St. Johns Hospital and walk straight for 10 min till Ayyappa temple, or, you can walk straight from Forum wall to Ayyappa temple which is about 3 kms.(takes about 30-35 min)

The office is opposite to the temple. The office building has a signboard outside it so you’ll be able to spot it easily. The office is on the ground floor of the building.

Personally I walked throughout my internship.


Since the firm is placed in Koramangala, which is centrally located, I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to intern in Clonect to fix an accommodation close to Madiwala or Koramangala to make travelling easier.

There are a number of good PGs and hostels at reasonable rates in these areas. This would ensure that office is only a walk away from your accommodation and you do not have to be stuck in the terrible Bangalore traffic every day.

Duration and timings

4th January, 2016 – 1st February, 2016. They work 5 days a week leaving your weekends free to explore Bangalore or to catch up on sleep.

My internship was four-weeks long. Everyone is required to report officially at 9:00, and could leave at 6:00.

However, you can reach as late as 9:30 and leave at about 5:30, unless you have some important work. Personally I really liked working in the evening till 7:30 as the office gets quieter.

First impression, first day formalities

There were absolutely no formalities except a casual, cursory introduction. The intern and new team members were briefed about the firm and were given a fair idea of the objectives, tasks, etc.

A few days later, the interns were made to view a presentation about Clonect, the sort of work it does and its principles, etc.

You will be assigned a mentor and allotted work fairly quickly. This is one of those firms that actually has good work to offer to the interns.

Work environment

The work environment is professional, with a human touch to it. It had the right mixture of formality, informality, work and fun. Everyone is extremely helpful, jovial and encouraging.

The mentor is an amiable person who will guide you through legal concepts, policies and anything else as long as you seem interested to learn. I don’t remember ever feeling awkward or having second thoughts before approaching my mentor.

He would never stay on top of my head and make me work.

The firm believes in giving interns their space and hence, you can go out. You are not questioned when and where you go, if at all you need to go out. There were times when we watched videos, played loud music, used Facebook, played games on phones and slept off when we didn’t feel like working.

The Directors are the nicest people I’ve come across ever in my professional life. They are extremely accommodating and approachable and will make you feel comfortable and at ease right from the beginning.

The associates were friendly and since a few of them were fresh graduates we had a lot in common. They are very helpful people and if you are willing to learn, you should have no problem. It was the homely atmosphere that made me complete each task with excellence and interest.

Lunchtime, weekends

The office is a two-minutes walk from Total Mall so there are endless options to avail in order to chill after work. Besides, there are numerous little road-side shops right in front of the office where you can have lunch for Rs. 20 – 50.

The lunch hour is usually the time to socialize, though the friendly banter continues throughout the day.

The environment is very healthy, partially because Sir himself is pretty cool and partially because most of the members in the team are very young.

There are many places to eat near the office – Shanti Sagar being the hotspot! The place is also marked with other fun places to visit or shop. Also Fabindia is close by to the office.

The Work/ Main tasks

One of the first things I worked on was preparing compliance checklists applicable on several sectors such as manufacturing, real estate etc. This involves research and non-research works both on various legislative areas like labour and industrial laws.

Compliance work involves detailed study of applicable statutes, regulations to a particular industry/company and finding out the frequency of all these compliances and the consequences of non-compliance.

Procedure here is a simple example of compliance you might work on. Let’s say that a client –  Company X has approached Clonect for seeking a technology solution to comply with all applicable laws.

Clonect will do an exhaustive research for finding out what all laws are applicable to Company X. For example, the laws applicable to Company X include – The Companies Act, 2013, the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and many more.

So what Clonect requires intern to do is to prepare a compliance library on Microsoft Excel with all the parameters like frequency of compliance, procedure to comply and consequences of non-compliance.

Example: The Uttar Pradesh Industrial Establishments (National Holidays) Act, 1961 has a provision which states that an employer has to pay wages to an employee who works on a national holiday.

The Uttar Pradesh State Rules also contains a corresponding provision to that effect. This is known as compliance. In case of failure to comply with the same, the employer has to pay the employee twice the wages of that day. This is known as cost of non-compliance.

