Christ University Seminar on The New World Order [Sept 13 – 14, Bangalore]: Registration Open


The International Relations and Foreign Policy Committee, School of law, Christ University in association with Decennial Celebration Committee will be hosting a Seminar on “The New World Order: How Major Leaders Are Impacting International Relations”.

Dates of the Seminar

13th and 14th of September, 2017.


The International Relations and Foreign Policy Committee will be hosting a Seminar on “The New World Order: How Major Leaders Are Impacting International Relations” on the 13thand 14thof September, 2017. The world of today is changing and developing at a greater pace than ever before. In such a dynamic environment, our world leaders play a key role in shaping global interactions and future developments. In the past few years, the world has experienced a number of global leaders who have majorly influenced the rise of a new world order. Further, powerful and charismatic leaders are at the helm of affairs in developing nations which are gaining notable space on the global stage. These emerging powers are galvanising the rise of multi- polarity. This Seminar intends to create a platform to bring to fore the role of global leaders in influencing the ideological shift. This new world order that we have been ushered into poses challenges and complexities that the world may never have witnessed. Thus dialogue and discussion at this juncture is important to all of us as Global Citizens.

In light of this, the Seminar shall concentrate on six broad topics:

  1. United States of America under the leadership of Donald Trump –Withdrawal from major International Treaties, involvement in Middle East and Immigration Policy.
  2. China under the leadership of Xi Jinping –South China Sea dispute, recent developments in Trade, Military and involvement with North Korea.
  3. Russia under the leadership of Putin –Changes in Foreign Policy in context to recent developments like-Change in U.S.A. Presidency, situation in Syria, etc.
  4. India under the leadership of Narendra Modi- Strengthening of ties across the world and rebranding India’s image.
  5. United Kingdom: Comparative study of Foreign Policy under Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn in the light of Brexit.
  6. Contemporary Challenges to the world order-
  • Terrorism
  • Environmental Protection
  • Nuclear Deals
  • Military Developments

Any other sub-themes related to the theme of the conference will also be reviewed.

Registration procedure for the same is as follows:

Registration form is HERE.

Participants to wait for confirmation to attend the event.

Confirmation mail will be sent to attending participants.

Post confirmation, attending participants will receive a mail with link to the landing page for IRFPC.

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Schedule for Christ University New World Order Seminar

Click HERE.

For clarifications contact (Student Conveners):

Joshua Moses: +91-9740897134

Kunal Naik: +91-9823721712

For further details about the Christ University New World Order Seminar, click HERE.

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