Internship Experience @ Chhatisgarh Human Rights Commission, Raipur: Encouraged to ask doubts, Work force was friendly


Saumya Raizada


Chhattisgarh Human Rights Commission, Raipur

Members: 10-15

Application Process

I met the receptionist directly, and he asked me to attach the bonafide certicate given by my college and write an application mentioning the number of days I would like to intern at CGHRC and the reasons I wanted to work there.

I was informed of my selection in about a week.

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15th June, 2015 – 7th July, 2015

First Day

We were asked to sign our attendence in the register which was kept at the entrance.

We were not asked to wear formals but were expected to wear clothes which were in accordance with the work atmosphere.

Infrastructure of the office is really good.

ACs work well.

All the senior workers are quite helpful.

Main tasks

Research work on human rights laws, Indian Penal Code, FIR, police station procedures.

We were also required to maintain a notebook where in we wrote down what the senior lawyers taught us about the practical applicability of human rights laws.

Case reports were given to us and we had to translate the reports into English and prepare briefs.

There wasn’t much work left in the last 8-9 days, and all we did was to just come sign the register, talk with other interns for an hour or so and leave.

The sessions with lawyers were very productive and encouraging.


The work environment wasn’t very strict, but we were warned against whiling away too much time at work.

We were always encouraged to ask doubts, if we had any in the cases we were reading and the work force was really friendly.

Best things

Intellectual people guiding your work.

You get to read many HRC reports and learn about human rights.

Not so strict environment.

Good infrastructure

Location- In the heart of the city

Bad things

Not much work will be left for you to do in the last days if you are regular with your work, and there is no field work.



Biggest Lessons

You are your worst critique.

You have to improve upon your work yourselves and if you want to work seriously you can do that very well here but if you don’t want to, no one will bother to poke you to work well or come on time.

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