By Shouvik Kumar Guha

This is for the benefit of all the candidates, who will be called for the online counseling.

There is just one ground rule for CLAT counseling. ALL the candidates must give their preferences just as if they have been ranked first and have equal chance of getting any NLU.

In other words, start from NLSIU at the top and go according to whichever preference order you rank the NLUs in.

Please do not believe that since you have a lower rank, you don’t stand a chance of getting a ‘higher’ NLU and therefore you should mark another NLU as your first choice.


This is what CLAT Committee does: It will see what Rank 1 has chosen as his (or her) first choice. That will be allotted to him/her. Then what has Rank 2 chosen as his/her first choice. And so on till it reaches the candidate, who has marked NLSIU as first choice, but cannot get it, since all the NLSIU seats have been filled. Then CLAT Committee will allot that candidate his/her second choice.

However, marking a ‘lower’ NLU as your higher preference has this shortcoming. If, say, you have marked NUJS, although you prefer NALSAR better, but know that your current rank is not high enough to get it.

That way, even if subsequently, one of the NALSAR seats get vacated, or say, the candidate ranked ahead of you WANTS to study at NUJS over NALSAR and therefore has ranked NALSAR as lower, thus freeing one NALSAR seat, you’ll still end up not getting it, since you have ranked NALSAR lower.

Please keep this in mind. I’ve seen candidates make this mistake year after year.

The counseling will take place according to ranks. When your turn comes, no matter whether you have marked the NLU that you are going to get as 1st or 7th position, you’re still going to be allotted that, provided the seats in ‘higher’ NLUs have been filled.

PS- If this sounds complicated, just follow the ground rule I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Also, spread the word among your friends too, if possible. I wish you all the very best.


CLAT Colleges Preference List

By Tanuj Kalia

1. NLSIU, Bangalore

2. NALSAR, Hyderabad

3. NUJS, Kolkata

4. NLU Jodhpur/NLIU Bhopal/NLU Delhi

5. GNLU Gandhinagar

6. HNLU Raipur/RMLNLU Lucknow/Symbiosis Pune/ILS Pune/GLC Mumbai/Amity Law School Delhi

7. NUALS Kochi/NLU Odisha/Christ Bangalore

8. RGNUL Patiala/JGLS/Nirma University [UPDATED, 23rd May, 2015, 12.10 AM]

9. Others [CNLU which was earlier put at number 8 has been removed from this list. Reason is here.]

NOTE: We hadn’t included Nirma University and JGLS earlier because this was supposed to be a CLAT colleges’ list. But since we’ve included other colleges, we decided to update the list.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Nirma University is advertising on Lawctopus.

There’s not much to differentiate between colleges separated by ‘/’.

However if I’ve put A/B, it means I consider A slightly ahead of B.

I have underlined other (non-CLAT) popular and high ranked colleges.

A word of caution on comparisons like GNLU vs. HNLU or NUJS v. NLUD or NLUa v. NLUb?

Most of such questions are about making a comparison between closely ranked colleges.

And well, it really doesn’t matter if you make it to NLUa or NLUb (closely ranked colleges).

What will matter more is what you do with your 5 years.

Most recruiters will prefer a GNLU Rank 5 (class rank, at the end of 5 years) over an NLSIU Rank 80 (other things beings similar).

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. suppose if we have ranked NLSIU at 1st preference and we succeed in doing so..then is there any chance of choosing other NLU after result if we are struck by a achange of mind???

  2. I kept NLU mumbai as my second preference, is it good enough?
    Would i regret not going NLU mumbai rather than going to NUJS?

    • That’s really shocking. NUJS is a First Tier University. Undoubtedly it will be far better than NLU Mumbai.
      Anyways if it’s done , you have given opportunity to others for a seat in NUJS 😉

  3. I appeared for clat this year guys and I got a rank of 1212. Shud i go in for a drop or go in for the nlu that I am getting?

