Internship Experience @ Geeta Luthra, New Delhi: Attend Court Proceedings, Hone Your Research and Drafting Skills

Intern Details

Name: Samridhi Jain

College: MMSCLC, Pune

Year of Study: BSL LLB IVth year

Duration of Internship

30th October, 2015- 29th November, 2015

I am sharing my internship experience at the Chambers of Ms. Geeta Luthra, Senior Advocate, for the duration of 30th October, 2015- 29th November, 2015.

I had applied for the internship 3 months prior.

The office is in the basement of Mrs. Luthra’s residence, it is a huge place which includes two cabins, one of Mrs. Luthra and the other of Mr. Sanjeev Sahay, Chambers of the associates and a separate sitting for interns, along with conference rooms.

There were about 8-10 associates at the time when I was interning. I was supposed to reach the court by 10 am, finish the court work and leave for the office, which was located at East of Kailash.

I was staying quite far from the office and would leave office between 8:00-9:00 p.m. Being a girl, I was granted the liberty to leave office early, otherwise work would go on till 12-1 am.

The interns who were staying close to office were supposed to stay back till late.

There are small eateries in the vicinity to unwind from work in the evenings, sometimes the associates would order food for the interns.

The office works on Sundays too, depending on the work. I was fortunate I was never asked to come to work on a Sunday.

The associates are young and dynamic, who work very hard to keep pace with the work in the Chamber of Ms. Geeta Luthra. Mrs. Luthra herself works till 1 in the morning if required.

Being a Senior Advocate, Mrs. Luthra has a very busy diary, having at least 6-8 matters in the High Court, sometimes a matter or two in the Supreme Court and 6-8 matters in the district courts and other tribunals.

The interns were mostly asked to report in the High Court as the board was heavy for the high Court.

I got the opportunity to watch Mrs. Luthra argue on almost each day of my internship.

Mrs. Luthra is a very caring and down to earth lady who keeps her client satisfied.

I was lucky to be a part of Mrs. Luthra’s birthday celebration, I even witnessed a ceremony where Mrs. Luthra was rewarded with an Honorary Doctorate degree.

I even got an opportunity to watch Mr. Siddharth Luthra argue in Saket District Court.

I got an opportunity to accompany one of the associates for a Negotiation meeting, it was a great experience.

During the course of my internship, I contributed productively in all the tasks assigned.

Work Environment

The work environment is professional and the chamber consists of very competent and efficient lawyers, who are strict as well as helpful and accommodating at the same time.

During this period I was involved in various stages of a number of matters of criminal and civil nature which involved the following work:

Legal research on matters of Criminal law, Civil law, Family law more specifically scope of section 161 and 164 of Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 100 of Civil Procedure Code, Section 302, 304, 406, 420, 498A Indian Penal Code, Section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act, Section 7 and 13 of Prevention of Corruption Act, Evidence Act, Section 26 of Urban Land Ceiling And Regulation Act and Section 4, 5A and 6 of Land Acquisition Act.

Assisted in the drafting and vetting of petitions u/s 482 of Cr.P.C., Appeal u/s 19 of Family Courts Act, MOU, written statements, condonation applications and impleading application under order 1, rule 10 of Code of Civil Procedure.

Assisted in the Negotiation for preparation of MOU for a matrimonial dispute.

Briefing the counsel on cases involving provisions of Prevention of Women from Domestic Violence Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Code of Criminal Procedure etc.

Attended court proceedings in the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Gurgaon District Court, Patiala House, Saket Court and Family Court and assisted the counsels in day to day court proceedings.

The best part of the Internship was we were allotted work which as substantial and essential in the upcoming matters.

Unlike any other internship, the interns were held responsible for the work allotted to them, which enables us to work to our potential and get the best results.

I could not have a better end to the internship.

On my last day of internship, I was fortunate to get a chance to have breakfast with Mrs. Luthra. I got an opportunity to interact with her and listen to her experiences. She is a very warm and humble lady.

Working at the chamber of Ms. Luthra was a lifetime experience. It is a must internship for a Law Student.

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