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CLAT 2018 Mismanagement: 21 Issues Which the Students Had to Face: Tech Glitches, Lost Time, Unresponsive Staff, Power-Cuts, No Pen/Paper

clat 2018, clat fiasco, clat mismanagement
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

CLAT 2018 Mismanagement: History repeats itself yet again!

By Tanuj Kalia

Sixteen-Eighteen-year-old students (some older too), some of whom have been preparing for CLAT since 1-2 years, were seen crying in the examination centers of CLAT 2018 which was organised today between 3-5 pm (well, that was the official timing). Some of the students got into fights with the invigilators, who were as helpless as they were clueless.

These are facts and not Arnab Goswami like exaggerations on how poorly conducted CLAT 2018 was.

The CLAT body has hence managed to do again, what it’s best known to do.

A massive, utter mismanagement of an exam upon which rests the future of nearly 50,000 young students.

We are compiling responses of students from various centers in India. However, the blame should squarely lie on the CLAT body (especially NUALS Kochi) for the pathetic conduct of CLAT 2018.

According to two students who gave CLAT 2018 at the RR Assessment Center at Okhla, Delhi, the following issues were faced by students:

1. The computers hanged and there were other technical problems (for example, the question paper first appeared on the machine and then vanished), making students lose as much as 30 minutes from their allotted 2 hours.

2. Because of the above, some students stood up from their seats, started fighting with the invigilators present, thereby causing a massive commotion.

3. Queries of many students were simply ignored by the invigilators present.

4. The venue had poor infrastructure. In the sweltering heat of Delhi there were no ACs, with many students complaining of headache and ill-health.

UPDATE [May 13, 6.50 PM]: Students at Trinity College, Bhopal confirmed the problem mentioned in point 1 and faced the following problems too:

6. Clicking on the ‘Next’ button would take you 3 questions forward and then the student had to come back to the previous questions one by one, losing precious time.

7. If you clicked on the subsequent questions (instead of clicking on the Net button), your answers would not get saved.

UPDATE [May 13, 7.30 PM]: A student from the CLAT center at Chandigarh University, Kharar, Punjab confirmed the problems about the glitches in the system, the delay in questions appearing on the screen, the cluelessness of the invigilators present and added:

8. For some students, the screen showed the time as 2 hours (after the 5-6 minute delay), but for some students, the 5-6 minutes were cut.

9. The system used to get ‘stuck’ in between. Though the timer would stop, it was frustrating for the students taking the exam.

10. The biometric (welcome to the Surveillance State) verification which is done before the exam too was riddled with problems. The students had to wait for 20-30 minutes as some systems were hanging leading to unnecessary stress.

UPDATE [May 13, 8.10 PM]: A student from Marudhana Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. Center, Jodhpur (or is it the Umrao B.Ed College center?) told us of a quandary which would answer Shakespeare’s ‘What’s in a name?’ question once and for all:

“Students appearing for UG and PG CLAT exam at Jodhpur faced the same problems because of the mismanagement of CLAT representatives and organising body of exam centers.

One of the centres, Marudhara Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. was located some 20 kms from city [and] is not known to anyone because the real name of the centre was Umrao B.Ed College because of which students have to face many problems in locating the exam centre. There was no electricity [electricity cuts], systems were not working problem and various other similar problems were faced by students like mentioned above.”

11. CLAT body failed to mention the real/popular name of the Center, leading to students facing difficulty in locating the centers.

12. Electricity cuts (which was also told to us by the student at the Chandigarh University center).

clat 2018, clat fiasco, clat mismanagementUPDATE [May 13, 8.40 PM]: Commenters in the know of things from DD College, Dehradun; OM Institute of Technical Education (OMITE), Hisar, Haryana; and IIMT College, Greater Noida too have confirmed the technical glitches.

A commenter from the OMITE, Hisar center added:

13. Pen and paper [to solve mathematical/logical reasoning questions and any other question which would require these tools] were not kept beforehand which wasted time of students.