  4. dear Administrator,
    CLAT 2016 RESULT has been declared on 22 may 2016 evening. I WOULD LIKE YOU TO RANK THE COLLEGE ON 2016 YEAR

  5. Hi,seniors.
    I am taking CLAT after a 3 week Crash course :3
    I was supposed to be surfing for G.K.
    But distraction.
    Could you learned beings tell me what to do about the G.K portion ?
    I am pretty good at LR,LA,English and some how scrape through Maths.
    But G.K is a real pain ;________________;
    No matter how many pratiyogita Darpans I read,I am never able to answer stuff.
    Please help

    Really want to get into NUJS :3

  6. Respected Admin,
    This post and your comments were so entertaining! But I have a doubt…if it’s wrong that RGNLU banned students from wearing sleeveless dresses in campus isn’t what happened in NLSIU just a fortnight ago also wrong?! hope you know about that issue! Just a ‘doubt’ ?

  7. Respected Admin,
    I must say that your post and comments were so entertaining!!!
    But I have one question regarding that sleeveless dresses banned in RGNLU. If you think that is wrong don’t you think what happened in NLSIU just a fortnight back, where a professor shamed a female student who wore shorts?
    Or is it that NLSIU is on top whatever happens there is acceptable ?!

    • What happened in NLSIU was wrong too. But the great thing is the students there did protest. Because well, they have the freedom to do so. NLSIU has a strong student body (SJA: Student Juridical Association). At RGNUL, students have little freedom. Formation of such ‘representative’ student bodies is not allowed!

    • It feel really bad to see that a law students are comment on each other Dear RMNLU
      student if you know the constitution every body have freedom of speech & liberty & posses his own business.Mr kaila is doing it well .
      Sorry to say i m not happy with RMNLU CLAT PG result as i have attempted 138 question & when i get the mail by RMNLU of my Answer sheet i m surprise to see that i have attempted all the question i have call them mail them but no response.
      Result is fake.
      Can body please help me up . Its a dream of every student to studied in good law school to gain the knowledge enjoy the teaching methodology NLU’S are the Harvard Law school for Indian because Every One cannot afford the fee structure of Harvard . But i feel sad that future of law in India is corrupted. Every one is not run toward package some student get admission for higher studies is Law is all about package i think if get the package of 30 lac still it is useless if you don’t know how to increase by using your legal knowledge & still.I feel surprise that you people are fight over Package not about the faculty & teacher & library were you gonna have to spent more time during your 5 year’s. BUT …..

      Thank You RMLNU bring such a good trust on COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST
      which use to compare like IIT OR IIM exam .
      & i know there are so many student who suffer this pain .

  8. I have never seen such a biased person as Mr. Kalia.
    Talking about Taliban first. All of you must be aware about Shabnad Bashir sir exit story from NUJS. Which institution acted in a Taliban manner? Was it RGNUL or NUJS? We too have dissent in our university but our institution never act in NUJS way.

    Which web portal was silent about the student suicide at their university? Was it some Lawctopus? Why didn’t cover the reasons behind the same.

    Mr. Kalia, I don’t want to involve in a blamegame. But I see bias against my institution. Don’t judge institution by arguments by some random people and if you make certain assert action try to know the other side of story as well.
    Hail Taliban, Hail NUJS! which is such a prestigious insititution.

  9. Tomorrow, some people will divulge skeltons in the cupboard of your esteemed university. Would you cover that as well?
    Why are you silent about Shabhanad Bashir’s Sir fight with your creepy institution?
    Did you ever talk about incident in your web platform?
    Now, who is taliban WBNUJS or RGNUL?

    Why were you silent when a student of such prestigious institution like yours (WBNUJS) committed student? Why didn’t you take the pain covering that side of story? Nation wants to know. You talk looting culture in your institution. I hope if your are judging us by this criteria, you should have know the other side of story as well.

  10. Let us know what is required to beat NUJS in this so called preference list of yours. We ll get it done by the end of the year.

  11. please note that NLU delhi has no bar council affiliation—-their students are not advocates recognised by the Bar council of india since they have no prmanent faculty—-last year Times of India reported this news—i personally visited the campus and it is more of a resort than a law school. this year their merit list is exactly like a labor payroll list—-its fabricated ,they are duping the students–be aware of them —before commiting any money just ask them to show their latest Bar council affiliation—-&it will be crystal clear

    • @souvik where is my reply? pls tell big boys that they are playing with fires–that is the young minds and it will severely cost them—-

      • hello—where is my answer? where is your experts comments—u people are actually unemployable–admit it and stop duping the innocent students—-if you are honest respond to my allegation–reveal the truth–or else you people have to fight real case instead of bloody moot —-and that will make you ask money from your parents who are already bankrupt for buying your worthless NLU degrees—want to fight real case? i will show you the way–but for that arrange money—

