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CLAT LLM preparations can be tricky. The buzz around the CLAT LLM is relatively much lesser versus the CLAT for the undergraduate courses which translate into less material and resources for a good preparation.

However, help is at hand (it’s right here, right now actually).

CLATapult, a CLAT coaching institute started in 2012 in Kolkata by NUJS graduates now has comprehensive coaching material for CLAT LLM 2018 preparations.

Before we try to sell-off the courses, let’s look at the overall structure of the examination.

Pattern of CLAT LLM 2019

The examination consists of 150 marks, which is divided into 2 parts, with the first part consisting of a 70-100 questions, with each question having four answers to choose from and one mark assigned to each question.

The first part consists of questions based on Indian Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence and from several legal disciplines including Law of Torts, Indian Contract Law, Indian Criminal Law (including the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure), International Law, Environmental Law, IPRs, and Human Rights.

The Second part consists of questions in the Subjective format, with priority being attached to Constitiutional Law, Jurisprudence and Criminal Law, as seen in the papers from 2008 to 2014 (when CLAT was subjective).

Questions in this part could be of 3 types: 50-mark based essays, 25-mark based long answers or 5-mark based short answers.

150 questions from various legal disciplines to be solved in the space of 2 hours.

Added to this is the fact that a wrongly selected option out of the four available will lead to a deduction of 0.25 marks.

See the official notification on the CLAT website here.

Why trust CLATapult with CLAT LLM Preparations?

Recreating the examination conditions to the most accurate extent possible is therefore significant, especially in terms of the pattern and quality of questions that can be asked in CLAT.

Also important is that the topics are selected carefully and explained in a proper way (not too much with needless information and not too little too).

In pursuance of the same, CLATapult has come up with a comprehensive study plan; consisting of 10 modules/books, 3 books consisting of questions and their subjective answers and a series of 35 mocks.

Each of these mock papers has been framed keeping in mind the subjects, past year paper patterns, quality and difficulty level.

Note: The last date to apply for CLAT is March 31 and the exam is scheduled on May 13.

Our courses for CLAT LLM 2019

1.  13 modules and 35 mock tests for CLAT LLM: Rs. 8500. Click here to register.

2.  35 mock tests for CLAT LLM: Rs. 5500. Click here to register.

Click here for a few sample questions that we have incorporated in our Course Content this year, after a change in the pattern to include subjective questions was announced recently by the CLAT body.


You can drop a mail at [email protected] if you have any queries.

FULL DISCLOSURE: CLATapult is a sister concern of Lawctopus.


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  1. For the new academic session, CLAT PG consortium has made a few changes to the CLAT PG 2020 exam pattern. This includes the inclusion of comprehension-based questions. I have seen many courses available online, but i found this one to be most comprehensive, with 13 modules and a assessment, updated as per new rules, and best assessments and questions that may be asked. This course prioritizes the most important topics and helps you in quick revision as well as time saving high quality preparation.

    Check out the course and signup here- CLAT PG 2020: Online Crash Course

    This course has been designed for students of competitive exams mind. The course comprises Smart Notes i.e., the processed data along with useful Flow Charts, Tables, and Assessments to save your time and allow you to evaluate your preparation.


    Based on the New CLAT 2020 Pattern
    Video and Text Support
    Complete and Detailed Understanding of the Subject
    Detailed Assessments on all subjects
    Accurate & Smart Visualization of Concepts
    Enhances the value of your preparation
    De-coding Recent Amendments and Enactments
    Landmark and Recent Case Studies
    Relevant and Up-to-date Information
    All this and much more
    Check complete Syllabus: CLAT PG 2020: Online Crash Course

  2. The CLAT consortium notified the subjective nature of the paper three months back and we have worked on our modules and mocks ever since.

    We have aligned the existing modules to suit the subjective pattern of the exam, by incorporating new aspects from each subject, especially on but not restricted to Constitutional Law. We also have come up with questions and their model subjective answers for each subject to ensure you have a complete clarity about the kind of questions that could possibly feature in CLAT.

  3. I took the 20 Mock Test package last year and in my opinion it wasn’t as helpful as other online mocktests. The questions in Part 1(Constitution) were AS IS-BACK TO BACK from Laxminkant(which is more of a prep book for UPSC -the question bank that is) and Part 2(juris) from AKJain and Gaurav Mehta’s guide to LLM. It was a sheer waste of money. One would be way better off taking up LawMint’s test series for just 799/-…at least there they have 50 mock tests and 50 mini mock tests which are more on the lines of clat.

  4. Considering the dearth of CLAT LLM preparation materials from reliable sources, this well-designed course comes as a great addition from CLATapult following their glowing results over the last few years in the CLAT UG(LLB). Given their specialized background in terms of knowing the ins-and-outs of law schools and law school entrance exams, I’d recommend this course for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop for their CLAT LLM prep.

  5. I have taken their course recently, I have to admit extremely good in terms of quality and topics that they explained in the course. I would really recommend other students to try out CLATapult if you are an CLAT aspirant



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