A commenter who took CLAT 2018 from the IIMT College center added:

14. There were no seats allotted to us in a systematic or pre-planned manner. We were told to sit anywhere we can find a vacant seat.

15. Invigilator himself got into an ugly fight with his support stuff.

16. The test at [the] center didn’t even start at 3 pm. Even after repeatedly asking the officials, all we were getting was ”You’ll get 2 hours, doesn’t matter if it’s from 3 or 4″.

17. The practice test (to help students familiarize themselves with the online mode of exam) was not done as the center was running late.

18. The center was not properly ventilated and was suffocating for most of the students. (Do note that some centers had properly functioning ACs all the time. Such physical comfort/discomfort can easily mean a difference of 2-4 marks which can make or mar your CLAT prospects).

UPDATE [May 13, 9.05 PM]: Some other commenters who took CLAT 2018 have pointed out the following things:

19. The mouse was not working properly.

This puts NUALS Kochi, the national law school which conducted this year’s CLAT and the entire CLAT body in a huge spot of bother.

Many students are demanding a reconduct of CLAT 2018 and some students even want their application fee of Rs. 4000 to be returned to them.

It’s disgusting and shameful that the premier law entrance exam which has been running since 2008 should run into problems year after year.

UPDATE [May 13, 10.10 PM]: 

A police complaint has been filed against 2 invigilators at the Dr. Radhakrishnan Insitute of Technology, Jaipur. The invigilators promised 10 minutes extra-time to the students but allegedly gave 40 extra minutes.

Lawctopus is in receipt of the police complaint.

According to a tweet, there were other issues too. See below:

UPDATE [May 13, 11.10 PM]: A student who took CLAT 2018 at the Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Secondary School, Vivek Vihar, New Delhi center has reported another problem via email:

20. Near the end of the exam, when I clicked on the “Submit your exam” button, the computer/system hanged and I did not receive any confirmation receipt indicating that my exam was completed and I attempted X number of questions. I understand that such confirmation receipts are displayed on the screens of all applicants.

21. No concrete solution to the problem (i.e. not being shown a confirmation receipt that was supposed to be generated) was provided despite the fact that I stayed at the exam centre till beyond 6 PM to correspond with the centre observer and other officials present at the centre.

Tell us about your experience of CLAT 2018 in comments below. Please do mention the name of your center.
Indian Express has covered the CLAT debacle here.
We have summarized the issues into sub-heads below:

Technical Glitches

  • Computers hanging: questions appearing on the system for a while and then disappearing
  • The time lost because of this was cut for some students and not cut for others
  • Clicking on the ‘next’ question would take you 3 questions forward
  • The system got stuck between answering one question and the next
  • Long wait and confusion for biometric verification
  • Students unsure whether their exam has been submitted or not.

Infrastructural Problems

  • No ACs at some centers
  • Frequent power-cuts
  • Some centers did not have proper ventilation
  • Mouse not working properly


  • Students verbally fighting with the invigilators
  • Queries by students ignored
  • Pen and paper not provided for quite a while
  • Seats not allotted before-hand (sit wherever it’s vacant)
  • Test not starting on time (who cares whether it starts at 3 or 4 till you have 2 hours to complete it)
  • Practice test not conducted
  • Invigilators not resolving students’ pressing problems despite students staying till late


  • Wrongly named CLAT centers leading to difficulty in finding the center

UPDATE [May 14, 1 AM]:

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Tell us about your experience of CLAT 2018 in comments below. Please do mention the name of your center.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.
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  1. Yes i feel the same problem oh! God the room was too hot. Many students were complaining that single seat was alloted for two students. They were said to sit anywhere. The pen was of 1 or 2 rupee .I find hard to write with it because the tip of the pen was coming out of the body. This is what we pay 4000 and get 1 rupee pen completely waste of my father’s money. Only three options were showing on the screen in legal section it waste my 15 min to swipe the screen for further option. Invigilators were so silly and one lady invigilator was shouting all the time it irritated me a lot.I get very less time for the demo test because they said me to start the exam. This was worst experience and disgusting I want my 4000 back or exam should recommenced

  2. Hi,
    My daughter took the CLAT at KSV Sector-15, Gandhinagar centre. In addition to the usual system glitches mentioned above, children had to sit in small cramped rooms with no fans (forget AC) and no windows. The outside temperature was 43-44 deg.C. Children complained of nausea & headache.