  12. Disclaimer: Its not a personal grudge but because I love my college

    Respected and worthy administrator of Lawctopus

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your success of the website which has revolutionalized the legal education system in India. Hats off to your authentic souces and the commitment towards your job and “business” as you say. Clearly, you have poplurazied RGNUL so much in your comments as the administrator and there is no apparent biasness there. However, as lovers and sellers of our college we owe a duty to the students to let them have some clarity. I have no enimity with you. You are senior to me, so much experienced and belong to a highly ranked NLU as you say, so obviously what you say would always be correct. Please let RGNUL remain wherever it has been placed by you because that is where it belongs. However, I would like to take your permission to let other students know something about RGNUL. Just in case, they would like to hear from a lowly ranked NLU student. Since I see no objection from you, I am very grateful to you for granting me the permission to continue.

    Firstly, I would like to start with the placements of the university. I fully agree with you that 6 out of 70 students got placed and you cited an authentic source by creating a link: click here. Now, what I think is that as a general reader no one would press the link and what he fixes in his/her mind is what you wrote i. e. RGNUL ‘could’ place 6 out 70 students. Whatever little english I know, I think there lies a big difference between what one could do and what one wants to do. If I read the whole article it says that RGNUL places 6 out of 70 students, 17-18 in LL. M. and so on. From what I know, the object of forming NLUs was that students enter the bar so that the litigation of the country improves but since you have changed that perception that placements have the highest priority, so you must be correct. There is no choice to the students to choose another option and hence if they work under an advocate or study further or join a lowly paid firm, its just pathetic because ofcourse, there is no second choice in life as everyone is so lucky and getting a job in Amarchand or JSA is the only good thing and so if the student make an alternate choice, its just sad. Pathetic, really. I thought we could do that but then again you are the learned one.

    About the additional placements after college; ofcourse they don’t count because of two reasons as you say that ‘we know how they get it’ and the pathetic people ‘who struggle the whole time’ who in desperation join a low paid firm or join an advocate which was not their first choice. You are absolutely right. Clearly, the high ranked NLUs who bank on their alumni network do not fall under ‘you know how’ category. Also, we know that people who have connections or have a legal background are only available to the low ranked NLUs like RGNUL and not to other colleges. Secondly, struggle in the legal field is a myth. Everyone has a silver spoon in their mouth and one who exercises his other options is an underachiever according to you. Well if that is the case, studying law in NUJS and then managing a website is an underachievement for you too but I know you wont like that and you should not because you have an innovative thinking and you have done wonders and I am sure you would not have dreamt of opening a website when you joined law. So, if somebody is not able to do what he wants at the first instance that does not make the college bad. Moreover, it happens in all colleges and not only in RGNUL.
    What I know is that a college is known through its students and not its administration. An administration can only provide opportunity to the students, if the students dont bank upon it, it makes the college bad. The point I am trying to make is that RGNUL is a good NLU. You may not be potraying wrong information but you are potraying the right information in a wrong manner. We are a good college and we need good students to make it better. What you have done through your worthy comments is drive those students away especially from RGNUL. Further, the difference between a NLU and a non-NLU is the the same as between an IIT and a non-IIT. Its the brand name and a specialization only in the field of law. The sole criteria for deciding a college should be whether a student gets an opportunity to express himself. RGNUL has a good infrastructure, a well equipped library which has been approved by the vice chancellor of NALSAR Mr. Faizan Mustafa. Just type the name on google and you will know the value of that appreciation. We have a decent faculty and we are a NLU. RGNUL has been in existence for almost 8 years and is constantly performing well. All we need is more good students and you do not deem us worthy enough of that. Look at the institution as a whole. I think that is what you say also. But you cant even do that. You potray our placements as dismal and our culture as intolerant. Not even that, you elegantly use the bold function to make it more visible.
    Every college has some problems but it does not mean that only potraying them out in the open like NUJS would make us good. We dont feel the need to publicize our fights. We are not Taliban. We are not dying. Even the constitution provides rights with reasonable restrictions. There is construction going on in the college. There is a significant amount of labour class living in the college. Its a sad truth of this country but females are objectified and hence so much high level of sexual assaults and rapes. Making 8 an end time for the girls is reasonable enough. Yes, the girls should have empowerment and have rights and it causes inconvinience to them but its also sad that the other sex especially in the uneducated class is pathetic. Watch the nirbhaya documentary and you will know. Its not about restriction its about safety. I am not saying we are the best and we are not definitely not the worst. We are good. Let us have the opportunity to be better.
    People trust your opinion. Just look at your comments about RGNUL. Dont spoil your credibility. I dont need any data to support my statements. Keep us at any position you want but be a sport. Dont make RGNUL look pathetic. Rest is up to you. You are elder, experienced, authentic. Do your job well. Dont make it a business. And lawctopus is for all students. If there is any merit achievement requirement, do let us know. Do.what you want, say what you want, but be reasonable while you make comments. You like to use smileys a lot and also a lot of sarcasm but still be a sport. You say we don’t need individual sparks but guess what individuals help spread the fire. I think I may be one of those sparks. Just go and check the palkivala tax moot 2015 results and you will know how I may be that spark. I didn’t need the ‘you know how’ method and I struggled three years to get there. So, changes happen and we are part of that change. Let us have the opportunity to change it more. Its not that I have a lot of free time but this post is because I know my college. Let it be the students who decide their choice of the college. Dont frame opinions on their behalf. Let us also have good students. Let us have the individual sparks, we will spread the fire.

