Internship Experience @ Chetanalaya, New Delhi: Taught me the worth of every work, however small it may be

chetanalaya internship, delhi ngo

Name: Rashi Shahrawat; ITM Law School; First Year

Organisation: Chetanalaya, New Delhi.

The website is here.

Duration of Internship: 5th December 2013 to 18th January 2014


My internship at Chetanalaya provided me an experience to be remembered. Chetanalaya is an NGO based in New Delhi which works in various fields of social work. I worked under Mr. Allan Anderson, Programme Head, with 15 more interns from my college. I worked as a trainee in the organisation’s head office.

Our office timings were from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. But there were days when we had to stay at the head office. On the very first day of the internship we were shown a documentary, which dealt with the NGOs history and its working.

Mr. Anderson familiarised us with the work environment. We were acknowledged about the organisational structure and its field of work.

My seniors at the work place were very helpful and their hard work and dedication had a positive impact on me. They lead me through my tasks like a true teacher and mentor. Apart from teaching me about my work they also imbibed in me some basic values of a workplace. The environment in the head office was optimistic.

chetanalaya internship, delhi ngo

On the very first day I along with other interns was assisting a team which worked for the domestic workers’ rights. We assisted them in the making of the memorandum of the ‘Domestic Workers’ Forum’.

We were involved in the organising team of the ‘Domestic Workers’ Forum’ which was held on the Human Rights Day. We also worked with them in the planning, implementing, executing, preparation of presentations and documentation for the purpose of the event.

I worked for this event during my first week of internship. After this event was over I assisted Mr. Anderson in the organising of the event ‘ABILITY UTSAV’- an event for the special children and people who are differently abled competing with able people and children in an inclusive programme held at Talkatora Stadium- New Delhi on 18th January 2014.

I was involved in the planning, assisting, implementing, executing, preparation of presentations and documentation and certificates of participants, for the purpose of the event.

While preparing for the event I was present at the meetings with members of other branches of the NGO. I with the other interns designed the games, time-table and banner for the event. During the day of the event we were involved both in the onstage as well as offstage activities.

This internship helped me build some lifetime relations, imbibe values of working in a team. I learnt to accept my weak points and work upon them. Apart from this I also learnt a very basic principle of team work i.e. how you have to cover the weak points of your team mates.

Internship was not just about work. I had some fun time with my fellow interns. At times it was having a pizza treat in the conference hall (the cosiest place of the head office during chilling winter days) or going out for a coffee at Connaught Place ( the nearest outing spot, yes we were lucky) or may be tikki at a near by vendor.

We also made very friendly relations with Allan sir. As the days passed we became so comfortable with him that we started sharing our problems and even some silly jokes with him.

He taught us the worth of every work, however small it may be (Yes. He made us clean the night shelter of the NGO). Not just Allan sir, we became comfortable with the other staff as well be it Sunder Bhaia (the peon) or Sagar bhaia (the driver).

My internship at Chetanalya gave me an experience worth cherishing. I learnt how to perform effectively and efficiently in a team. The plight of the poor brought forth by the NGO made me more sensitive towards the issues of poverty.

Learning about the dirty truth of human trafficking made me value my life more. Working with the differently abled people gave me motivation to work even harder. Cleaning the night shelter helped me value every form of work. In the end, my days at Chetanalya head office carved a better person out of me.

 I discovered a new family of mine. Our work brought us closer together, even as it took us far away from home.

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  1. I too had an experience of interning at Chetnalaya in the summer of 2012 . It was an amazing experience and especially the interaction with the poorer sections of the society and the exposure to their plight made me more sensitive towards their issues.

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