    V Poor infra management by the CLAT committee in spite of charging such hefty registration fees.

  3. I don’t have words to show but I m also a aspirants of clat 2018
    My comp. Gone wrong 4 times

    I fully support to retest

  4. There has been an absolute mess in the CLAT exam at Okhla centre… online exam…servers went down…Chinese letters came up… children got at least 20 minutes less… imagine there are children who have studied for two years… coaching…some have taken an year drop….the govt must ensure a retest and heads should roll… terrible show by the conducting authorities… please make this viral… Digital India cannot afford it’s children being subjected to this mental agony !!

  5. My center was in siliguri… we too have suffered the same issues..In my lab i had to do half exam on biometric laptop which was continiously hanging.. clicking on the next button would take me 4-5 questions forward and then had to come back to the previous question one by one… disgusting

  6. i gave clat this year and i did have to suffer like everyone , there was chaos as my centre but i kept calm and continued thinking , the problem is with everyone and the right course of action would be to attempt the exam to the best of my abilities and i did manage to do it because i prepared well , i had put my sweat and blood into it by giving ample no of mocks and studying day night , the students who had prepared well i would say would share the same sentiment with me despite all the hurdles we kept a cool and gave a good performance and this speaks volumes about our prep and our perseverance , i would say there might be some genuine cases but because of that you cannot re conduct the exam , in 2015 as i have checked online there was a difficult paper and a lot of students wanted a retest and mind it the students who were well prepared performed well and got selected in top nlus despite the fact that there were problems . i agree that there should be a permanent authority but all should be done from the next year onwards , this year no retest should be conducted in my opinion

  7. My invigilator didn’t sign on my admit card. What should I do? Please help me.

  8. Due to the network glitches and Technical issues I was not able to even to read the question. Due to technical issues I was not able to appear my questions

      1. I think re-test should be conducted for everyone.. not just for the students who suffered…

  9. My daughter appeared for the exam at Rungta engineering college ,Raipur ,Chhattisgarh . Due to technical glitch she lost 6-7 minutes as questions did not appear on the screen for the stated time and once the system started working she was not given extra time as the timer started from 113 mins. And on clicking ‘NEXT’ instead of showing next question the screen skipped to 2-3 question forward , which created a lot of confusion and was time consuming as well. These kind of problems are not trivial for a national level examination like CLAT , some action should be taken in the favor of the students.

  10. Mr. Education Minister has to take the responsibility and corrective action by Re-taking the CLAT examination .
    Management of the Organising NLU was very much pathetic and irresponsive , may they had obliged to the IT Management Company and center owner too.
    Management had played with the students career ,who had devoted his time in preparing the CLAT and after that they lost.
    PMO also need to take the action as this is worst than the Question Leak.

  11. centre for my daughter was srs online rajajipuram lucknow,
    persons concerning to centre were very rude in behavior, due to our car gets breakdown we reached and reported there by 2:15 pm, i told them the valid reasons and showed them the tyre, pleased and requested them to let her in. they behaved very rudly. overall we can say that clat management system was very bad……exams must be conducted again

  12. Whitney Assessment Centre

    1. Location was incorrect, took half an hour to reach as the google maps also could not locate it.
    How can such a big thing not be informed?

    2. Extreme suffocating and claustrophobic envrionment, i have never been sweating like that.

    3. As we were not allowed our water bottles, they could not even provide us with basic room temp water.
    It was so hot and I actually had to drink warm water.