    • Thank you for the 1500 word comment!
      Thank you for the congratulations too.
      Thank you for introducing us to a ‘spark’ of RGNUL (that’s you!).


      “I love my college”. That’s why you can’t see it at objectively.

      “17-18 in LLM”. Students of all NLUs go for such foreign LLM programs.

      “NLUs were formed so that more people enter into litigation”. Yes, partly. But how good people from NLUs do in litigation will be known in another 10-15 years.

      “Studying law in NUJS and then managing a website is an underachievement”. What according to you would be an achievement? That I start a country? 😉

      “The difference between a NLU and a non-NLU is the the same as between an IIT and a non-IIT.” Most of the newer NLUs are doing dismally. As said in an earlier post, it’s better to go to any college in Delhi/Mumbai (and do running internships) or go to a local college (and do running internships + save money).

      I don’t know much about the newer IITs to make a comment.

      “We have a great library”. That probably makes 5ish% of the overall criteria.

      “It’s not about the restriction, it’s about safety”. Incidentally, Taliban and Khap Panchayats use the same argument.

      “Just look at your comments about RGNUL. Don’t spoil your credibility.”

      Not only RGNUL, people from HNLU, NLIU Bhopal and others too comment on this website.

      And that’s the thing with putting up a ranking. A rank 1 college student (if his college is put at Rank 1) won’t come and say “Good job”.

      But if according to a student of a college, his/her college deserves rank 8 instead of 9 (and 9 is mentioned in a ranking), he’ll go on writing 1500 words and going on for 15 days defending his/her college, because he/she loves his/her college .

      “Dont make it a business.” How’s that related to the issue at hand?

      “You like to use smileys a lot and also a lot of sarcasm but still be a sport.” We publish all comments. Isn’t that sporty enough? Or should we give cash awards to 1000 words+ comments?

      “You say we don’t need individual sparks but guess what individuals help spread the fire.” True. Agreed. But an Amarchand job or a moot court win (!) isn’t a spark. It’s very good, not exceptional. Starting a law firm which does well (think Phoenix Legal) or say getting a Rhodes or similar things are a sparks.

      Anyway, congrats on your moot win!

  13. Acha listen! Since you didn’t justify any of my queries, care to elaborate on the statistics because of which you placed ALS at 6 and Christ at 7?

    PLEASE!? Any placement data or MPL consistency?

  14. I honestly don’t think NLIU Bhopal is at par with NLUJ or NLUD with respect to reputation, mooting achievements and mooting achievements, especially considering the brilliant year NLUJ has had. Please don’t misguide students by telling them that NLIU is as good as the other two.

  15. Are you serious while giving this preference list? NLUD at 4th place? Seriously
    What type of standard is followed at NLUD, do you even know? I am not student of NLUD.
    There is difference of day and night between the faculty of NLUD v. NLUJ, NLIU Bhopal. This difference is clearly visible if you are not blind.
    There is a thing called as “class” that exits at NLUD regarding faculties. Placements are not key factor in deciding ranks.
    Lolzzzzzzz! key part of lawctopus published this list.

