CLATapult’s Goodness for CLAT Aspirants

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CLATapult is a CLAT coaching start-up by students of NUJS, Kolkata. Currently, the classroom courses (here, here and here) are open only to law aspirants from Kolkata/West Bengal.

But you can surely benefit from articles on CLATapult’s website. Here are the best, select few:

  1. Law as a career option in India
  2. How to prepare smart for CLAT
  3. A section-by-section preparation strategy for CLAT
  4. Enjoying the journey towards CLAT
  5. An off-beat strategy: taking multiple breaks during those 2 hours of CLAT
  6. How to read for CLAT

CLATapult’s postal course (called Blue Book) and the test series (called Probe) will be launched in January.


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