    4. I was not feeling well because of the poor arrangement and heat, i actually puked after coming back as i was feeling so choked inside the centre.

    5. 3 rows experienced server failure after which there was a lot of commotion and we sat for another 30 min to complete the entire process.

    6. I actually stopped paying any heed to the exam after 60% of the question because everything was unbearable for me.

    Worst experience in life

  13. Most of the NLUs do not give good marks during the course period. Please join in reputed NLUs only, otherwise spoil your life and money. Taking admission in Govt Universities is better.

  14. A re-examination should be demanded to teach them lesson. They are taking a big amount during filling up the form.

    It would be an understatement to say that the management of the exam was abysmal. Here is a point-by-point narration of the events that transgressed on 13th May while writing the CLAT exam at this centre-
    1. We took the practise test and at 3 p.m. we were told to start the exam. However, due to technical glitches the questions were blank and could not be viewed.
    2. Understandably, we asked the invigilators about how to proceed. We specifically asked them if we should exit the session as the timer was running out and asked them if the answers would automatically be submitted when the timer ran out. However, we were explicitly told not to exit the session. We were also told that we would be given extra time to make up for the time we lost due to the technical glitch and that we should note the amount of minutes lost by us.
    3. After half an hour we were told to re-start the session however the timer had, for obvious reasons, deducted half an hour from the total time alloted and showed 1 hour 27 minutes as the remaining time available. However, we did not stress about it as we were told that the answers would not be automatically submitted and that we would be given extra time to complete the session.
    4. We began answering the questions and after a while there was another technical glitch wherein the test froze, causing us a loss of about another 5 minutes in total.
    5. After the timer ran out the asnwers were automatically submitted and we did not get any extra time to make up for the half an hour loss.
    6. Upon inquiring of the management about the same, we were told that it was out of their control and whatever grievances we had could be filled in the Candidate Feedback Form which appears at the end of the test. We filled our feedback but are highly sceptical about any action being taken for the same.
    Apart from us PG test takers who have already finished law school, it was extremely disheartening to say the least to see the several UG test takers who sat for this mismanaged paper with hopes to get selected in a good college and their dreams on stake. CLAT does it once again and now it seems no amount of preparation is good enough for this paper. In the end it is all pure luck.

    1. Exactly…this is what happened with me too.. I gave my exam from Nagpur and the management was not even ready to answer any goofups that happened.

  16. NLUs are doing only money earning service. Most of the NLUs are also rude. They are worthless. They should be baned. Do not take addmission in low graded NLUs. Only wastage of father’s money.

  17. My daughter apperared in CLAT2018 after one year drop. The D D College Dehradun worst where students faced problem of questions not appearing for15 minutes, CPU shut down and rudly behavior of invigillator

  18. I gave my exam at JIIMS Engineering, Noida.
    We lost like 17-18 minutes because the questions were not displayed and then we had to restart it. The invigilator told us that we’ll get extra time, but none was provided.

  19. Thakur College, Mumbai

    1. Server issues:

    a) 3:00 pm: Test started- But only some of the candidates were able to successfully login to the test. Many of the desktops were blank (white page and no question- killing our time), and few of the candidates were able to attempt around 10-15 questions and then the server went down.

    b) 5:05 – 5:15 pm: Test restarted- It took almost two hours to fix up the server problem, but then we faced this issues continuously during the test. I finished my test around 7:30 pm.

    c)These glitches during the test directly affected our momentum in solving the questions and we lost our precious time too. During 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, many of the students went outside the room (no restrictions) and they got the chance to discuss the answers with their friends.

    Note- we also had the mobile phone access provided by the invigilators to make a call to our parents. In fact, some of them went to the room where we kept our bags for having food (so easy to check the answer from the phone).

    d) However, all this also affected the candidates whose server didn’t go down (2-3 candidates in one room) because of continuous disturbance from rest of the students. Also, one can easily ask questions from them and look for the answer on phone.