    • We’ll be happy to share the 2015 placement stats once they are out on LegallyIndia/Bar and Bench. For now, we don’t cover recruitment news.

    • Dear Admin,
      What you would like to say about that one?

      Can’t you take pain and contact the respected university regarding their placement statstics.

      Its not serving any purpose, all your assessment is based on some random crap.

      Its high time, grow up!!!

      Try to be more formal in your approach.

      • Based on the argument presented by Manas, this ranking appears to be a sham.
        Firstly, the JGLS was not given its due credit
        Secondly, when it was given it was to little and too less
        Thirdly, its more like how Mr. Kalia perceive the colleges rather than the ground reality.

        Kindly do you necessary research through authentic sources before actually writting the content on such platforms.


        • It’s been Mr. Kalia’s JOB for the last 5 years to interact regularly with law students throughout the country.
          Mr. Kalia follows placement stats and law school news and stats like a hawk.

          The success of this website depends on how the editorial team portrays the ground reality. Our ‘business’ and our ‘jobs’ depends on being authentic!

        • This is wrong assimilation Tanuj. 😛

          25 out of 65 was before the college ended. There were plenty more before August started.

          • I know what this ‘plenty more’ means, dearie.

            A lot of students (low ranked or not placement-worthy) struggle to get placements throughout the year. They then join lowly paid jobs with lawyers (which was never their goal) or with LPOs at the fag-end (because they’ve got nothing else).

            And such jobs are never aplenty!

        • Dear Mr. Kalia

          If you are really interested in giving authentic information to the students, kindly rely on primary sources rather than outdated secondary ones.
          The ground reality is that the actual placement is far better than the one reported in the above mentioned websites.
          Take pain and try to collect the actual record through university authorities.

          • The data on LegallyIndia and BarandBench is authentic and published after ‘taking pain’.

  16. @admin – You really need to visit Patiala once to see the kind of intellectual hotbed it has become. I daresay you ll be tempted to rank it above most other comparable colleges. Whether it is hosting TEDxRGNUL, going for the Stetson world rounds or international internships around the world. Admission to Oxford and prestigious scholarships such as the DAAD, summer schools in Hague, Cambridge and the London School of Economics. Its all happening in RGNUL. I would strongly urge you to dig deeper and garner a more updated and holistic insight. Again. I trust that you will be pleasantly surprised.

    • RGNUL is a very good college. But it stands where it stands in this list.

      Organizing a TEDx event is good, but not a big deal. Going for an international moot or getting an international internship or securing admission into Oxford/Cambridge is good*, but again, every college has some students doing this.

      While ranking, we don’t look at individual sparks, but at institution as a whole.

      But what you’ve said surely indicates that there exists a healthy academic culture at RGNUL. Good going!

      * It’s not very difficult to get admission into these top UK/US colleges. Note: it’s tough, but not very tough. Getting a scholarship is ‘very’ tough!

  17. By posting such views you are doing a great discredit to the legal fraternity.

    Firstly, JGLS finds no mention despite performing exceptionally at International and National Platforms.
    Secondly, I could see a particular bias against towards certain universities which generally should not happen at such esteemed platform.

    Hope you keep that in mind.


    • This is exactly my point, just because Mr. Kalia think that JGLS belongs to rich brats, he would not give with due acknowledgment. JGLS is performing exceptionally well they won Oxford Price Media last year.

      What else do you need the people who wants jobs are getting it.

    • Sorry, this list was supposed to be just about CLAT based colleges. But you are right, since we’ve included other colleges, JGLS should find a place as well. The list has now been updated.

  18. NUSRL, Ranchi is way ahead of cnlu, nuals etc. as its first batch consisting of merely 38 students have secured 1 job in luthra and 2 in amarchand…. And also in other law firms . So nusrl Ranchi should also be mentioned in ranking……

  19. “Most recruiters will prefer a GNLU Rank 5 over an NLSIU Rank 80 (other things beings similar).”

    I hope by GNLU rank 5 you mean class rank 5 of the student in his/her batch after clearing CLAT.

    At this crucial stage where students are stressed over choosing their preferences, it is important to be clear with the above mentioned statement.

