Internship Experience @ Childline, Subhash Children Society, Kanpur: Work for children in conflict with the law

Name of the Intern

Ritima Singh

Name of the College

Institute of Law, Nirma university

Name of the NGO

Childline, Subhash children Society, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur.

Contact Details: Subhash Children Society, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208023

Phone: 0512 261 2847, 904485758 , 993530943

Contact persons: Vinay ojha (Co-ordinator), Kamal Kant Tiwari (President)

How to Apply

You need to send a mail with your resume and a cover letter on the following E-mail IDs:

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected].

The Office

The main office is located near South X Mall, this being the landmark and adjacent to the mall is the auto stand and bus stop, the office is 700-800 meters far from the auto stand, one can walk, if he want, else rikshaws are available, precisely no conveyance issue.

The area has many street hawkers and for the foodies the food joints in the  mall will palliate their hunger.  The office or the administrative area is very small and congested, it is three room office, you will have to cross the poorest and dirty streets to reach to the office.

Climbing the narrow stairs and then turning to your right you reach the entrance door of the office, where an old worn out water cooler will welcome you, as mentioned the office too small to survive 4 people at a time, in a room. The entrance hall is presided by a registration desk, and few not so comfortable couches.

The welcome would be really warm, I was asked to introduce myself to the Subhash team, and then they were introduced to me. Vinay sir, the co-ordinator explained us about the working of the NGO and the Children home, he briefed us with the JJ Act, and CRC and other organizations related.

He then took us to another small room where “children in conflict with law” were kept, soon to be produced before the court. The conditions in which the children were kept was above average, and the team must be applauded for their sensitive attitude towards the children.

Main Task

The main task majorly was to interview and counseling of lost/run away children or children in conflict with Law. Several times we were told to appear to give a counseling session to the parents as well.

Distributing Pamphlets and Catlogs about Childline help line no. 1098 at railway stations, bus stands, conducting seminars in schools, giving presentations in public gatherings were also part of our schedule.

As intimidated by our seniors, the childline team co-operated with us, and involved us in every bit of the procedure and happenings of the NGO, not even for once we were left alone to our selves, the work force there is very passionate about their work and discharge their responsibility honestly.

I also visited Bal Sudhar Grah (Kanpur, Bithoor road) and met kids there and interviewed some of them, this session was a bolt to my consciousness, as before this I was unaware of some harsh pain and realities of life, listening to children their and their request to meet their families was devastating episode of my life.

We also worked on case laws related to JJ Act, and made a presentation on the same, attended several public meeting and celebrated Diwali with the kids at Bal Bhavan, this being the most mesmerizing moment of the internship, to bring joy and smile on their faces made me feel happy of my being.

Duration Of internship

I had worked there for 4 weeeks, [September 22, 2014 – October 22, 2014] the reporting time is 9:00 AM and when we had to go for school visits, the reporting time was 7:00 AM. They would free us till 4:00 PM, liberal I must say!

Best Things

The experience and to the things I was exposed to, I am gratteful to the team of Subhash children Society, and their dedication towards their work made me feel great about them. The evening tea being one of the best part.



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