Virtual Internship Experience Clifford Chance, London: Great work on Global Climate Change Crisis


Name of the intern

Mohammad Abid Siddiqui

Name of your college

Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL. B (Hons.) | 2nd Year

Name and address of the organisation

Clifford Chance LLP, Headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Duration of internship

From: 10/11/2021 Till: 17/11/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

The application procedure for the Clifford Chance Global Virtual Climate Change Internship is straightforward.

You only need to go to The Forage Group’s website – to apply for this internship.

There’s no selection process as well. Anyone can sign up on the Forage Group’s website and get started with this virtual internship experience.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I expected some type of formal orientation and lectures on the first day as I started as an intern, but there was none.

This internship was totally online, with no need to communicate with anybody.

It’s more accurately described as a “Short Term Virtual Working Experience.” Furthermore, there is no set deadline for completing the assigned job.

Main Tasks

This is a Virtual Climate Change Internship, so it’s basically centered around environmental problems and their effects on business that modern countries and company’s are facing today.

An intern’s work is to put himself into the client’s shoes and try helping them as to what relevant changes in the country’s legislation may impact their work.

There are three tasks to fulfill, to name a few.

You must review the legislation of some nations and prepare emails to clients informing them about forthcoming climate-related legislation in that country that may have an influence on their operations.

You are also entrusted with creating a PowerPoint presentation to explain existing or prospective laws.

Reading the legislation and imagining the client’s issue can greatly assist you in completing all of the tasks.

Work Environment

There is no work atmosphere because everything is done online. There are modules and videos of teachers guiding you through your work.

This internship is best suited for a first-year or second-year law student, because it takes relatively little time to complete.

A serious and determined intern might finish it in a single day. Furthermore, there is no need to search for materials and resources because everything is available on the platform.

Good Things

1. Easy work

2. Flexible timings

3. Easy to get this internship

4. Studying various countries’ legislations provides you with a broad understanding of other countries’ political systems

5. Awakens our mind about the climate crisis.

Bad Things

1. Less practical experience

2. Since the certificate that they provide is regulated by the company’s policy, it cannot be put up on your CV or LinkedIn profile in the “Internship”, or “Experience” section.

However, it can be put up in the “Licenses and Certifications” section.


No stipend

Details about accommodation and commute

It’s entirely online. So there’s no question of accommodation etc.

Anything else?

This is an excellent internship for someone who has never done an internship before. It’s simple, and in no time you will have an amazing internship certificate to proudly display on your social media platforms.


Certificate yet not received.

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