    2. Invigilator:

    a) Clueless in regard to any queries.

    b) No training and proper information about the test: Our class room invigilator is pursuing BCA from Delhi University and he came for invigilating just because his friend who is working in the center asked him in the morning to accompany. It seems there is no any proper guidelines for appointing an invigilator.

    c) He didn’t even know till 7:10 pm that he has to sign in the admit card, many of the candidates in my room left the room without his signature (Note: Admit card along with the signature is necessary during the admission).

    d) He was talking over the phone in a loud voice in the examination room.

    e) Careless and wasn’t there in the room for some of the time during the test.

    f) Many of the students were shouting and discussing with their friends, but he didn’t take any action.

    g) Unprofessional

    5. Biometric system: We waited for around 30-40 mins in queue to get the biometrics done.

    6. Examination Controller of the center: I spoke to the examination controller after the test, he started giving me a motivational lecture and told me that it was just my bad luck that I got this center. On complaining regarding invigilator’s irresponsibility and discussions during the test during the test, he told me that they were just trying to be liberal.

  20. My center was EAST engineering college, Prachi vihar, Phulnakhara,Cuttack.
    This CLAT 2018 was a complete mess.
    1.First the computer and the desk area allotted to me was too small and it was very uncomfortable sitting there for 2 long hours and use the rough sheet to do your rough.
    2.I even complained about the pen because they provided some Rs 2/- pen which was not working and was just taking extra time to do a rough work which should be done within few seconds.(It was frustrating.)
    3.Our computer was not responding even after it’s 3 o’clock. We started somewhat around 3:10.
    4.As soon as we started the interface we gave the mock.But after ending of the mock I realized that as soon as I started the exam the interface was full of alien languages and I informed about it to the invigilator. He told me not to panic or cause a ruckus(which was too rude) and let him check.And withing his checking with other halls we lost 9 mins and 52 seconds. He came back and asked to exit the session. I asked him whether we will be provided with a full 2 hours he said yes and not to disturb them again. I exited the session but we managed to loose 10 mins and some seconds.
    Therefore, I would request the conducting body (N.U.A.L.S) for a re conduct of the exam or to have a low cut off score for induction into NLUs.

  21. This is dhivya who took clat from SA engineering college, Chennai. Worst environment. Invigilators were not helpful. Some were shouting at the students and getting thumbprints and other signatures during the exam and disturbed quite a lot of them . Especially one guy was shouting aloud where 50-60 already started the exam. Above all system repeatedly failed making it miserable every 15-20 mins . I was mentally frustrated and panicked . I wasn’t able to see the paper for first 5 mins and invigilators weren’t able to do anything.With paper like this , atleast system connectivity could’ve been supportive. NLU Kochi has conducted it as worstly as possible.

  22. I can imagine the plight of the students who have been putting their heart and soul into preparation. If they don’t have the infrastructure to conduct online exam, why can’t they just go for the age-old paper and pencil method? A little bit of extra time needed to evaluate the results is ok compared to what the students have to go through in this online method.

  23. Console management consultants Pvt Ltd kolkata ,salt lake sector 5,This institution is worst place for the conduct of Clat Exam. No demo exam was conducted as mentioned in the instruction in Admit card from 2.30 pm to 2.50 pm. This nothing but violation of instruction. The examinees were made to sit from 1.30 pm to 2:55pm. They were not allowed to the washroom even on single occasion. They were not provided water during the exam, rather there was no arrangement to provide water in scorching and sultry weather in Kolkata. Such facility is provided by all exam centre’s even in JEE and NEET though clat takes â‚ą4000/-from each student as application money. This nothing but inhuman approach from the exam centre. It is humbly requested not allot students for Clat exam at the centre mentioned above.

