Internship Experience @ Chambers of Dharmender Arya, Saket District Court, New Delhi: Learn the Basics and Court Room Experience

Intern Details

Name: Esha Himadri

College: Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

First Court Internship

Well, I have had my share of interning with national as well as international NGO’s, not that I’m complaining of anything but still I felt incomplete by entering second year yet not even stepping in any Court.

So I made up my mind to intern at a trial court. Coming from Bombay, I always had the inquisitiveness of going to Delhi. All thanks to *Infamous Bombay v. Delhi*

I knew if it was going to be Delhi it had to be Saket District Court. The sole reason for the same was the area.

Saket Court is surrounded by malls and malls and malls. Plus it was my birthday month, so you know it was going be a big help! Moreover I had my three girl-friends interning with me. *BONUS*

Name of the Organization

I interned at the Chambers of Dharmender Arya: Chamber 156 & 159, Lawyers Chamber Block, Saket District Court.

You can reach out to

He is a leading defence counsel at Saket Court as well as Patiala House.

Moreover, he is also the mediator who sits every Friday at the mediation center.

If travelling by metro, do not get mislead by getting down at Saket Metro Station. Instead get down at Malviya Nagar!

If you’re in the lawyer’s attire, you will get a lot of respect. #Everydayscenes

Duration of Internship

One month of sheer happiness: 02-11-2015 to 28-11-2015

Timings are usual court hours, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Maybe I’m not the best person to tell where to stay but I can definitely tell you where not to stay. Do not stay in Saket. There are hardly any good PG’s.

You can get good accommodation in Malviya Nagar and Chattarpur area.

First Day

Excitement reached its seventh orbit as what I had seen only in films was going to be true. The shady court rooms, the gloomy clients, the money sucking lawyers.

Well, things were a bit different when I entered. I wondered if Sunny Deol was a lawyer in an extremely small court or maybe an old court.

Saket Court is very well segregated and very coherent in terms of infrastructure. The battalion in the Chamber consisted of Sir’s brother Adv. Dayanand Arya, two associates, one clerk and one peon.

Sir welcomed us with a two hour personal session where we learnt the basics of the profession: The four C’s. You really need to meet him for knowing this!

The Work

Since I had just entered the second year of the law life, I was not so well acquainted with criminal law. Okay, any law for that matter. So he decided to take us as students rather than interns.

Instead of handing his coat to us or telling us to carry books for him, he would tell us the nuances of this royal profession. He would give us the case files in advance so that we at least knew the case facts before sitting for the session.

Every day he would teach us a wave of Criminal Code of Procedure and handle the sea of question being thrown at him. I also had the opportunity of going to the mediation center and learning a whole new aspect of legal field.

Extremely polite as well as short-tempered, he knew when to use both. Although he taught us various aspects of law, I cherished the internship due to his motivational sessions.

He would often use his cases to tell us stories of life and how to deal with them. With numerous stories to tell, he is a pure Delhiite. You can never ever be bored at his Chamber.

Bad things

Less interactive associate.

Good things

The learning, the court room experience, friendly judges and policemen, Saket Select City Walk and the knowledge of where-to-eat in Delhi.

If one is at the budding stage of his law career, this internship is highly recommendable. You get to learn the basics which any other lawyer may or may not invest in teaching you.

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