Law School Review: Chanakya National Law University (CNLU), Patna

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Full name of student

Radhika Dwivedi

Full name of your law school

Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Which semester are you in?

1st Semester

Faculty and Academics at CNLU

The classes are from 9:00 am to 1:15 pm and then you can have your remaining day at your own pace, long hours for self study and self-exploration through attending debating and mooting sessions.

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We have got faculty available in college till 5 pm at the evening, ready to clear your every doubt. They give their best to cultivate our minds and to make us what we think to be after 5 years from now.

We have two streams B.A.LL.B. and B.BA.LL.B. Hons.

Innovation is good but excess of anything can be whimsical. ‘SNAPS’ the surprise blasts in CNLU hated by students, loved by faculty and donated by our dear VC. It is to check what a person knows not what one can learn by mugging-up books.

These are of 10 marks and the most fascinating part is you do not know on which day you’ll be having which subject. It helps in developing the cognitive faculty of one’s mind.

The whole exam week is full of surprises so are the marks. Then Mid Sem of 10 mark with 20 marks project and presentation to each subject. Then 55 marks for End Sem and 5 marks for the attendance. Plus point is that we have 5 marks of our own, one can have the whole or none of these are FREE MARKS. Indeed 5 marks are in your hand still we very proudly dare to lose it.

Student Culture and Activities at CNLU Patna

Here it comes the THROBBING HEART of the CNLU’s college life. Here there are ample of committees. MCI for mooting, PARADOX our debating society, ABHIRBHAAV drama club, NSS, Cultural Committee and many more. Although there is no proper musical support but not even denied. ‘JEEVATVA’ college fest which sometimes become blue moon.

You can get the feel of vigour in the way of conduction of sports in here. We have Chanakya Premier League (CPL) with proper auctioning of players and teams. It’s a great fun. Every sport from Kabbadi, Cricket, Football to Basketball has their own privilege.

Intra Moot Court Competitions and Parliamentary Debates are organised at its zenith. Seniors are the very mentor for the initiators. They are very cordial and help new comers to hone their skills.

Any how they are the products of CNLU. B-cell in the college provides great managerial opportunity to the students who are pursuing B.B.A.LL.B. and comes up with entrepreneurship skills of the students.

Here in CNLU no talent is left untouched. You are most welcome to come and in carve your talent out of yourself.

Location of CNLU Patna

Location, it has two sides to look upon. If we look it by one side yes there is a fear of isolation as it is situated at the doom of Patna.

But on the other hand it is Patna’s EDUCATIONAL HUB. Capital of the state, welcoming you with open hands having High Court, firms and many other institutions to enhance yourself.

Yes, you cannot escape from the truth, rush in the city but the rush of affection enthrone in the hearts of people here overcome it.

Number of shopping malls, food zones cannot be avoided by our licking tongues.

Delivery of orders are easily placed at college. So if there is a want to skip mess food, you still got a hope.

Yummy LITTI CHOKHA even enjoyed by our Mr. Perfect AAMIR KHAN, cannot be found anywhere in this world, which is few blocks away from our college.

Free training of how to survive in traffic is available everywhere. 😛 So if you are going out, you should have some backup hours with you. 😛


Although on the name of placements CNLU has being very controversial but reality is far from all this. Students are getting PLACEMENTS to the utmost.

There can be observed INCREMENTAL RATE creeping in the graph.

Packages grabbed by us are from 6 lakhs to 15 lakhs yet and it will surely be going to reach at the edge. PANGEA3, AMARCHAND, Wadia Ghandy and many other big law firms had hunted talent out of the CNLU.

The benchmark is JUDICIARY. Every year upto 15 students crack judicial examinations.

This is the reason why Horn of Plenty of CNLU is shining bright high in the sky. PLACEMENT COMMITTEE has been established to grab more opportunities they can give to students to secure their future.

Editor’s note on placements in CNLU

See the 2015 stats on Legally India here.

See the 2014 stats on Legally India here and here.

The 2012 stats are here.

Coverage of the 2011 hunger strikes regarding recruitment are here.

In 2014, a CNLU Patna student blogged about recruitments here.

Administration at CNLU and the Fees 

Fee structure is rational. Neither tall nor flat.

Curfew begins after 9:00 pm. Girls have to come inside the BLUE GATE of the hostel and boys can roam in the campus till 12 am. But till 9 pm we can hangout with our male/female friends.

There are some loop holes in the administration but thanks to some faculties having managerial skills it’s working amazingly!

Once again- “Nothing is black and white, everything is in shades of grey”.

Good things about the CNLU

Best is always commanded not demanded. So the best in every college is the college life itself.

Apart from this our college has the best seniors. They make you feel as a family of their own.

Faculty as well as the non-teaching staff of the college are the diamonds in this mine just like seniors It is on you whom you encounter.

Bad things about CNLU

The only black-spot of our college is that more importance is given to the academics than Co-curricular activities.

Other than that, it is sad and gloomy that people still feel shiver on the back bone just when they hear the name ‘Patna’ because of the reputation created by its former leaders.

Although theory of evolution says, ‘Change is to happen but it is left unnoticed’.

The worst part is the stereotypical opinions of the people when it comes to Patna.

Other things

Come and make a CHANGE that you desire.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

The first glance that is grasped by the eyes of new entrants is yellow and blue. However after period of time you will get, why the college has been coloured so, just to explicit how Sun and Moon can come together at a same place.

Well, coming to the sleeping zone of students, the Classrooms. Since it is well air conditioned, you cannot skip a nap. 😛

It is heartbreaking that we don’t have any AC in our hostel rooms but that is exactly what the student life is, Survival theory.

However “struggles” can be easily overcame, as one can have their own luxuries from refrigerator to AC, no restrictions.

Our campus spread over 18 acres of land has hostels for both girls and boys, that are a garden far.

Faculty occupancies are sandwiched between them. Both have got common rooms, Gyms with every possible equipment, TV rooms having a Table Tennis table also which became study table during exams.

Up to 2nd year there is double seated room then from 3rd year you have the option to single occupancy. CLEAN washrooms and HOT WATER for winter are at your service.

Full access to UNLIMITED Wi-Fi. Coming up to the life saviour zone MESS. Sometimes it feels that food is killing us (on Saturday) but apart from this food is decent. Boiled eggs are DAILY at breakfast and Chicken ALTERNATIVELY. Canteen ornamented in the mess, ready to serve us till 11 pm (3a.m.during examinations)

“NISHANT NILAYAN”, grand Library of our college comprises three sections with full AC and Wi-Fi which is UNLIMITED. Library is well equipped and we have subscription to Manupatra, Heinonline , Westlaw, Corporate Law Adviser, J-Stor , etc.

First section contains books related to B.A. and B.B.A. courses, Law books and novels. Second section holds every possible reference book hence it is a GARGANTUAN Reference Section which can also give fits to any student.

The last but not the least our magazine and newspaper section, where we generally occupy seats for strong Wi-Fi connection.

LAWYER’S CAFE within the campus is a hangout place for building lawyers which offers snacks and seat to stay. Auditorium is under construction and very well demolishing the hopes because of such a long delay.

Apart from all these college has got its own ecosystem. You will surely be meeting mongoose, stray dogs, lizards, mosquitoes, little insects and we humans with IGNITED MINDS.

But we all belong to the same family, CNLU. Here the residing dogs are given proper care by students themselves and they are also on social networking.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.

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