    With regards

    Sm chowdhury 

  24. At Console Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Rashmi Tower Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata students appearing for the CLAT exam faced similar glitches. The questions did not appear for the first few minutes and then we were asked to restart the examination. On restarting, the timer began from the earlier point and not from the beginning which resulted in a loss of around 5 minutes of our precious time. Students started the exam again at different times and those who were unable to do so fought with the invigilator present, thereby causing commotion and the others found it difficult to concentrate. The mouse was not working properly and had to be clicked several times to move on to the next question and there were computers hanging as a result of which students had to change their seats. It was frustrating. The invigilators argued that the time didn’t matter as long as we were getting 2 hours(which we didn’t get). The system also got stuck between answering one question and the next. Each of us have been denied to our basic right to give an examination in a proper and peaceful environment. There was every possible opportunity to lose time in the examination where time is of utmost importance.

  25. Firstly , My Center of examination was Trinity Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    They didn’t allow us to take our water bottles inside the Lab and when the candidates asked for water in this hot sunny noon, they instructed us to go out of the room and have water instead of offering inside the room in which time was wasted.
    Secondly , When Examination was started after demonstration(Mock) ,
    Our computer didn’t respond around till 10-15 minutes we had to wait and panic
    Then examination was re-started.
    Had to face technical issues and had lost mind due to that.

  26. My sister took a drop year for CLAT 2018. She lost more than 10 minutes today. She studied for the whole year just for this exam and this is what the Clat committee does. The exam should be reconducted.

  27. A worst experience while giving clat exam. …I was given a place where the desk was too small and it was making problem for me while doing the rough…when I started my exam the questions in the screen were not showing I need to call the inviligator thrice just to say them my questions are not there and that’s why i started my paper 10mins late and when everyone were leaving the hall I was there giving the exam and the noise disturbed me for the last 10mins. Even when you are giving an exam like clat which decides about your future and then something like this happens you automatically start feeling tensed and the same happened to me.Rough sheets were not given on time and there was problem with my mouse. I need to click it twice sometimes and to ask for another rough sheet there were not a single inviligator present within that area.

  28. Paper was screwed…. Sever was not responding…. And timer was on bt it was not moving to another question

  29. It has been a complete Injustice this time…entire paper was screwed….. Sever not responding Inefficient system… This blunder needs a serious look out

  30. this not first time that clat organising body has disappointed the student, earlier they have tampered with answers sheets back in2014. It is high time that they do realise what are doing.

  31. Centre – MET Technology private limited,sector 5,salt lake,kolkata

    A number of glitches and delays.screen problems in the middle of questions.Delay in starting .A lot of students were facing problems and consulting the invigilators (who were trying their best to help) which created distractions for other students.

  32. Even my system got hanged.for which I had to loose few minutes in the examination.

  33. Most importantly, each student is denied of their right to give an examination in a proper environment without any glitches from the technical side and also a in a peaceful and impeccable environment.

  34. Had to face serious technical issues.First of all the answers were not being saved and I had to click 3 to 4 times for proceeding to the next one in that process I lost a lot of time . The desk space for doing the rough work was so small that hardly I could manage to do the rough work in such a small space even the room provided to us was so small that one could not even move properly with his chair . My exam started also 3 mins later.

  35. please we all must for reexam for clat i work day and night for 1 year for clat an d today my computer at radhakrishna institute of technology jaipur not worked for 30 minutes i have only given 90 minutes all hardwork is useless worst centre no water useless infrastructure please retake it

  36. Firstly.. the questions didn’t appear for 3-4mins. Mouse was not at all working properly. Numerous technical glitches which led to panic and great loss of time! Even while I was clicking on the next question, it was taking time, i had to click twice in most of the questions. The computer hanged atleast 3-4 times. Current went off! Still there was no serious arrangements. Room was too stuffy.The demo test was not conducted on time. Left many questions.
    Swami vivekananda institute of management and computer science, Sonarpur.

  37. what is the Jurisdiction? to whom we can file a case and at which place? HC / SC or tribunal? I am confusing why we file a case on invigilator? this is problem of the Centre !!