    In any case, just to clarify, no recruiter bothers about CLAT rank! All what truly matters is how well you do for yourself in which ever law school you are in.

    (Law grad from one of the top law schools, working with a leading law firm)

  20. Hahahahahahaha!

    Christ and Amity over RGNUL!?

    Just because good RGNUL students don’t give a fuck about being your college ambassador does not mean that you put up shit like this.


    and HNLU so high?


    • What? Haha. We’ve regularly had college managers from RGNUL. Anyway, that’s not even related to this!

        • Dear Administrator,
          I don’t understand whats the big issue you have with RGNUL. Our is the only NLU which has got accredition from NAAC with ‘A’ grade. Apart, from that we regularly conduct many National and International Confrences, Seminars and Workshops and other things. For instance this year alone we conducted two international confrence in collaboration with African Human Rights Court and US embassy. We are the first NLU to conduct Tedx and have IPAN (Asia’s first youth lead policy think thank) and other things.

          With respect to placement
          This year we our 3 senior have grabbed jobs at Amarchand Mangaladas, JSA (one) and others.

          So, I don’t see any point why my university has been ranked so law.

          Grow up!!!

          • All NLUs regularly conduct international and national conferences.

            3 is not an “WOW” number. It’s not bad either.

          • And well, according to HNLU students, I have a ‘big issue’ against HNLU. And according to NUJS students, I am not promoting my alma mater enough! 😀

          • According to you RGNUL is run by Taliban. And, when it comes to disdeeds of your university you turn a blind eye. The fact is that every university has its plus and negative points. But you are still guided by your prejudiced mind but weighing other side of argument.

            Kindly grow up and don’t pass your preconceived views on our posts.


        • Exceptions this year. Thank god. Also, you remember how you posted an article written by an ex ambassador without editing?

          • No dear, we’ve had campus ambassadors from RGNUL every year.

            Or has the admin banned the students from doing that now? (Like they ban students from wearing sleeveless dresses, put severe restrictions on moving out of the campus, among other things?) 😉

          • Okay. Sleeveless dresses? Whaaaat?

            This is new to me bro.

            I am talking about the batch before this one. The ones which involved the CLass of 2017 I mean. They aren’t english speaking elites. Still, you chose them and published their articles without editing. Why in this world would anyone do that?

          • Oh, really? You just raised objection to ‘sleeveless dresses’. So, everything else is right, I am guessing! And that’s the tragedy.

            And which article are you talking about, choru?

            PS- we publish internship experiences without editing, always.

  21. Is NUJS really ahead of an NLUD or an NLUJ? Is NLIU Bhopal close to NLUD or NLUJ, let alone ‘slightly ahead’ of NLUD?

      • Yes, NUJS is my alma matter.

        But when I am running Lawctopus, I wear the hat of someone who’s running Lawctopus.

        NUJS is ahead of NLUD and NLUJ because of a better reputation, a stout alumni network (which comes with age) and better placements.

        At the same time NUJS has had a massive exodus of top faculty in the recent administration and is run by an incompetent admin. Had this not happened, NUJS and NALSAR would be placed together.

        Again, NUJS has always had a strong student body which ensures that no admin is able to harm the institution in any significant manner.

        NUJS had the best day 0 recruitments in 2015:…even better than that of NLS or NALSAR.

        NLUD is the likeliest to close in on NUJS in the next 3-4 years. NLUD has the best faculty among NLUs and is run by (perhaps) country’s most able admin.

        Placements were slow in the first year, but have massively improved to come at par with NUJS.

        But still, would put NLIU and NLUJ slightly ahead of NLUD for now.

        And my healthy little darling, we’v never been silent on the mis-deeds of NUJS (like any other college).





        Khush, ki aur dikhaon? 😉

        • In the past 4 editions of MPL, NLUO did better than RGNUL in 2 editions. NUALS and Amity in 1.

          30 kids sat for placements in 2014. 14 got jobs.
          Other than that, kids went for LLMs, judiciary and a few went for litigation.

          Not good enough?

          I’ve been trying to find the placement stats of Christ, NUALS and NLUO. But guess what? It is not there on the internet.

          Just because girls don’t get to go out of their hostels after 8 in the night and for wearing uniform twice every week, you will rank the college so low?