The intern has to prepare an excel sheet containing the details of the Act and the corresponding rules, in a particular format containing various parameters.

During the first two week, I prepared compliance library for various legislations. Subsequently, the nature of work kept getting better and interesting.

There’s a lot to be learnt from these exercises as you actually read every section of the Act along with the State rules which you would otherwise not read as a part of your law school curriculum.

The first few times you do a compliance work you will actually learn quite a few things by getting acquainted with all the Acts and Rules.

Compliance work makes you detail-oriented and helps develop the ability to review and analyze large data sets in short order.

Another thing I worked on was the latest regulation by capital market regulator SEBI, “SEBI (Prevention of Insider Trading), Regulations, 2015” which encourages better corporate governance in companies.

The task given to me was to read the Regulations and scrutinize whether the listed companies whose policies (Prevention of Insider Trading) are available in public domain, have met the minimum standards as prescribed by SEBI Regulations.

For this, I had to learn to use the National Stock Exchange website (which I never knew before) to download the policies for disclosures filed by the listed companies under the SEBI Regulations.

Compliance is a great entry point and has a lot of scope as the growing maze of laws, regulations, licensing and permits increases the need for compliance officers, who make sure companies and governing bodies stay in line with internal policies and regulatory requirements.

The work is always changing. New rules and regulations come on seemingly a daily basis, so the work stays fairly fresh.

The company policy for interns is easy-going and liberal. For someone willing to intern at a start-up for the first time, Clonect Solutions would be the perfect place to go simply because of the great work environment and excellent mentorship.

Internship Experience @ Clonect Solutions, Bangalore

The Best things

They value each voice, even if it comes from 20 years old. This made me feel like I was a part of the company family instead of a random intern.

A lot of employees are young, which allows for a certain rapport that you wouldn’t get in another internship. I love that I could talk to my colleagues about what happened on my favorite show, or that we listened to the same music.

It is not mandatory to wear formal clothes; the relatively young employees also wear denims to work.

They give you real responsibilities, and they nurture and mentor you instead of assigning you random tasks, creating a well-rounded learning experience.

They take interns very seriously and are very willing to spend time with you 1:1 to help you understand concepts or generally make sure you know what’s going on.

You don’t need to run around for your certificate. A reminder one day before you leave is sufficient.

Being given a desktop with a good configuration.

Constant motivation and inspiration and invaluable advice from mentors

Hard work is acknowledged and there really is a lot to learn.

The work was NEVER over burdening.


The certificate is printed on the firm’s letterhead and contains all the work one does there. A day before my last day, my mentor asked me to list out all the work I had done and after this, he included it in the certificate.

The certificate is then signed and stamped by one of the Directors signifying successful completion of internship.

Despite the fact that I had actually not worked too much (since I was a part-time intern), my certificate mentioned detail of every effort that I had put into.


Rs. 3,000 for part-time interns and Rs. 6,000 for full time interns.

Biggest Lessons

Interning at Clonect made me realize that interning at a start-up gives you more practical experience and allows you to see the inner workings of an entire company. Working at a startup probably means you’re part of a small team.

Being part of a small team means that you get to work with the key people on projects that directly impact users. As an intern for a large company, your exposure is often limited to the small portion that you’re working on directly.

With hundreds of interns and thousands of employees, there’s no way to effectively expose yourself to all aspects that the firm deals with. But in an early-stage startup, it’s almost impossible not to. You get real responsibilities!



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  1. Agreed with the work environment. It was awesome, especially the employees. They guided me and always kept me entertained. Never got bored. However the supervisor is not that good. Initially gave compliance related work then later gave only clerical work like scanning and splitting of the forms. Being a law student and doing this scanning and splitting, I won’t count it as work experience. Moreover, there was NO STIPEND AT ALL! The company knows that any how interns will come for internship, so why to give stipend when they will work for free! Even after several requests they didn’t give. For initial period of my internship I will give thumbs up but for later stage a big thumbs down.


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