    1. Please consult a good lawyer and file a case. You can pool in resources too. Sue this pathetic CLAT body for gross negligence and causing mental trauma too. Anyone who has faced this problem deserves at least 2-20 lakh rupees in compensation (for lost time, and mental torture).

      1. TORT – Negligence
        I am studying Law, may be next year , I will go for this exam for LL.M. this is clear Tort – Negligence case. Any one who suffered with this problem, can sue against CLAT. Technically speaking , IT/Software Servers are NOT worked as expected and invigilators are not trained for this exam at all !!.
        one can file PIL too.

  38. I had to click couple of times to save and next. And after 40 minutes something went wrong and the system was closed. They made me seat on another computer. I lost my 10 to 12 minutes. And not just me in the same center it happend with my 3 more friends. Please take a retest it’s a request from all of us?

  39. The System Was not responding…The Timer was running but no questions were appearing in the screen…The staff was not trained and didn’t know what they were supposed to do….Making us sign admit cards etc when we had already lost 10 -15 minutes due to technical issues.
    Center – Queens School ; Haldwani

  40. Totally lost of my whole year as well as money !!! We lost without our fault.

  41. The system went blank and there was no way to tackle it…the invigilators were running in JNM ISTITUTE VARANASI…I lost 5 minutes…no ac ….really disappointed

  42. Today I had my CLAT 2018 examination at PAREEKSHA, near new garia south railway station, Kolkata. The technical glitches lead to confusion, panic and great chaos among the students. The question didnot appear for nearly 15 to 20 minutes. The mouse was also not working properly. It took nearly 40 to 50 seconds to come to the next question after clicking on NEXT QUESTION for several times. And sometimes it went 3 to 4 questions in advance. All was a mess today!!!! And in that hurry I didn’t appear for many questions as well. I regret for having wasted my 4000 rupees like this…. Is this what national level examinations stand for????

  43. It was really a horrific exam , for lot of reasons. First of all, the centre was a mismanaged one, and we were made to sit on such cubicles that there was hardly any space for keeping the rough sheet( we had to half keep it on the desk, half on the keyboard and write on it). Secondly, the place and the passage was so dingy that whenever the invigilators were moving to address the technical glitches of the students( which they were doing frequently) , we had to move and make space and we were jolted by their movements , which was much a distraction for a short – duration examination like CLAT,where you don’t even get 1 minute per question. Thirdly, the system was not working properly, we had to click and reclick 3 to 4 times to navigate through previous or next question, which was a huge loss of time. All these were the hurdles I faced. Besides me , there were several people in my room whose system got glitched and turned off as a result several times, which resulted in much commotion in the hall. Overall it was not at all a impeccable examination atmosphere and we had to face a lot and ultimately all these hurdles that we faced will be the negative reasons to lose marks.

  44. serious technical glitch, lost 8 mins for that…hadn’t supllued one extra rough sheet though I asked repeated times,there was no gap between demo exam and main test….Though it was mentioned that there will be a 20 mins demo test,in reality there was only 10 mins demo exam. system was dam slow…we have to click next button 2-3 times to go to next,often after pressing only once it took us to 3-4 question afterword. and the total management of the exam was horrible…. this is not expected in national level examinations like clat,in which the future of almost 50000 students depend…

    centre- Pareeksha,near kavi subhash terminal metro station,kolkata


  45. Absolutely ridiculous!!! This year clat management system was very bad!!
    If i am going to write all the issues which i have faced then it will took me a whole night………..Some of them are
    1. Staff don’t know there duty! What to do and what not to do.
    2. The computer lap which i have given the exam… it was like sitting on a desert…that much hot it was.
    3. Now technical issues were so much…..i have lost around 15-20 min…. and the internet connection also gone. The paper timing was 3:00pm to 5:00pm. But i have started at 4:00pm to 5:30pm…..and in that also at last invigilator is coming to me saying how much is left….3 4 times he comes to me….and i was getting very much disturbed from that thing………
    Wasted my 4000rs. Totally
    And the test centre name is RCS MEMORIAL DEGREE COLLEGE AGRA

  46. Same thing happened at jnm center, Varanasi also. Due to technical glitch we lost our 6-7 minutes. Center was not even providing proper fans. The rooms were so suffocating in this hot. Computer failure created huge choas in the room and the students were all panicked. Anyways I somehow managed to complete my paper amidst all this.