          Almost every college has internet restrictions. Not NUJS? Probably, they should have. With the number of dopeheads there, I am sure that a little direction would go long way. I am not saying that RGNUL is the best or NUJS is the worst. NUJS has got amazing kids and an extraordinary will do anything for my alma mater alumni. like you.

          But that still doesn’t explain the rankings dear friend. On a different note, kindly see what the cut offs were for the last year in all of these colleges. Be it the student quality or otherwise.

          If you pounce on statistics like a hawk, dear friend, I might be the one who is throwing the bait. 😛 [You can ignore this one if you wan’t]

          <3 Mera pyaara RGNUL <3

          • 1. RGNUL’s placements over the years have been ordinary (to be polite) and dismal to be exact.

            And you didn’t find placement stats for NUALS? Well, let me help:

            2. NUALS has a proactive VC (Rose Verghese) and a proactive student body (as attested to by multiple, senior, non-NUALS professors who’ve been there and are in touch with us).

            NLUO’s VC, Srikrishna Deva Rao, too will take the college far. And NLUO’s moot performances of late have been the most exceptional.

            3. RGNUL’s restrictions on what you can wear and when you can move around OR RGNUL’s high-handedness over any student dissent OR RGNUL’s existing ‘fine’ culture (as pointed out as late as 2009/2010 in a Liberal Youth Forum study) is symptomatic of a larger issue. That RGNUL is a conservative, intolerant space.

            And that’s a bad thing for young law graduates because it’s in college that you explore and invent your personalities. You can’t do that in a wholesome manner if you are in such a closed/restrictive environment.

            4. Mera pyaara RGNUL? 😀 That’s the thing, dear commenter. You (like anyone else) ‘love’ your college and are thus unable to look at it objectively.

            5. Finally, let me reiterate. RGNUL is a good college. However, in this list, it’s ranked where it is!

          • Wah Tanuj!! Taaliyan!

            Anyway apart from NUALS, what about Christ? On what goddamn bloody basis? Why SLS? WHY?

            38 students sat for placements at NUALS, 25 got it. 30 sat at RGNUL, 14 got it. Compare the numbers with the quality. And POOF! There you go mate. Of course RGNUL is bad. Right? Talk about being objective. -_-

            FINE CULTURE IS EVERYWHERE. THERE ARE NO FINES WITHOUT A REASON. COLLEGES ARE NOT MEANT TO ACCOMODATE DRUNKARDS and POTHEADS who have a negative influence ona lot of people. and at times, leads to Ragging. That must be good too, right? Bhai kya chahte ho?
            Curfew timings are strict. But, what is the curfew at NUALS? Please elaborate.
            What about the palcement statistics? NUALS placement stats were released 2-3 months after their college got over. It was bound to increase.

            IF YOU WANT TO COMPARE, DO IT OBJECTIVELY. If you want to compare using the stats released in the moneth of August or later, JGLS will be at par with GNLU and HNLU. Why did you rank them so low then? Nation wants to know Mr. Tanuj.
            You are biased towards RGNUL and JGLS. This is eveident dear friend. There is absolutely no reason as to why you will place RGNUL and JGLS below NUALS. I am sure that people from Christ, SLS and Amity would be wondering as to what is the basis of the rankings.

          • Thangyoo! Thangyoo! Taaliyon ke liye dhanyavaad.

            Just by saying poof, it doesn’t go POOF. NUALS clearly has had better placements. Also, placements is not the only yardstick. When we rank, we rank colleges based on a whole lot of factors. As I said, the NUALS’ VC and students are a dynamic lot (as some of the best non-NUALS professors, who I hold I high regard, have told me).

            And do check out SLS Pune’s placements. They are better than RGNUL’s. SLS Pune as a better reputation (for now) and stronger alumni network too.

            Fines can be a deterrent, not a loot which exists in RGNUL as several RGNUL students have told me they are in RGNUL.

            And can you care to tell me why am I biased towards RGNUL or JGLS? Someone else is saying I am biased against HNLU. Well, I really wish there were 20 NLSIU Bangalores.

            The Nation doesn’t want to know all this. It’s majorly you who are getting too defensive about his/her college!

        • Beere, why are you still silent about the menace of ragging? I am sure that you must have got ‘info’ about the events which occurred. Umm… Oops!

          If Salman Khan can be punished, future of a student is no ground for not punishing a criminal.

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