  47. My centre was at JIMS engineering management technical campus, Greater Noida.
    The computer I was assigned had many technical glitches. It went off twice during the exam session. The first time it went off was within the initial 10 minutes when I was only on my fifth question. the invigilator restarted the computer and I had to begin from the first question. The second time when it went off was when I was on my 50th question. Thereafter the invigilator restarted the computer again and I had to redo it from the sixth question from where I had initially left, when the computer went off for the first time.
    I lost about 1 hour in this confusion.
    To add on to this, the invigilator kept arguing with me and denied to give me extra time even though he knew that this computer was suffering from technical glitches.

    Does anyone know to whom I should complain in this regard?

    1. Please share and sign this petition if you feel clat2018 should be re-conducted!

  48. Absolutely ridiculous. I have given several entrance exams but this was the worst. The invigilators were untrained and were struggling to manage the students. The desks had as much space to squeeze in a small badly maintained computer. The worst part is that i had to restart the exam twice. Though i did not lose any time but if i am sheding out 4k for an exam i would expect the process to be flawless. I don’t know if others faced the issue but i had to click the next button atlest thrice to go to the next question. This costed me about 10 minutes. But i did not find any issues in the question paper whatsoever.

  49. JB Institute of Technology JBIT , Chakrauta Road, Dehradun centre. Everything was just fine.

  50. Same problem experienced by my brother i.e light was cutoff for approx 5_10 mins and then system got hanged in CULBERA industrial area phase 1 chd…kindly let us know about how to address this to Clat aurhorities…any contact details or email id or should go for FIR

  51. We faced similar problem at barasat centre. Computer got hanged for 15mins.

  52. This year’s CLAT experience was the worst!! CLAT being the most important law school entrance exam was the worst conducted exam till date. We pay 4k to at least get good environment to write an exam in but it was so poorly done today
    My center IIMT college Greater Noida is the worst. The invigilator were all so poorly informed about their job, they’d no clue about what was going in the exam Hall. There were no seats allotted to us in a systematic or pre planned manner. We were told to sit anywhere we can find a vacant seat . That’s so unprofessional and unclear. Invigilator himself got into an ugly fight with his support stuff because of lack of knowledge on how to conduct and manage the exam there were no pens given to us even till the 30 minutes of commencement of examination . The test at my center didn’t even start at 3, even after repeatedly asking the officials, all we were getting was ” you’ll get 2 hours , doesn’t matter if it’s from 3 or 4″ . Like what is this happening ? Now once the exam started at 3:20ish we were not given any instructions on the practice test for the new interface, we were asked to skip it as they were already late in conducting it. Then the rooms were so suffocating . There were two small windows in the whole room making it more like a gas chamber than a exam hall. Plus there was this gigantic air cooler which further made it more humid to sit in the exam Hall. Anyways we managed to pass 1 hour in exam and then there was a power out for 5 minutes which is.a lot of time in CLAT. The entire room was in dark and I was unable to start with my logical or mathematics section as they were the only parts left to do by that time since I’d to do calculations on the rough sheet .
    I can keep going on and on how poorly this CLAT was conducted in IIMT college Greater Noida center

  53. At vinayak global school,rithala the computers hanged,screen suddenly disappeared,log in problem because of which 10-15 mins. Were wasted. Invigilator was not aware that he has to sign the admit card.


  55. Whenever we conduct national level exams on a large scale, technical and other issues crop up. We need better preparedness for such exams and ideally the online method should be chucked out.

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